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Oct 23 2020 81 mins 91

Inspired by the 1st black man in space, this is a podcast that discusses comics, movies, tech, and overall geek culture but with a different flex! A part of the SOLC Network

Episode 58: Why Not Denzel as Dr. Doom?
Aug 27 2018 99 mins  
Fresh off of the Wakandacon Convention the team jumps back into discussing the best in comics, film, anime, and TV What We Seen Black Klansman Snowfall News Kenya Burris gets 8 figure deal to bring shows to Netflix Batman Outsiders comic by STLs own Bewitched coming to Netflix with Black Lead from Kenya Burris Asia Argento and #MeToo Jon Favreau live action Star Wars show to focus on the Mandalorians Amanda Stenberg wants to play Vivica Foxx daughter on new Kill Bill Kevin Spacey’s film Billionaire makes $126 Denzel Washington wants to play Marvel or Dc role Batman film Pennyworth is supposedly in the works Mark Wahlberg was supposed to play Green Lantern Tom Cruise being tapped to play Green Lantern Lee Daniels trying to do classic “Spook Who Sat By The Door” Jovian wade to play Cyborg in Doom Patrol Disney is going to release all the Fox films after the merger Marvel to not put films on Netflix starting with Captain Marvel Johnny Depp Biggie and Pac movie pull from theaters Venom to be the Spiderman of the Spiderverse Supergirl movie in the works Birds of Prey Villian is Black Mask Lena Waithe doing anthology Horror series Idris Elba will not the next James Bond People mad about Lady and the Tramp Cast Death Note 2 is official Anime Pick Mobile Fighter G Gundam Trailers aka Sleeve it or Leave It What Men Want Nappily Ever After Ozark Season 2 Castlevania Season 2 Iron Fist Season 2 The Oath Green Book If Beale Street Could Talk Hold the Dark Slice Make sure to like, subscribe and share on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Podbean, Google Play, wherever you hear podcasts! Twitter and IG: @landocalpod Email: [email protected]

Episode 50: Bad Boys on Jump Street (The Bad Boys and 21 Jump Street Crossover)
Feb 14 2018 102 mins  
This week Black Panther comes out but you know we had to dive into everything else going on in film, comics, and anime! We break down how the Bad Boys and 21 Jump Street franchises could have a crossover What We Have Seen Cloverfield Paradox The Land Altered Carbon News Quentin Tarantino drama with Uma Thurman, Roman Polanski, and Harvey Weinstein Game of Thrones Show runners are going to do some Star Wars films Vertigo comics thriller The Kitchen gets director Jordan Peele thinking about doing a Get Out Sequel Black April O’Neil back in Ninja Turtles Joker solo film casts Joaquin Phoenix House Party Remake coming Wesley Snipes was trying to make Black Panther for years Suicide Squad 2 is happening Michael Bay maybe doing Lobo Chris Claremont thinks Dark Phoenix movie will give Infinity War a Run for Its money Black Dynamite 2 is called Outlaw Johnny Black Left Overs director to direct Watchman pilot Bad Boys for Life is Back On Anime Pick of the Week Godzilla It’s a Damn Conspiracy Trump vs. Pence Trailer Skyscraper Hereditary Mission Impossible: Fallout Everything Sucks Unsane Being Black Enough The Hurricane Heist The Week Of Deadpool 2 Fifth Ward Jessica Jones Season 2 Solo: A Star Wars Story Venom Atlanta Make sure to like, subscribe and share on iTunes, Stitcher, Podbean, Google Play, wherever you hear podcasts! Twitter and IG: @landocalpod Email: [email protected]

Episode 49: If They Rebooting Everything Else...Why Not Martin?
Feb 02 2018 119 mins  
Another action packed and filled episode of Lando Cal. We have a full house and some great topics once again. What We Have Seen Black Lightning News Monique vs. Netflix Early Black Panther Reviews Jumanji passes Justice League on money Martin reboot Catch 22 TV show coming to Hulu helmed by George Clooney New Mutants pushed back to 2019 DC Announces Prequel TV Series Metropolis Gambit pulled from production schedule Tom Hanks to play Mr Rogers in new biopic Cagney and Lacey and Magnum PI coming back Jennifer Hudson cast as Aretha Franklin Fans want Michaela Coel to play Nina Simone Superman may appear in Shazam movie Black Dynamite 2 coming?? Black Widow Movie 2020 or All female Avengers Shaq wants to reprise Steel in DC Universe Is Venom going to be Good? Superhero Drama on Amazon Called The Boys Superfly Remake is really happening…with Future Will Smith and Clive Owen in Gemini Man Expendables 4 is back on and poppin Patty Hearst biopic canceled Di Caprio joins Tarantino’s Manson movie John Wick Tv Series Conspiracy Theory of the Week Invisible Tech Anime Pick Devilman: Crybaby Trailers aka Sleeve it or Leave It 7 seconds Mute Ant Man and the Wasp Come Sunday The Wound Cloak and Dagger The Mechanism Super Troopers 2 Tomb Raider Traffik On My Block Heathers Honey: Rise Up and Dance Make sure to like, subscribe and share on iTunes, Stitcher, Podbean, Google Play, wherever you hear podcasts! Twitter and IG: @landocalpod Email: [email protected]

Episode 48: Freddy and Jason vs. Kid N Play
Jan 12 2018 104 mins  
This episode we dive into our favorite movies of 2017 and discuss what black men and women actors have had the most diverse careers What We Have Seen Baby Driver Black Mirror Stranger Things Season 2 The Punisher Bright Dave Chapelle Standups The Chi News Tales from the Hood coming back for a sequel? Kendrick Lamar involved in soundtrack for Black Panther DC giving up on a lot of their movies Bryan Singer may be gone from the TV show “The Gifted” Disney already thinks Han Solo movie is a flop Mahershala Ali and Stephen Dorff star in Season 3 of True Detective Scandal to Crossover with How to Get Away With Murder Bright Sequel coming Alien Covenant Canceled Trevor Jackson in talks to play Superfly Sabrina The Teenage Witch Reboot Some bad reviews of The Last Jedi because of Feminism? Freddy and Jason vs. Kid N Play was supposed to happen Young Justice to stream on Amazon and Netflix outside of US Black Lighting Getting Good reviews Dewanda Wise to star in Captain Marvel film Transformers animated Mini-Series Coming Anime Pick of the Week It’s a Conspiracy- Martin Luther King didn’t die from gunshot Alex Jones says Carrie Fisher was killed to promote Star Wars film Trailer Red Sparrow Step Sisters Overboard Canal Street Bleeding Steel Chappaquiddick The Commuter Blockers Driving While Black Mom and Dad Little Bitches Oceans 8 Truth or Dare Bilal: A New Breed of Hero The Counter Gringo Make sure to like, subscribe and share on iTunes, Stitcher, Podbean, Google Play, wherever you hear podcasts! Twitter and IG: @landocalpod Email: [email protected]

Episode 38: Confederate- Genius or Ridiculous?
Aug 11 2017 76 mins  
The team is back in the studio as we discuss everything in nerd culture. We go in heavy in discussing the controversy with the HBO TV show Confederate. What We Have Seen Baby Driver War of the Planet of the Apes Ozark Man in the High Tower Dunkirk The Dark Tower Girl’s Trip Voltron News Black America TV Show from Aaron McGruder and Will Packer NBC lies about why the Carmicheal Show was cancelled Suicide Squad 2 loses Director Dark Tower TV show from Walking Dead Showrunner DCEU to do Flashpoint Simon Kinberg to direct X-Men: Dark Phoenix Chiwtel Ejiofor Cast as Scar in Live Action Lion King Beyonce to be in Lion King? John Cena to star in Bumblebee spinoff Mads Mikkelsen to maybe play Doctor Doom in solo film People mad about Zazie Beetz 1st view pics of Domino Ben Affleck signs on for Matt Reeves “The Batman” Yes or No? Mahershala Ali to star in Season in 3 of “True Detective” Spawn won’t be main character and McFarland wants Dicaprio to star Captain Marvel set in 1990s and features the Skrulls Netflix buys Mark Millar’s Comic book company Anime Corner Conspiracy Theory of the Week Battle of the Week Trailers aka Sleeve it or Leave It JigSaw aka Saw 8 Message from the King Suburbicon King of the Dancehall IT Death Wish The Gifted Ready Player One Justice League Avengers: Infinity War Proud Mary A Wrinkle in Time Crown Heights Make sure to like, subscribe and share on iTunes, Stitcher, Podbean, Google Play, wherever you hear podcasts! Twitter and IG: @landocalpod Email: [email protected]

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