F1: Beyond The Grid

Dec 16 2020 62 mins 10.5k

Beyond The Grid, delivers great stories, fresh insight and amazing anecdotes from the world of F1. Each week Tom Clarkson brings you in-depth, personal conversations with the biggest names in the sport, from current superstar drivers and leading team bosses to legendary figures from history.

4.8 • 6 Ratings

johnnyboyF1 Oct 24 2020
I'm a bit late to this particular party however wonderfully enjoyable podcast, big fan of Lando, breath of fresh air and hope he is around for a long time to come

JonnyD Jun 28 2020
This F1 podcast is my favourite of them all, a great insite to the world of car racing in general from the drivers personal perspective, five stars.

Pnoake Aug 26 2020
Great podcast, Always very interesting. Would love it if could get Ron Dennis on, I bet he has a few stories to tell!

z3o Aug 10 2020
When's Max??? Your interviews are wonderful. Keep it up! I wished you would do race recaps...ever since speed stopped their coverage I've been really disappointed with the Sky coverage

Stedankyi Jul 15 2020
Very Good... gives proper insight to F1

Lynda May 06 2020
I do enjoy these shows especially as he also talks to drivers from older times. Right now I'm listening to Pedro de la Rosa's episode. Back in the day I owned a little SEAT Arosa and named it Pedro....all the guys seem very comfortable to sit and talk to Tom. Earlier episodes were a bit dodgy sound-wise or they had too much background racket so were a little hard to hear and of course Kimi just mumbles... great job