Serial Killers

Oct 22 2020 46 mins 46.6k

Every Monday and Thursday, Serial Killers takes a psychological and entertaining approach to provide a rare glimpse into the mind, methods and madness of the most notorious serial killers with the hopes of better understanding their psychological profile. With the help of in-depth research, we delve deep into their lives and stories. Serial Killers is part of the Parcast Network and is a Cutler Media Production.

4.6 • 29 Ratings

Catwoman79 Oct 10 2020
Great podcast 😊 The hosts are very nice and Vanessa does very thorough research. The episodes are interesting and very informative.

Melissa541 Sep 10 2020
The content is detailed and thorough, the hosts....Vanessa, you are great...but please don't let Greg tell you that you aren't qualified, we all know you do far more research than I'm sure Greg does. "thanks Greg"

MandieHaze Sep 07 2020
One of my favorite shows for sure. The hosts really compliment each other and are a great pair. I really like the way each episode is told like a story vs. all kinds of extra convo and opinions. Probably my favorite thing about this podcast, though, is the background of the killer and early life info they provide at the beginning of each episode. You really get a glimpse into the entire life and psyche of the killer. RECOMMEND!

cscharlie Sep 03 2020
Great, very informative

walbyni Aug 17 2020
A must listen

ls.sandy Aug 01 2020
The scripts are fine but this sounds like it was made by a podcast-generating ai. Totally devoid of any personality, this show manages to suck all the life and interest out of an inherently compelling topic.

Lynda Jul 29 2020
I've given up with this one though it picks some good subjects. It just doesn't relate each case, so to speak, but goes into all the psychology and does a shrink session on each killer, which is pretty boring. The dramatisations are very irritating. Hate it when podcasters choose to do this and they didn't do it at first. The music too can be a little overpowering. I would've stuck with that but not the play-acting as well, I'm afraid. That put me straight off.

lwood the great Jul 19 2020
I'm a true crime junkie. My favorite podcast.

Woolie Jul 18 2020
Simply Amazing! Every episode is thorough informative and entertaining

pod addict Jul 14 2020
This is a great show

thomas708il Jul 12 2020
Interesting stories but the narrators talk way too fast. Hard to keep up.

Edward Nygma Jul 10 2020
I identify a lot with Wayne Henley Jr and this series is really helping to me to understand my depression and dark fantasy world better. Thank you for doing this.

ITryNDie Jul 06 2020

Stoshius Jul 01 2020
Detailed deep dive into Serial killers

JayBee Jul 01 2020
Just started listening a few months ago, listen a lot while I'm driving. I can't get enough. I really enjoy the story telling style of narrative, and how the topics are well studied.

shonna0607 Jun 28 2020
I really enjoy this podcast. The way they tell the stories is very engaging. I like how they do each story in 2 parts it leaves you wanting more.

mark Jun 27 2020
Great podcast!

Strange TV Jun 21 2020
Great podcast. I love the duo and the psychological approach. Only reason it's not 5 stars... Soooo many ads. Most I've heard on a podcast.

Dermot spoon 666 Jun 16 2020

Joshua Winterson Jun 09 2020
Fascinating cases, presented very professionally. It's become a regular for me.

JJ May 28 2020
Good podcast. Ads are intrusive and definitely take away from the show. Plus they put random other podcast in the middle of episodes which makes me fast forward through a lot... Good storytellers.

geek4life May 22 2020
I love listening to this podcast! So interesting

Joey86 May 22 2020
Great podcast

Dan6311 May 20 2020
Love the show. Well presented, well told, well researched

rulethis89 May 18 2020
Really good and interesting, I personally would like more detail if possible.

gramakitty10 May 16 2020

Elde_LaHD May 06 2020
Love the podcast series

NoodleG May 01 2020
Great hosts. They seem to present a well researched and interesting podcast.

HMB Apr 14 2020
Well researched and fantastic delivery, great podcast