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Oct 15 2020 41 mins 57

A BBQ Interview Series by Kevin's BBQ Joints focusing on personalities in the BBQ, meat and food world. We dive deep into their history, current projects, and more importantly their passion for BBQ and meat.

Jess Pryles - Hardcore Carnivore - New Interview
Oct 07 2020 39 mins  
In this episode I catch up with Jess Pryles from Hardcore Carnivore. See all things Jess Pryles here: See all things Hardcore Carnivore here: Check out the tools in her line here:: As well as accessories: Check out the great line of apparel here: Use the Store Locater to find items near you HERE: See her Gerber knives here: It’s been 3 years since our first interview and so much has happened since then, especially the fact that she got married a year ago . We go into detail into her background and journey to living in Texas, but it's interesting to note that she has now lived in Texas for 5 years. She had been traveling back and forth for nearly 7 years before. Also, it's crazy, but understandable, that she hasn’t been able to get back to Australia this year at all to see her family because of the pandemic I love talking to Jess because the discuss is always so educational. Her knowledge is immense and she conveys it so well. A great portion at the end of this interview discusses her love of hunting. Super interesting. We also go into all of her new product(she just had the Hardcore Carnivore Black when we originally talked, which is wonderfully the #1 activated charcoal seasoning in the world). Here's a link to all 5 of her seasonings: We also get into JKF(not JFK) which stands for 'Just Keep Flipping' and we get into her old school tried and true way called 'reverse sear' which is infallible, but takes 1-2 hours. JFK takes 15-20 minutes tops. See her book Hardcore Carnivore here: Hardcore Carnivore is now it it’s 4th or 5th printing in both countries(US and Australia).

M. Brady Clark - Brisket Country - Georgetown, TX - Part 1
Sep 29 2020 48 mins  
In this episode I chat with M. Brady Clark from Brisket Country in Georgetown, Texas. Brady is a graphic designer that has designed some of your favorite iconic BBQ images. I guarantee. See all things M. Brady Clark here: Brisket Country: Check out Dough Unto Others here: See The Golden Rule here: I sat down with Brady the week that Netflix's Chef Table with Tootsie came out so we jump right into it and about what Snow’s BBBQ and Tootsie means to us. He’s been in living Texas for 15 years having moved from Costa Mesa(Orange Count) in California for a synthetic turf company doing design work. He moved sight unseen to Georgetown. After large layoffs he went out on his own. Currently he he has 4 full time jobs which includes doing design work for custom apparel company called Thunderwear( We talk about his connection with Chet Garner(The Day Tripper - and how a Bacon poster he created bridged a friendship with Daniel Vaughn. He ended up doing a map for Daniels Book The Prophets of Smoked Meat. Knowing Daniel and doing work for him led to a book party in Dallas where he met writer and photographer Kelly Yandell(The Meaning of Pie) who was on the board at Foodways Texas. It was this connection that had Brady doing work for Foodways Texas, Camp Brisket, and Barbecue Summer Camp. It is here where he connected with Jess Pryles and has been doing work for her ever since. Mainly the gist of the discussion is that these connections, these friendships, fueled additional connections, friendships, and work. We talk about his methodology into how he creates designs for clients and what he needs going into it(he asks 20 questions to get a good overall perception). He explains packages and about the current lead time which wonderfully is not too long right now. At the very end we find out where the M. came from in 'M. Brady Clark'. Here's a list of clients: BBQ Confessional, Belmar St. Barbecue, Best BBQ Show, BlackBox BBQ,, Brett's Backyard Bar-B-Que, Brotherton's Black Iron Barbecue, Burnt Ends Sauce Co., Cattleack Barbeque (in progress), Convenience West, Daniel Vaughn, Eddie O's, Edgecraft Barbecue, Feges BBQ, Flores Tortillas, Foodways Texas, Gardner Barbecue, Goode's Armadillo Palace, Grillin' With Dad, Hardcore Carnivore, Jess Pryles, Helberg, Heritage Barbecue Hildee's (In progress) HooDoo Brown Barbeque, I Crush BBQ Podcast Interstellar BBQ, J Bar M (In progress) JQs Tex Mex BBQ, Khoi Barbecue, Kimchi Smoke, Liberty BBQ, Miller's Smokehouse, Moo's Craft Barbecue, NOMAD BBQ, Oakhart Barbecue, Old Bucs Barbecue, Old Colony Smokehouse - Edenton, NC Penelope Coffee, Roegels Barbecue Co., Rosie's BBQ & Grillery, Salt Run Barbecue, Scotty's Whole Hog Barbecue, Smiley's Craft Barbecue, Southside Market, Sticky Business Barbecue - Napa, The Smoking Ho, Truth BBQ

Pat Martin - Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint - Behind The BBQ Front Lines
Sep 28 2020 19 mins  
In this episode of 'From Behind the BBQ Front Lines' I chat with Pat Martin from Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint with locations in Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, and South Carolina. See all things Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint here: Order Delivery from all locations(except currently the downtown Nashville location) here: Follow Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint on Instagram here: Check out their online store here: Purchase Martin's Gift Cards here: See all things Hugh Baby's here: Follow Pat Martin on Instagram here: Once covid hit, and it hit hard and it hit swift, he had to furlough 90% of his 600 employees. He has 10 Martin's Bar-B-Que Joints and 4 Hugh Babys. We talk about everything that happened, how hard it has been, and how 'pivot' has become the new sexy business word. He has had to redo his whole labor model because you 'can’t ever pass your inefficiencies on to the guest'. He talks about how to help and that is dine with them, either take out or at whatever percentage is allowed and get merch, gift cards, and swag. He also discusses why whole hog barbecue is important in East Tennessee and that there are are only 3 people in all of Tennessee cooking whole hogs(Zach Parker being one of them). He chats about the flavor too of whole hog which is a subtle flavor more like a confet. He also tells us his favorite sandwich order.

Eric Wech - FatStack Smokers - Sun Valley, California
Sep 24 2020 39 mins  
In this episode I get a chance to Eric Wech from FatStack Smokers based out of Sun Valley, California. See all things FatStack Smokers here: Check out FatStack Smokers on Instagram here: See FatStack on Facebook here: Shop for FatStack Smokers here: Email Eric and FatStack here: [email protected] I first met Erik at one of Burt Bakman’s underground BBQ pop ups a few years ago. In Burt's backyard and we talked for a while about barbecue, pits, and got deeply into the subject of welding. We discuss business in the time of the pandemic. It's actually been better now because so many people are cooking at home. Selling a lot of the smaller models. He was born in Michigan and grew up with a woodworking shop at his house. He's always been a woodworker. We talk Lego and hamsters too. He got into welding by necessity. Doing things cheaply because of a lack of funds. This grew into a career because he was hooked. We talk about how FatStack came about and his connection to his business partner Steve Vartazarian(who is also a lawyer and owns The Brothers Sushi in Woodland Hills). They offer a 36” and 48" Backyard 'Octo' Pits, a 90 gallon and 110 gallon for the home AND a 120 gallon tank smoker that is similar to the 500 and 1000 gallon ones. They also offer sizes of 250, 288, 500, 750 and 1000 gallon. A cool option is the Firebox griddle top. Their current lead time is 5-6 months and you can go on their site to buy pits, but the custom ones you must inquire about. We discussed this museum: Nethercutt Collection

Kathy & Wade Elkins - Mimsy’s Craft Barbecue in Crockett, Texas.
Sep 18 2020 28 mins  
In this episode I get a chance to sit down with Kathy and Wade Elkins from Mimsy’s Craft Barbecue in Crockett, Texas. See Mimsy's Craft Barbecue on Instagram here: Follow them on Facebook here: This one was nice because it is in the early stages of the opening of their new restaurant in Crockett that they have been talking about and dreaming about for 5-6 years. In the last 60-90 days the construction has been rapid fire(they broke ground on July 6th). They especially want to thank his mom and stepfather for everything. Currently they are both working full time(she as an Executive Chef at a country club and he managing and cooking at Reveille). They also have 2 daughters which are being homeschooled. They are moving to Crockett and will be about 12-15 miles from the restaurant When it does open they plan to have the hours Wednesday through Sunday from 11AM - 8PM. The timeline so far is: Friends and Family Event in November, December they will be booking some private events and in December/January they hope to have hiring done. There will be a soft opening in January and the Grand Opening middle of February/or early March. All depending on many factors. For the menu(which they have basically worked) it will be 5-7 smoked meats, 7-10 sides, and Kathy is going to be doing desserts and baked goods. Then after a month or so they will be adding plates. Burgers will definitely be on the menu as well as blackened catfish and specials.The restaurant capacity is 135 people. If you want a shirt you can DM or message them. Prices are $ 20 for a shirt and $ 25 if you want it shipped. You an also email [email protected]

Cade Mercer -koKo Ramen / Guess Family Barbecue - Waco, Texas
Sep 08 2020 30 mins  
In this episode I chat with Cade Mercer from KoKo Ramen and Guess Family Barbecue in Waco, Texas. See all things Cade here: See all things Guess Family Barbecue here: Check out all things koKo Ramen here: Follow Guess Family Barbecue on Instagram here: Follow koKo Ramen on Instagram here: Guess Family Barbecue Hours: Monday - Saturday - 11am - 8pm Sunday - 10am - 4(Brunch at Guess is only on Sunday) koKo Ramen Hours: Monday - Thursday - 11:00 am - 8:00 pm Friday - Sunday - 11:00 am - 10:00 pm We start off talking about how hot it gets in a pit room then get into his backstory. He grew up in a small town between Austin and San Antonio near New Braunfels, then moved near Galveston, then onto Fresno, California, then moved back to New Braunfels to work at Rudy's BBQ. We get into his going to culinary school and how Reid Guess was the chef at Lambert's and called him. We talk about that time at Lamberts, his time at East Side Tavern and hanging out at Hung out Freedman's for a few months where he learned a whole lot from Evan, Chris, Brad and Lane. He moved to Waco because Reid needed someone to come in to work at koKo because Reid was doing everything. He assisted too on moving koKo the truck to Union Food Hall. We go into the specials at Guess being a Burger special Monday, Taco Tuesday(using Flores Tortillas), Chicken Fried steak Wednesdays, and a Donut special on Sundays. We got the lowdown on how things are at both spots. They are both at 50% capacity now for dining in and for Guess they have have a BIG building so they can seat a lot of people if they wanted to. We go over in depth the Brunch at Guess featuring brisket hash, brisket tacos(again on Flores Tortillas), pancakes AND pulled pork pancakes, biscuits and gravy, and their 'Build your own brunch" where you can add BBQ along with brunch items. He also gives his ideal tray for brunch.

Blane Hunter - Porky Butts BBQ - Omaha, Nebraska
Aug 30 2020 37 mins  
In this episode I get the chance to chat with Blane Hunter from Porky Butts BBQ in Omaha Nebraska. See all things Porky Butts BBQ here: See the Porky Butts BBQ menu here: Follow Porky Butts on Instagram here: For news and up-to-date info on Porky Butts check them out on Facebook here: Hours: Tuesday - Sunday Tuesday - Thursday - 11AM - 8PM Friday and Saturday - 11AM - 9PM Sunday - 11AM - 7PM They do sell out(especially beef ribs) most often on the weekends and holiday, but you can call ahead. He grew up in Texas, moved to the east coast for culinary school then found his way to Wisconsin and eventually Omaha, Nebraska. THEN he got into competitions. He's done over 130 competitions, had 85 top 10 finishes, 22 Grand Championships in 9 different states, 7 Reserve Grand Championships, 2016 KCBS National Grand Champion – Team of the Year, 2016 KCBS National Ribs Champion, 2017 American Royal Open World Champion, 2017 American Royal Open Brisket Champion, 2017 King of the Smoker Grand Champion, and 2017 King of the Smoker Brisket Champion(among other accolades). His menu is creative and he considers it not just a Texas style BBQ joint. More of an American style spot because of everything he offers. Insane sandwiches(one with blueberry bread) and platters that can feed a small group up to a small army. Porky Butts BBQ is a laidback casual counter service bbq joint where they bring the food to you after you've ordered. The have a full liquor license and are adding onto their already popular curbside/take-out. For delivery they just do Just UberEats. They are located at: 15475 Ruggles St., Suite 105 Omaha, NE 68116 Email: [email protected] Phone: (531)466-7343

Michael Wyont - Flores Tortillas
Aug 24 2020 46 mins  
In this episode I get a chance to chat with Michael Wyont from Flores Tortillas. See all things Flores Tortillas here: Order tortillas for shipping nationwide here: Follow them on Instagram here for updates and news: Currently available on alternating weekends in: San Marcos - by pre-order only Whitney Farmers market - at the market itself Soon to be available Monday through Friday at their kitchen( 2222 State Highway 22). ALSO, see them on Taco Tuesday night Guess Family Barbecue in Waco Also available for tacos at Helberg Barbecue in Waco AND in their retail case Working on wholesale options as well. We talk about him smoking the beef fat that goes into the tortillas, about the possibility of corn tortillas, possibly a taco spot open once or twice a week (don’t hold him to it), Tex-Mex(maybe), and answers the question IF he’ll do a BBQ spot again. The tortillas are an homage to his grandmother on the Flores side his family and how Adamson Barbecue in Toronto was an inspiration for putting the tallow in the tortillas. He's also going to be testing different Texas woods to see if they impart a unique flavor. Also, be sure to refrigerate the moment you receive. These are not your store bought tortillas. We talk in depth about why he stepped away from Flores BBQ. It was many different things. It was mutual and a lot of it was he didn’t want to be away from his family. Very honest about it. Was it easy for him to accept? All his merch was designed by M. Brady Clark. He'll be adding more so check back often.

Alton Lorenzo Matthews - The Dawgfatha's BBQ
Aug 23 2020 60 mins  
In this episode I had the chance to sit down with Alton Lorenzo Matthews from The Dawgfatha's BBQ. See all things The Dawgfatha’s BBQ here: Follow The Dawgfatha's BBQ on Facebook here: Check The Dawgfatha out on Instagram here: Email Alton at: [email protected] How to enter the Giveaway for Burnt Ends BBQ Sauces(4): Comment below with your favorite video put out from The Dawgfatha's BBQ Bonus. Get (3) additional entries for SHARING this video. Enter as often as you like using a new comment line. Only available in the contiguous U.S. and (1) winner will be chosen. Giveaway runs from 8/22/2020 - 8/29/2020 at midnight Pacific. YouTube is not at all affiliated with the Giveaway. See all things Burnt End BBQ Sauces(and to order) here: This interview is positive, uplifting, and shows how perseverance can get your to where you want to get. We discuss in depth his journey to Austin, to catering, to starting his YouTube channel and to the recent success he has seen. His motto is 'Don't be afraid of failure'. He cooks how people cook at home and uses cookers that people have at their homes. Here is his most viewed video(currently over 800,000 views) which of course, was about Brisket. Brisket video: Over A bonus, he essentially talks out how to cook a brisket(or other meat). It just shows that Alton is always teaching, always sharing.

Zach Parker - B.E. Scott's BBQ - Lexington, Tennessee
Aug 20 2020 39 mins  
In this episode I have the privilege to sit down with(I think Zach was actually standing though) Zach Parker from B.E. Scott's BBQ located in Lexington, Tennessee. See all things B.E. Scott's BBQ here: Follow Zach Parker on Instagram here: Hours: Tuesday - Friday - 9AM - 6PM Saturday 9AM - 4PM CLOSED Sunday and Monday Generally sells out by 12:30 on Saturday 10880 Highway 412 W Lexington, TN, US 38351 Free Delivery in Henderson County for orders $26 dollars or more Scott's BBQ was started 1962 in by B.E. Scott until his father Ricky Parker purchased it from B.E. and then passed onto Zach in 2013. This is great because Zach explains the whole process of his business, how to order(tell them what meat you want, sauce you want, slaw you want (vinegar or may based) and they try to make it exactly to your liking), what his favorite order is. He explains middling and some cool special things to order you wouldn't think of. We talk about what it was like growing up in the business and what he had always dreamed about as a kid. There is a whole lot of whole hog talk. He goes through 20-25 whole hogs a week and they take 24 hours to cook. We talk about how he wants to give back to the community right now in people's time of need and talks about how the community reached out to him after his father passed and he took over the business immediately. We mention Elliott Moss from Buxton Hall, Pat Martin from Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint, and Carey Bringle from Peg Leg Porker. AND the myth is true about the tennis shoes. BONUS: Zach explains where he goes for sushi.

Alex Graf & Chris Fultz - ZZQ Texas Craft Barbeque - Richmond, VA
Aug 17 2020 42 mins  
In this episode I reconnect with Alex Graf and Chris Fultz from ZZQ Texas Craft Barbeque - Richmond, VA. It's been almost 3 years since we last spoke a lot has happened since then. See all things ZZQ Texas Craft Barbecue here: Place an online order here: Buy a gift card here: Order merch here: Follow ZZQ on Instagram here: Check them out on Facebook here: Hours of operation: Wednesday - Sunday 11AM - 6PM He is Texas. She is Orange. From the beginning of the pandemic they have been overly cautious. They worked so hard to make the right choices at the right time with their crew at the top of their list for safety and overall well-being. They are now a completely different operation than they were prior to February. They had a huge year revenue-wise and felt comfortable enough with the team to leave for Texas for a two week vacation. They immediately shut down the operation to assess everything and have now been open with to-go only and have online ordering, which they didn't have prior. They are not serving pastrami at the moment(due to cold storage space) and serve beef ribs EVERY day. Some fun Breaking News is that they will be bottling their sauces to hopefully begin selling in the fall. They will have three sauces: Thick, Thin, & Sassy. Also they are working on selling their rubs and their sausage for shipment nationwide. This interview is detailed, heartfelt, and full of so much knowledge and experience. There are a lot of insights into the new normal food-wise that I was shocked to hear along with a lot of costs that consumers don't think about. A cool thing they have done is they opened up their beautiful backyard filled with trees to their customers which is essentially an urban park they can eat at. I can't thank Alex and Chris enough for taking the time.

Phillip Dormont - Treaty Oak Distilling - Dripping Springs, Texas
Aug 13 2020 43 mins  
In this episode I get to sit down with Phillip Dormont, Director of Product Development for Treaty Oak Distilling. See all things Treaty Oak Distilling here: Follow Treaty Oak on Instagram here: Purchase their alcohol online here: Their Ranch(and Alice's Restaurant) is located at16604 Fitzhugh Rd, Dripping Springs, TX 78620. Shop for cool Treaty Oak swag here: See them on Facebook here: See where to buy Treaty Oak Distilling near you here: We do our interview from Pedernales Cellars( in Stonewall, Texas. I caught him right after he got back from a long(ish) vacation because at the time they distilling because of the pandemic(they had switched over to making hand sanitizer). Phillip runs the whole development program at Treaty Oak and we talk in depth about what they offer. They are: Treaty Oak Red Handed Bourbon, Treaty Oak Ghost Hill Texas Bourbon, Treaty Oak Schenley Reserve Rye Treaty Oak Old Fashioned Cocktail Waterloo Old Yaupon Gin, Waterloo No. 9 Gin, Waterloo Antique Gin New products coming: The Day Drinker, Gin and Tonic(and citrus version RTD (ready to drink world), Navy Strength Gin Sign up for their newsletter(Pursuit of the Curious) at the bottom of the page here: He was born and raised in Dripping Springs(and now lives back in Dripping Springs) and has roamed from North Carolina to Nashville. It was in North Carolina that he started making moonshine with a friend and that leads him to why it made a perfect fit at Treaty Oak. A great takeaway from this interview is a discussion of the history of whiskey and what makes bourbons, ryes, and what sets Treaty Oak Distilling apart.

Michelle and Andrew Munoz - Moo's Craft Barbecue - Los Angeles, CA
Aug 07 2020 42 mins  
In this episode I catch up with Michelle and Andrew Munoz from Moo's Craft Barbecue in Los Angeles, California(Smokey the french bulldog and their son Diego make special appearances and they are sitting in front of their new Harper Barbecue backyard pit). See all things Moo's Craft Barbecue here: Place your online orders here: Follow Moo's Craft Barbecue on Instagram here: Check them out on Facebook here: We talk in depth about what life is like for them right now, what it's been life since Smorgasburg( was shut down due to the pandemic and how they have pivoted a few times to make things work. They are doing strictly online orders now with curbside pickup outside of their kitchen in DTLA. The experience is completely contactless(you text when you arrive in your car and they put it either in your trunk or backseat). Pickup between 11-2. They are also able to experiment more now that they aren't on the Smorgasburg schedule(they were cooking A LOT of food for each weekend). We talk too about their plans for a brick and mortar in the near future. They want to do it with offset cookers though and have hope because of what Danny and Brenda at Heritage Barbecue have been able to do in San Juan Capistrano with their two offsets. Online ordering menu: Meats by the pound which currently includes: Creekstone prime brisket, Duroc spare ribs, Duroc pulled pork, 4 packs of jalapeño cheddar sausages(with rotating special ones), and whole smoke chickens. Plates - Texas Trinity(which includes approximately .3 lbs of brisket, 2 ribs, sausage and your choice of two small sides.(beans, mac, or slaw)) Sides: They are currently offering beans, mac n cheese, potato salad, & cole slaw. Weekly Special - This week beef rib or smoked beef cheek Dessert - Key Lime Pies Extras / pickles or pickled onions / 2 different bbq sauces

Kimmy and Bryan Bingham - Bodacious on Mobberly - Longview, Texas
Aug 05 2020 44 mins  
In this episode I chat with Kimmy and Bryan Bingham from Bodacious on Mobberly in Longview, Texas. See all things Bodacious on Mobberly here: Order Bodacious online here: See all things Baked on Mobberly here: Follow Bodacious on Mobberly on Instgram here: Bodacious Mobberly on Twitter here: See them on facebook here: Hours: Tuesday - Saturday - 11AM - 5PM Current Seating Capacity: 50% Curbside, Take-out, and ONLINE ordering added. This second interview was a long time coming and wonderfully it included both Kimmy and Bryan who are not only husband and wife, but work together at Bodacious on Mobberly. We discuss in detail what the journey was that Kimmy took that led up to her leaving her hospital job to work at the bbq spot. We discuss the balance of family and home life and get in depth about relationships and how additionally difficult that is to manage during the pandemic. We talk extensively about the menu which is relatively the same, they just a little bit less of everything now. Specials are Wednesday (Boudin),Thursday(a special sausage), Friday(whatever Bryan is in the mood for), and Saturday(pork belly or beef ribs or both). Kimmy doesn't make the sausage yet, but she does brainstorm with Bryan about new creative ideas. Lastly, Bryan and Kimmy strongly recommend supporting local businesses.

Justin Easterwood - Chef J BBQ - Kansas City, Missouri
Aug 01 2020 45 mins  
In this episode I get the chance to sit down with Justin Easterwood from Chef J BBQ located in the historic West Bottoms( area of Kansas City. See all things Chef J BBQ here: Pre-order BBQ here: Check out Chef J BBQ on Instagram here: Follow Chef J BBQ on Facebook here: HOURS: Every Saturday 11:30 - 4PM(or sold out) ALSO, every first Friday weekend he's open Friday-Sunday Preorders are picked up starting at 10:30 This is a great conversation and to be honest, it felt like I was chatting with a friend I knew for years. He's that nice and that likable. More importantly, he's INCREDIBLY passionate about BBQ and putting out great quality food each Saturday. They are at the same location as THE BEAST( haunted house which is the oldest haunted house in America. He was born and raised in Kansas Cit and has worked in the restaurant business since he was 14. They started selling BBQ here in February of 2020 and then signed a lease in March. You know what happens next...the pandemic. This didn't stop him and as I mentioned above, they are rolling through each week selling out. He's building a smokehouse for his dual firebox pit that he currently has AND a new 1,000 gallon pit he is getting made by Collin Gray from C. Gray Ironworks. We go over the menu in depth. He has the Texas Trinity(brisket, ribs, and house-made sausage), but he also offers turkey, pork belly burnt ends and more. He offers an insane array of sandwiches all of which I want to try. The sides sound incredible as well as the desserts.

Tuffy Stone - Author | Storyteller - Interview
Jul 29 2020 36 mins  
In this episode I get a chance to sit down with Tuffy Stone. See everything Tuffy Stone here: Check him out on Instagram here: See all things The Westover Richmond, Virginia here: The Westover address: 5047 Forest Hill Ave, Richmond, VA 23225 Cool Smoke BBQ: Info on his cooking classes: If you want an autographed copy of his book 'Cool Smoke The Art of Great BBQ' which came out in 2018, you can follow this link: We talk about a myriad of things throughout the course of our chat, but note that he is extremely humble and would rather talk about anything other than himself. I do get things out of him, but it should be mentioned that he has 6 World Championships at Memphis in May, he's won the Jack 3 times, as well as the American royal and The Open. He teaches all of the world and doing these classes is his true passion. He was inducted into the BBQ Hall of Fame in 2018. His catering company, which he started with is wife in 1993 is called A Sharper Palate. See all things(and book events) A Sharper Palate here: Some of his partners: Tyson Fresh Meats, Snake Rivers Farms, Yeti and Weber. He discusses in depth his philosophy on partnerships. Additional info on The Westover: 'We have retooled The Westover and we have many additions. We have a small local market, now, where you can pickup dry goods, specialty products, cheeses, charcututerie, beers, wines, and such. We will slowly be offering in-house prepared foods. A new ice cream counter has been built and we are proud to be serving King Of Pops, Nightingale Ice Cream Sandwiches, and Gelati Celesti Ice Creams and Sorbets. We will have ice cream cones and cups, sundaes, and milk shakes. Our hours to start, will be Wednesday through Sunday 8am to 7pm. We will be serving breakfast, lunch and a limited dinner offering. We will have the espresso drinks and coffee, as we offered before we closed. We intend to grow our dinner and market offerings in time. If we can do enough business to support our costs, we will expand our hours. We just need to grow to that. Again, please have patience with is, as we reopen and work towards getting better at what we are doing.'

Bradley Robinson - Chuds BBQ - Interview
Jul 26 2020 45 mins  
In this episode I was able to break Bradley Robinson from Chuds BBQ away from his crazy schedule to talk about his journey and why his plate is so full. See all things Chuds BBQ here: Look at all the pits he offers here: Contact him via DM or email him here for pricing or info: [email protected] Current wait time is 1 year See Chuds BBQ on Instagram here: Check out and SUBSCRIBE to Chuds BBQ YOUTUBE page is here: New Videos Every Tuesday Morning Subscribe to LeRoy & Lewis' Patreon page here: See all things LeRoy & Lewis here: Check out(and sign up for classes) New School BBQ University here: We go into his journey from New Hampshire to Austin(it wasn't for food or BBQ originally), how he connected with Evan LeRoy at Freedmen's(where he also worked with Chris McGhee, Jalen Heard, Lane Milne, Joel Garcia, and more), his stint at Micklethwait Craft Meats, Eastside Tavern with Cade Mercer, then back with Evan at the newly opened(then) LeRoy & Lewis. We talk about how he got into pit building(this involves of course Evan again) and how that business has grown to what it is. We get into his YouTube channel(very extensively) which you should watch, subscribe and repeat and his famous fried chicken. We also get into everything for the classes they are putting on with New School BBQ University. Lastly, a cool video he mentions(The Science of BBQ):

Jess DeSham Timmons - Cherry Block Craft Butcher + Kitchen - Houston, Texas
Jul 20 2020 40 mins  
In this episode I get the chance to sit down with Jess DeSham Timmons from Cherry Block Craft Butcher + Kitchen in Houston, Texas. See all things Cherry Block here: Follow Cherry Block on Instagram: Check Cherry Block on Facebook here: Follow Jess DeSham Timmons on Instagram here: See Bravery Chef Hall here: Bravery Chef is currently at 75% capacity and open Monday - Friday for dinner and Saturday and Sunday for lunch and dinner. They also do curbside, take out, & delivery. First off, if this interview doesn’t make you smile, I don't know what will. She has an infectious laugh and such a positive attitude that it truly gives you hope in a time that feels at times hopeless. Jess talks about her route from Bennigan's to Landry's to Foodways Texas to Republic Country Club and BBQ to Caboose BBQ and now to her partnership at Cherry Block. They opened July 2019 and February 2020 was their record month...then came the pandemic. Since then they essentially reopened 3 times since to pivot and adapt to the new world with COVID. I was a fan of H.E.B. in Texas before talking Jess, but now I am a HUGE supporter. It is so interesting and moving as to what they are doing for Cherry Block(it's employees especially) and other restaurants. Cherry Block is doing 5 items(smoked ham hock gumbo, pimento cheese, Dr. Pepper short ribs set on cheese grits, marinated steak sliced with mashed and collard greens, and red beans and rice. Stay on the lookout for them in your local H.E.B. They are in the deli section(grab and go). It's the Texans Helping Texans Program. This interview too is a GREAT primer for restaurants, especially with the safety protocols that they put in after day one. She talks too about her management style which is firm, but with compassion. Find Cherry Block here: 409 Travis #368 Houston, TX 77002

Kyle Rensmeyer - Holy Trinity Barbecue - Portland, Oregon - Interview
Jul 17 2020 39 mins  
In this episode I chat with Kyle Rensmeyer from Holy Trinity Barbecue in Portland, Oregon. See all things: NEW HOURS, EFFECTIVE 7/22: Wed-Sun, 11AM - 8PM (or sold out) Order ahead here: Check out Holy Trinity Barbecue on Instagram here: See Holy Trinity Barbecue on Facebook here: We talk a few weeks into the shutdowns for the pandemic. He came up with a bunch of ideas to try to get food to his customers, but it ended up being just the way he had been doing and being in a food cart has it’s advantages because he was essentially grab and go. He did add the online ordering system so people can order ahead. Some interesting things he added was Family Packs( and The Single Dad( which have really taken off. Kyle grew up outside of Dallas and went to Texas A & M. After graduation he became an animal feed commodity trader in Round Rock, but didn't enjoy that. He moved on to work for 7/11 in their corporate division and was transferred to Portland. The thing was, Portland didn't have the BBQ he was used he started cooking on his own(and eventually selling). You may have seen his first version which was called Q PDX, but soon transitioned to Holy Trinity Barbecue and is nestled in a cart pod with 7-8 food carts in it. He talks about the great class he took from Dylan Taylor and references it several times as a place he learned a ton of about his craft, especially making sausage. During the month of May he did Sausage collabs with various carts including a Korean sausage and a pepperoni pizza sausage. You can visit Holy Trinity Barbecue here:,-122.6267613,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x8bb3060143ef8f3a?sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwilo-XyitPqAhXXIDQIHQJaC5wQ_BIwCnoECBYQCA

Bryan Flannery - Flannery Beef - Interview
Jul 13 2020 45 mins  
In this episode I get a chance to talk with Bryan Flannery from Flannery Beef in Marin, California. They specialize in high quality, USDA Prime Holstein Beef. See all things Flannery Beef here: Check out Flannery Beef on Facebook here: Follow Flannery Beef on Instagram here: We go into the history of Flannery Beef. From his father being a butcher at a single butcher shop with 80 butchers to moving their operation to San Rafael where they have their aging rooms(just added a computerized aging room that sounds incredible), packing, shipping, and production. We discuss in detail how Katie built the online business and how they came to work with restaurants and their connection to the wine world(Robert Parker rates their beef at 100 points). We discuss DRY versus WET aging in detail so if you've ever wondered about that you get a quick education(you also find out which method he prefers). We talk about his transition to more of a back end roll with Katie running the operation and how they primarily use meat from Holstein cows. Again, Bryan goes into detail discussing the difference in marbling, texture, and overall flavor between Angus and Holstein(super interesting). Most importantly we discuss the care and detail that goes into every shipment, be it for the home customer online or for a restaurant. Hand cutting every order. It's remarkable and a testament to their top notch customer service. Lastly we chat about their various burger blends of which they have 3. It's important to note that while they are serving prime beef, the pricing is affordable for that price range. Check out their gift boxes here: Buy a gift certificate here:

Scott Schaefer | Director of Special Events | The Resort at Paws Up
Jul 08 2020 42 mins  
In this episode I chat with Scott Schaefer, the Director of Special Events at The Resort at Paws Up in Greenough, Montana. Essentially a national park contained on private property. See all things The Resort at Paws Up here: Follow The Resort at Paws up on Instagram here: Check them out of Facebook here: The property is 60 square miles or 37,000 acres. The property has been the site of a working Angus ranch for over a century (and still is one), and the family bought it approximately 25 years ago. It features 6 camps, 38 different homes, and they are working on an island and an adult's only resort. To visit you fly into Missoula. This was recorded early into the pandemic, right before Montana Master Grillers(this year Sheldon Mason and Evan LeRoy). We talk about Scott's background, how he came to work at The Resort at Paws Up, but mostly we chat about the property, it's history, and the incredible events(BBQ and live fire) that are put on year round with the likes of Charlie McKenna, Andy Husbands, Wayne Mueller, Sam Huff, Erin and Patrick Feges, and many, many more. Some of the Upcoming Events and links to past events: Pitmaster - July 10th - 12th Featuring Chefs and Authors Chris Hart and Andy Husbands Live Fire Legends - July 10th - 12th Featuring Chefs and Authors Chris Hart and Andy Husbands Campire Chefs - August 20th - 23rd Montana Master Grillers (2020) Live Fire Legends (2020) From the Archives, Montana Master Grillers (2019) Montana Master Grillers (2021) Video for Montana Master Grillers If you are a chef or pitmaster interested in participating in one of these events you can email Scott here: [email protected] His episode on Eat More Barbecue podcast: Find the resort on the map here:,-113.434776,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xea52da2857ff3070?sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjyjr60sbrqAhVDj54KHd1BDFwQ_BIwFnoECBMQCA Request a brochure: Sign up for newsletter at the bottom of the page

Drew Brahs - Harper Barbecue - Costa Mesa, California | Interview
Jul 05 2020 44 mins  
In this episode I am lucky enough to chat with Drew Brahs from Harper Barbecue in Costa Mesa, California. See Harper Barbecue on Instagram here: Info on their Hibatchi Grills( 11 x 15 - $ 350 16 x 18 - $ 450 16 x 36 - $ 800 (the largest with 2 grates AND a flat top) Current lead time as of airing for pits on trailers is 8-10 months and 4-5 months on backyard pits(you should check via DM though). They will be launching the website shortly with our hibachis and fire pits, so continue to follow them on Instagram for updates. My conversation with Drew was great. This was essentially 'the unintentional business that became this...' He and his partner Brian have been cranking out pits for the likes of The Offset Barbecue( who bought Harper's first pit on Craigslist, Helberg Barbecue(, Herc's Barbecue(, Holy Trinity Barbecue(, Breakwater Barbecue(, Republic Craft Barbecue(, 3rd Degree BBQ(, Neighbors BBQ(, Heritage Craft Barbecue(, Johnnys BBQ(, and Horn Barbecue( He grew up in the Costa Mesa/Newport area and worked in a fish market in the early days(gained a ton of knowledge through this), went to military school, then through a number of detours started welding pits, which turned into this business. He goes in depth about their upcoming brick and mortar(opening around mid 2021) which sounds incredible. Along with insane Central Texas style there will be smoked fish on the menu as well as smoked oysters(he's bee a fisherman his whole life). Also, he is planning on having steak nights and a creative bar menu on the days they are open into the evening. Right now they are shooting for being open 4-5 days a week. Cool Facts: History of costa mesa

Simon Majumdar - Eat My Globe Podcast - 10 Minutes With Interview
Jun 22 2020 66 mins  
In this episode I chat with Simon Majumdar(, the Host of the Eat My Globe Podcast: Things you didn't know, you didn't know about food( He is currently up to Season 4 and we get deeply into the podcast itself and the work and prep that goes into it. Some of my favorite ones are the History of Gin, History of Beef(it's in two parts), History of Cheese, and the 'Last meal served on the Titanic'. Who am I kidding though, the are ALL worth listening to and I promise you, listening will make you smarter. We also go into what a Gentleman Amateur is, 
Guy's Tournament of Champions, Chef Carl Ruiz, Anthony Bourdain, bread making, growing scallions in water, his morning walks. how things are similar now to when bubonic plague hit Europe, how restaurants are being resourceful, what it might look like when restaurants do open up again, the National Theatre in London(, and everything in between. I dare say you'll get smarter listening to this too. Charities: Guy's Restaurant Relief Fund: Golden Rule Charity: Convoy of Hope: See all things Simon Majumdar here: Check out Simon on Instagram here: Follow him on Twitter here:

Scott Fogle - Alice's Restaurant at Treaty Oak Distilling
May 28 2020 38 mins  
In this episode I get a chance to talk with Scott Fogle from Alice's Restaurant at Treaty Oak Distilling in Dripping Springs, Texas. See all things Treaty Oak Distilling here: Find out where to buy Treaty Oak whiskey and gin here: Check out Alice's Restaurant here: Alice's hours: Friday - Sunday Noon - 9PM Order ahead of time at Alice's here: Follow Treaty Oak on Instagram here: See Treaty Oak on Facebook here: Market Hours - 7 Days a Week - Noon - 7PM Order goods online from the market here: Get info on all 3 whiskeys here: Note: Tours are back on (with restrictions so visit them online) and capacity has increased due to no limitations for outdoor seating. They are looking to bring back live music this summer. Be sure to visit their website and sign up for the newsletter to be updated. I chat with Scott about his journey from Dallas to Waco(Baylor University) to New Mexico to Colorado to Hawaii to Austin where he fell in love with BBQ along the way. We talk about working with Miguel at Valentina's Tex-Mex BBQ to Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew to Whitfields, settling in at Alice's Restaurants. He gained incredible knowledge and experience working amazing cooks, pitmasters, and owners. We go deeply into what Treaty Oak is doing during this time and how they have progressed since he came on board. We go extensively into the menu and the pits he uses, with a new 1,000 just arriving from Backline Fabrication. Lastly, we end with him speaking about the amazing work environment it is at Treaty Oak and what a majestic and property the 26 acres lies on.

Aaron Siegel - Home Team BBQ - From Behind The BBQ Front Lines
May 16 2020 16 mins  
In this detailed and thoughtful episode of 'Behind The BBQ Front Lines' I talk to Aaron Siegel from Home Team BBQ in South Carolina. We recorded this May 5th and at that time they had just opened 3 locations for take-out, curbside and delivery with a 4th location coming on board shortly. They have now opened up all 5 locations for take-out, curbside and delivery. Hours: Daily 11AM - 8PM. See all things Home Team BBQ here: Follow Home Team BBQ on Instagram here: See Home Team BBQ on Facebook here: If you have ANY questions you can email them at: [email protected] Simplified Takeout MenusAspen | Charleston Area | Columbia *Please practice social distancing and stay in your vehicle while awaiting your order at curbside pick-up. Delivery Options: Aspen: Orderfood Aspen Charleston Area: Postmates Columbia: Bite Squad We discuss how he had to furlough all 380 employees on March 17th and have now hired on the entire management team and is slowly hiring on those employees that feel comfortable to come on board. He goes into detail all about the moves that needed to be made and how they affected everyone. He talks about the community and what they have done to help, including a GoFundMe page set up to raise $ 100,000 for the employees as well as other endeavors that went forward. As of airing, they are just not ready for outdoor dining yet.

BBQ - EP - 194 - Ryan Newland - Backline Fabrication - Austin, Texas
May 13 2020 62 mins  
In this episode I get a chance to chat with Ryan Newland from Backline Fabrication in Austin Texas. Currently his lead time is 2-3 weeks for live fire items and just 2-3 months for smokers/pits. The best way to get ahold of Ryan is via email here: [email protected] See all things Backline Fabrication here: Check him out on Instagram here: See him on Facebook here: This story really is about the little things along the way that define your success. Ryan works hard and it shows. We get into his journey from Burbank to the car stereo world to Hollywood where he worked as a set decorator. We then talk about his metal fabrication for tours for Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Pink, and Britney Spears which gave him the knowledge to go into pit building. We talk about his entering a BBQ competition and taking that prize money to buy a 250 gallon smoker. We discuss his work for Bangers Sausage House in Austin, Steven Rossler of Rossler's Blue Cord Barbecue, John Brotherton's Liberty Barbecue in Round Rock, Jay Tinney or Tinney's BBQ and the 1,000 he's doing for Alice's Restaurant at Treaty Oak Distilling. We end with discussing ALL of the items he produces(3 in ones, live fire, Santa Maria style, smokers, & backyard versions). Check out the The Dawgfatha's BBQ video of a reveal party here:

BBQ - EP - 191 - 10 Minutes With AJ Ramirez - AJ's Custom Cookers - SAGINAW, TEXAS
May 05 2020 27 mins  
In this episode of '10 Minutes With' I catch up with AJ Ramirez of AJ's Custom Cookers in Seguin, Texas. He's a sponsor of the podcast and YouTube show, so I wanted him to provide additional information as to what he offers as well as give you more insight into who he is as a person. As far as what he offers, he does a tremendous amount of business with corporate clients, which is helpful during this self-isolation period, as well as work with restaurants, guys doing pop-ups, caterers, and the backyard cook. He can do anything from stainless steel to mild steel and currently his lead time is from 1 year to 14 months. We also discuss his recent injury to his wrist that required surgery and of course all of the pits he's done, especially noting that he is working(or has worked on) pits for folks who are meshing their heritage with Texas style BBQ AND how he is trying to incorporate cooking devices on their pits or trailers to display their unique background. Here's a list of those: Texas/Pakistan @texpakq Texas/Iran @swigandsmokebbq Texas/Korean @kortexbbq Texas/Czechoslovakia @lilliansbbq Texas/Mexican @vaquerostexasbarbq Texas/Vietnamese @duo0ng Texas/Philippine @thetexasbbqguy Texas/Soul @smokeaholicsbbq He's also worked with Patriotic Pig, Smoke-A-Holics, Derek Allan's BBQ, Dayne's Craft Barbecue, and Brix Barbecue. You can see his YouTube channel here: Call or text AJ here: 817-714-4495 See all things AJ's Custom Cookers here: See AJ's Custom Cookers on Instagram here: Check AJ's out on Facebook here:

BBQ - EP - 187 - Erin Smith Feges - Feges BBQ - Houston, Texas
Apr 20 2020 56 mins  
In this episode I get a chance to chat with Erin Smith Feges from Feges BBQ in Houston, Texas. Our interview took place on March 12, 2020 just as restaurants were starting to deal with COVID19. We talk about her journey which led her away from dental school into culinary school and a chance to at Thomas Keller's Per Se in NYC as well as Italian Wine Merchants and Babbo, back to Houston where she met her husband Patrick(see a link to his interview). We discuss their opening Feges BBQ and end the interview discussing their second location in Spring Branch which was scheduled to open in early 2021. We also talk about her two times on FoodNetwork's chopped. Since then they have closed the Greenway Plaza location due to COVID19 and will be opening it up again for dinner service(3PM - 6PM) Tuesday through Friday(pickup curbside) and will be popping up on Saturdays at what will be their second location in Spring Branch. Check out their instagram for ALL updates. See all things Feges BBQ here: Place an online order for Feges BBQ here: Order a Feges Giftcard here: Check out Feges BBQ on Instagram here: Follow Erin on Instagram here: See my interview with Patrick Feges here:

BBQ - EP - 182 - Ellen Marie Bennett - Hedley & Bennett
Mar 03 2020 25 mins  
In this episode I chat with Ellen Marie Bennett (in a parka because her factory was freezing cold that day), the CEO and Founder of Hedley & Bennett about her journey from Los Angeles to Mexico City(going to Culinary School there) to walking in the back doors of Providence and Lazy Ox(sadly closed now) to selling aprons out of her car to moving from a 400 square foot factory to what they are now in, a 16,000 square foot factory. Per Ellen, 'Anything amazing is usually complicated to accomplish', and she goes into detail on how difficult it was to get to where she is today, but how incredible that ride has been. Hedley & Bennett is not just an apron company, but culinary brand. They are bridging the gap between the professional and home cook. They put out INCREDIBLE product and Ellen is a force of nature. You are going to lover this interview. See all things Hedley & Bennett here: https://www.hedleyandbennett.comRead all about Ellen here: Hedley & Bennett's Kitchen Essentials: Ellen on Instagram here: out Oliver's Pig Adventures here:'s Custom Cookers: https://www.ajscustomcookers.comPhone: 817-714-4495AJ's on Instagram:'s on Facebook: Oak Distilling: Treaty Oak Distilling on Instagram: Oak Distilling is on Facebook here:

BBQ - EP - 181 - Chef John Bates - InterStellar BBQ - Austin, Texas
Feb 29 2020 44 mins  
In this episode I get a chance to chat with Chef John Bates from InterStellar BBQ in Austin, Texas. We talk about his journey from Corpus Christi to Portland to Austin. All the while he's been working in restaurants since he was 17 years old. His first endeavor on his own was Noble Sandwich Company( which he expanded to a second location then pivoted turn one location into InterStellar BBQ because he wanted to spend more time with his family and have a daytime job. We talk deeply into how not to start a sandwich business, what it's like to be on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives and the nature of nature of today’s bbq business. Of course we end chatting in depth about his unique menu. See all things InterStellar BBQ here: InterStellar BBQ on Instagram here: Clark: Country:'s Custom Cookers: https://www.ajscustomcookers.comPhone: 817-714-4495AJ's on Instagram:'s on Facebook: Oak Distilling: Treaty Oak Distilling on Instagram: Oak Distilling is on Facebook here:

BBQ - EP - 172 - Texas Wine & BBQ - Jason Hisaw - Texas Wine Ambassador
Jan 17 2020 62 mins  
In this episode I get to chat with Jason Hisaw, Advanced Sommelier and Texas Wine Ambassador for RNDC. We go deeply into his journey from Chicago to Las Vegas to Santa Barbara to Kansas City and finally in Dallas, Texas. We discuss how you become a Master Sommelier(so interesting and so daunting) and how he carved his niche in the world of Texas barbecue. We try two wines and discuss all of the Texas wines RNDC offers. It's a love letter to Texas, wine, and barbecue. You're going to love it. Follow Jason on Instagram here: Check out Jason on Twitter here: See RNDC here: Here are the wines discussed: Fall Creek Vineyards: McPherson Cellars: Duchman Family Winery: Messina Hof: Rancho Loma Vineyards: Llano Estacado: Brennan Vineyards: Becker Vineyards: Kevin's BBQ Joints Podcast & YouTube Sponsored by: AJ's Custom Cookers: Phone: 817-714-4495 AJ's on Instagram: AJ's on Facebook: AND Treaty Oak Distilling: See Treaty Oak Distilling on Instagram: Treaty Oak Distilling is on Facebook here:

BBQ - EP 165 - Blood Bros. BBQ - Robin Wong, Terry Wong, & Quy Hoang
Nov 14 2019 43 mins  
In this episode I get a chance to chat with Robin Wong, Terry Wong, and Quy Hoang who have Blood Bros. BBQ in Bellaire, Texas. This one is so great. We get into them growing up together(from high school forward). The city where they grew up was a melting pot of cultures, different types of people. Big into skating, anime, and music. None of them had a culinary background at all. Robin and Terry started Glitter, a night club with karaoke and Quy started cooking for specific nights. Started with a weber grilling fajitas and drum sticks, simple stuff. Even a customer appreciation steak night. That grew in popularity. It's really interesting to see the progression. See how they tweaked the rubs, flavors, etc. We discuss how they came up with Blood Brothers name, their marketing which comes from their nightclub background. We discuss how they found their brick and mortar and how long it took to get open. Their menu is very unique. Scratch made sausage, brisket fried rice, smoke turkey bahn mi, Thai peanut butter sticky ribs, Thai Green Curry Boudin are examples.Their motto is: Bringing the backyard vibe to the massesThey are located in Bellaire Texas, which is about 45 minutes southwest of Downtown Houston. They are closed Monday and Tuesday, but open the rest of the week from 11AM to sold out.See all things Blood Bros. BBQ here: http://bloodbrosbbq.comCheck them on Instagram here: Blood Bros. BBQ on Facebook here: Blood Bros. on Twitter here:

BBQ - EP - 152 - John Brotherton - Brotherton's Black Iron Barbecue - Pflugerville, TX
Sep 13 2019 66 mins  
In this episode I chat with John Brotherton from Brotherton's Black Iron Barbecue in Pflugerville, Texas and Liberty Barbecue in Round Rock, Texas. John has an overall passion for food, really good quality food and strives at every level to exceed customer's expectations. John takes us through his journey from growing up in Liberty, Texas (outside of Houston) to a hugely successful laser printer cartridge business to having a food trailer on the weekends and/or nights with crazy sandwiches with clever names to getting the BBQ bug(an obsession) which lead him to going to all 50 of the Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ joints to his non-Carolina style Carolina BBQ Joint, to student loan collections, to Russel and Misty Roegels saving the day for him, to teaming up with Kelly from Black Iron Eats, to their inventive sandwiches and incredible BBQ, to his second venture of Liberty BBQ. John Brotherton has lived an interesting life(BBQ and otherwise) and lives and breathes what BBQ family is all about. You are going to love this interview.Brotherton Hours: Tuesday - Saturday - 11AM - 7PM / Sunday 11AM - 3PM - CLOSED MondaysLiberty Hours: Tuesday - Thursday 11AM - 9PM / Friday & Saturday - 11AM - 10PM / Sunday 11AM - 4PM - CLOSED Mondays Follow John Brotherton himself on Instagram here: all things Brotherton's Black Iron Barbecue here: https://www.pftxbbq.comFollow them on Instagram here: them out on Twitter here: them on Facebook here: all things Liberty Barbecue here: https://libertybbqrrtx.comFollow them on Instagram here: them out on Twitter here: them on Facebook here: M. Brady Clark's Designs here:

BBQ - EP -149 - BBQ Tourist(aka Ryan Cooper) Shares His Recent Texas BBQ Adventure
Sep 02 2019 66 mins  
In this special episode I chat with Ryan Cooper(@BBQTourist: who by day works for the National Park Service, but by night(and off hours) is co-founder of The Smoke Sheet( and travels the country searching out incredible barbecue. We talk about his recent 10 day trip to Texas(from Nebraska where he lives) where he visited 20 BBQ joints and went to what is possibly the best BBQ party of the year(Robert Jacob Lerma's Summer BBQ Bash). The journey begins when he picks up Chris Bengston from Common Decent Provisions( and ends with a through visit to all of the latest BBQ spots opening in Fort Worth and Arlington.
For reference, here's a list of his stops:1. Boss Hog’s BBQ and Bail Bonds: Brothertons Black Iron BBQ: Valnetina’s Tex Mex BBQ: Interstellar: The Switch: https://www.theswitchdripping.com6. Smitty’s Market: http://smittysmarket.com7. Kreuz Market: https://kreuzmarket.com8. City Market Luling: http://www.lulingcitymarket.com9. Brett’s Backyard Bar-B-Que: https://www.brettsbackyardbarbque.com10. Louie Mueller BBQ: https://www.louiemuellerbarbecue.com11.Banger's Sausage House and Beer Garden: https://www.bangersaustin.com12. Panther City BBQ: http://www.panthercitybbq.com13. Flores Barbecue: Smoke-A-Holics BBQ: Derek Allan's Texas BBQ: https://derekallansbbq.com16. Hurtado Barbecue: http://hurtadobbq.com17. Zavala's Barbecue: http://www.zavalasbarbecue.com18. Lillian’s Barbecue: Dayne’s Craft Barbecue: https://daynescraftbarbecue.com20. Goldee's Barbecue: Sign up for The Smoke Sheet at: https://www.bbqnewsletter.comFollow The Smoke Sheet on Instagram: The Smoke Sheet on Facebook here: out The Smoke Sheet on Twitter here: Kevin's BBQ Joints on Twitter Kevin's BBQ Joints on Instagram Kevin's BBQ Joints on Facebook

BBQ - EP - 147 - Matthew Register - Southern Smoke BBQ - Garland, NC
Aug 27 2019 50 mins  
In this episode I chat with Matthew Register from Southern Smoke BBQ in Garland, North Carolina about his unique journey to opening his equally unique barbecue restaurant which is only open two days a week and on most days has an exceptional line(which they get through very expeditiously. They do a large amount of catering business, have a food truck, and in the spring of 2019 he launched a book entitled Southern Smoke: Barbecue, Traditions, and Treasured Recipes Reimagined for Today which is broken down specifically into three sections: Low Country, Memphis/Delta, & North Carolina. There is also a unique section on how through a southern dinner party. It's an exceptionally interesting and insightful interview that I know you'll enjoy.See all things Southern Smoke here: http://southernsmokebbqnc.comCheck out Southern Smoke BBQ on Instagram here: Southern Smoke BBQ on Twitter here: Southern Smoke BBQ on Facebook here: up Southern Smoke here: Sign up for The Smoke Sheet at: https://www.bbqnewsletter.comFollow The Smoke Sheet on Instagram: The Smoke Sheet on Facebook here: out The Smoke Sheet on Twitter here: Kevin's BBQ Joints on Twitter Kevin's BBQ Joints on Instagram Kevin's BBQ Joints on Facebook

BBQ - EP - 144 - Andrew Hill - Embers Barbecue - Lubbock, Texas
Aug 07 2019 59 mins  
In this interview I chat with Andrew Hill from Embers Barbecue in Lubbock, Texas about his challenging road to their current location in Charles Adams Studio Project ( in Lubbock, Texas. We discuss his time at Bigham's Smokehouse where he assumed he knew barbecue, to trying out cooking a Central Texas style brisket, to his epic BBQ fail trying to sell chopped beef sandwiches, to the crazy journey to opening in Levelland. That initial success and eventual downturn in business taught he and Jewel a lot of business and life lessons. It's a great story where I think you'll learn much about what it's like going into the BBQ business in an area not familiar with Central Texas style barbecue.Here's a map to the location: all things Embers Barbecue here: https://www.realtexasgrit.comFollow Embers Barbecue on Instagram here: out Embers Barbecue on Facebook here: them on Twitter here: Sign up for The Smoke Sheet at: https://www.bbqnewsletter.comFollow The Smoke Sheet on Instagram: The Smoke Sheet on Facebook here: out The Smoke Sheet on Twitter here: Kevin's BBQ Joints on Twitter Kevin's BBQ Joints on Instagram Kevin's BBQ Joints on Facebook

BBQ - EP - 142 - Brandon Hurtado - Hurtado Barbecue Co. - Arlington, TX
Jul 24 2019 37 mins  
In this episode I chat with Brandon Hurtado - Hurtado Barbecue Co. - Arlington, Texas about his journey to opening his brick and mortar location in November 2019. We talk about his upbringing, his enjoyment of spending time with his father during late night cooks, his time building his marketing agency(ANKR Agency), his falling in love with Texas BBQ in a big way because of the North Texas BBQ Addicts group on Facebook, to getting his own cooker, growing his business doing pop-ups at breweries, and to now his permanent(for now until the brick & mortar) location at Division Brewery in Arlington. We talk about his unique menu, his influences, and his excitement to going into the new location(and all about that location).Current Hours: Friday - 5PM - Sold Out / Saturday - 11AM- Sold OutSee all things Hurtado Barbecue Co here: http://hurtadobbq.comPre-order by Thursday here: Hurtado Barbecue Co. on Instagram here: out Hurtado Barbecue Co. on Facebook here: Agency: http://ankragency.comNorth Texas BBQ Addicts: Sign up for The Smoke Sheet at: https://www.bbqnewsletter.comFollow The Smoke Sheet on Instagram: The Smoke Sheet on Facebook here: out The Smoke Sheet on Twitter here: Kevin's BBQ Joints on Twitter Kevin's BBQ Joints on Instagram Kevin's BBQ Joints on Facebook

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