The Hideous Laughter Podcast

Nov 26 2020 81 mins 611

An actually drunk, actual play Pathfinder podcast running a gothic horror themed campaign - Carrion Crown!

5 • 7 Ratings

10LawnGnomes Jul 19 2020
A engaging story, superb quality and a cast of lovable drinking buddies playing a Pathfinder Adventure Path. Congrats on 100 episodes, and I hope those just finding you now appreciate all the effort that has gone into making the story so great. Definitely a binge-able listen if you're looking for adventure, horror, and a true experience of what it's like around the table with friends.

AlexGiordano Apr 29 2020
Absolutely love this podcast! An amazing AP ran by an amazing DM, with an amazing bunch of players! You can't get much better than this

Wraith Apr 29 2020
Love listening to these guys and gals. Pathfinder is a great system and this group always has a good time playing.

Bipolarpoptart Apr 29 2020
One of the best, if not the best, Pathfinder podcasts out there. An old group of friends with great chemistry, a huge amount of additional content beyond the game, an amazing community, and honestly, just some of the greatest people I know. Griffin kills it with additions to the AP, and all the players have made characters you become deeply invested in. If you like horror added into your TTRPG games along with many drunken shenanigans, this is the right place for you.

Rhatha Apr 29 2020
A horror trip you won't want to miss. While using the Carrion Crown adventure, this group goes above and beyond with extra content to flesh out the adventure and many of the supporting characters. This is a great example of how a "beer & pretzels" atmosphere can still lead to great storytelling. Be aware that there are some mature themes given the content, and like many new podcasts, the quality improves greatly after the first half dozen episodes or so.

Alllexia Apr 29 2020
It's one of those shows that's good no matter what you enjoy normally.I keep away from drunk shows because their sense of humour doesn't jam with mine.This one though?I fell in love the moment the PCs got introduced and I haven't stopped loving it since,both when funny and when gutwrenchingly sad.Every PC has a carefully constructed story behind them, the players and the DM are funny without having to force themselves and it's obvious they love both playing with each other and Pathfinder.

PharasmaSaves Apr 29 2020
For fans of pathfinder actual play podcasts, this one's a must! The group vibes well together, tells a great story, and is a joy to listen to! TeamSlurp4Lyfe