Her Inspired Journey

Nov 11 2020 42 mins 30

Courtney LeVesque brings raw, and authentic inspiration to women pursuing their dreams, enjoying the outdoors, and balancing life. With a combination of solo and featured guests you can find topics on motivation, health and fitness, hunting, preparing for backcountry treks and more. Tune in every Monday for a new episode and a weekly dose of encouragement.

EP 042 - Understand Your Why & Initiate SUCCESS
Nov 21 2019 46 mins  
Have you ever thought to yourself, "I'm never going to be successful"? (Imagine me with my hand in the air) I think we've all been there. Or maybe you go strong with new HEALTHY habits for a week or two and then "like always" you fall off track and sabotage yourself. In this episode, Steven and I are talking about: Why new habits die off fast and what you can do to change the outcome. Why people fall back into old habits so quickly and often. How to rewrite the way you make decisions and follow-through. Making a plan and not taking on too much too soon. Understanding “YOUR WHY” BEFORE you do anything else. I also include a challenge for you to help you discover what your BIG GOAL is, your driving force to achieve it, and how to stay committed. If you want to dig in start with this accountability challenge. Get out a piece of paper and THOROUGHLY answer these questions: -WHAT IS YOUR GOAL? - WHY DO YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE IT? -THEN DISSECT YOUR WHY, BREAKING IT DOWN AND GETTING CLOSER AND CLOSER TO THE ROOT OF IT BY ASKING YOURSELF WHY YOU WANT EACH OF THE THINGS YOU STATE. For example: I want to feel good about my body. Why? Because I want to be more confident. Why? So that I can get out more and have a social life. Why? So that I can meet the man of my dreams. (that example may or may not apply to you, but I think that you get the idea). -WHAT ARE THE POTENTIAL HURDLES THAT MAY ARISE WHILE YOU WORK TO ACHIEVE THIS GOAL? -WRITE DOWN 1-2 IDEAS OF HOW YOU CAN PREVENT OR OVERCOME THOSE HURDLES/EXCUSES. If you need more insight or want to talk with me about one on one coaching shoot me a message at [email protected] I would love to connect with you! You can also connect with me online here.

EP 041 - Big Bull Down with Jessica Portenier
Nov 13 2019 33 mins  
Do you know what's exciting? The moment you get that "Big Bull Down" text from a friend who has put her heart and soul into filling her first archery tag. In this episode, Jessica relives the day she took her Roosevelt bull with her bow. From daily practice, learning how to use a diaphragm call, and gaining confidence in herself, Jess makes it happen. I had the honor of meeting Jessica and her family early in 2019 at the Oregon Train To Hunt event in Ashland and I was quickly impressed by her go-getter attitude and willingness to improve in her weaknesses. I got home and then next week got a text from her say, "I want to get stronger, and shoot better. Where do I start?" Since that day I have been lucky to bring her on as an online fitness training client and begin a friendship with her. Listen in as she replays the story of how she capitalized on this opportunity and how this awesome moment has built her self confidence. Connect with Jessica on Instagram and of course, shoot her a CONGRATS message on a job well done. You can also head over to her collaborative blog to read her story and see more pictures from the hunt at doeandarrow.com Don't forget to check out the awesome monthly membership at BACKCOUNTRYFUELBOX.COM They're generously offering Her Inspired Journey Podcast listeners 10% off at checkout when you use the code: HERINSPIRED One more thing, would you take a minute and share the Her Inspired Journey Podcast on social media? You are a huge part of the show's success and we look forward to positively impacting the life of others. THANK YOU!

EP 039 - Meal Prep Hacks for Everyone
Oct 30 2019 30 mins  
Many things HAVE to be done daily, adding to the overwhelm of all that life can bring, and eating is one of them. It’s not one of those things you can skip or put off when things get busy - not long term anyway. So, when I look at the things that have to be done in a day, I am always trying to find the most efficient ways of doing them. In this episode, I want to give you some solid tips and shortcuts to keeping good food in the house, on the table, in line with your overall health goals. Listen in and walk through as I detail the 6 most important steps in making your weekly meal prep as easy as possible, well planned out, and the catalyst to your success with nutrition. If it's time to repair your unhealthy relationship with food, lose some weight, improve your overall health, and make the most of your time in the kitchen this episode is for you. I have also created two Free Downloads for you. Get the Weekly Goals Sheet and the Weekly Food Outline here. Need to stock up on some food storage containers? Check these options out on Amazon: (these are not affiliate links, just a shortcut to making life easier on you) Rubbermaid Brilliance Storage 14 piece set Rubbermaid Easy Find Vented Lids set of 21 Please be sure to connect with me over in the Women of WA project. I look forward to showing up in your inbox every week to bring you only the most actionable advice, training tips, nutrition insights, accountability, and more! Find the link here and sign up to get connected with me. I promise you'll be glad that you did! You can also see what's going on over at wildernessathlete.com and as always you can use the code. WAWOMEN to save $ at checkout. Don't forget about our sponsor Backcountry Fuel Box. Their affordable monthly (no-commitment) subscription box is waiting to show up at your door. See more about it here, and use the code HERINSPIRED to save 10% off at checkout. I also highly encourage you to drop in on the herinspiredfitness.com site and browse around the blog. You can see more on Meal Planning, as well as see many other helpful topics to keep you going strong. And don't forget your FREE Weekly Goal Sheet and Weekly Food Planner.

EP 038 - Form New Habits & Become A Morning Person
Oct 23 2019 30 mins  
Chances are if you're tuning into this episode of the Her Inspired Journey podcast it's because you found yourself rushing through the day only to realize, yet again, your list of to do's didn't get done. From managing a business to family, daily "to-do's", and outside obligations, life is downright busy, and that doesn't even address trying to find time to socialize. So how do you create more time to be productive, and pursue BIG things? Jump in and find out how you can implement new habits and create a morning routine that allows you to make the progress you want. In this episode, we will outline simple steps you can use immediately to change your old ways, start the day with more energy, and move the needle in your life. Maybe you want to go back to school, change careers, start a family, increase your income, or just find some "you time" - start by tuning into the show. You can also read the article, Becoming a Morning Person, as well as download the free Weekly Goals Sheet and begin planning out productive mornings. It's time to put your best effort into the day and reap the benefits a couple more hours can allow. Additional links: Learn more about Yoga and finding your own flow over on the Daily Yoga App, and in the article, Finding my Flow. Want to make your own Homemade Coffee Creamer, or check out Courtney's Coffee Ritual? Find them here. For those who have a hard time winding down, shutting off the brain, and getting good sleep, check out the non habit-forming supplement Unplug by Wilderness Athlete and get the rest your body and brain needs. **This episode is proudly sponsored by the Backcountry Fuel Box. Solve the question of what will make it in the food bag for your next hike or hunt with their affordable monthly membership box. BE SURE TO USE THE CODE 'HERINSPIRED' to save 10% on your monthly orders.

EP 033 - Q&A Your Questions Answered [pt2]
Sep 25 2019 69 mins  
Are you ready for some more Q & A? I am joined in this episode by a few good friends, and fellow outdoorsmen Jess Harris, Steven Dahn and Zach Zenner. Together we answer more questions sent in by you all. Check out some of the questions we cover on this episode: Q: What compound bow do you recommend for a beginner bow hunter? I’ve always hunted with a rifle and last season I dappled with a crossbow and it enjoyed it so I'm excited to learn more. - Michelle, Wyoming Q: How do you know if you can make a good hunting team? Whether it’s with your new lady friend or significant other… -Jessica, Oregon Q: What exactly do you and your husband take on a multiple-day trips into the woods? Food and water-wise... Jon, South Carolina Q: What are the best dietary changes someone could make to lose weight? I’m at a plateau. -John, Montana. For more on this topic head back and tune into -EP 031 Simple Ways to Increase Your Metabolism Q: How do you gauge the proper pack training weight for you? Everyone is different so it can be tough to strike the balance between pushing your limits and risk of injury. - Caitlin, Utah, and winner of the Women’s Train to Hunt Nationals Elite Division. Dive in further with all the details in EP 025 How to Choose and Fit the Right Pack with Dayna Monroe Q: What are the most overrated and underrated pieces of hunting gear in your opinion? - Case, Colorado Have questions on what should go on your hunting gear checklist when it’s time to load up and hit the road? Sign up and download my Hunting Checklist here. Other links discussed in the show: Dark Timber Coffee. Have you tried the Vapor Packs? 100% best “instant coffee mix” I’ve EVER had in the backcountry. As long as these guys keep making them, I’ll keep buying them. Backcountry Fuel Box. (use code HERINSPIRED10 for a discount on your Backcountry Fuel Box membership). This is the PERFECT way to try out a variety of backcountry meals, snacks, and more! G4 Archery. This shop is one of my very favorite places to be! Hop over to see them in Hillsboro, Oregon. Wilderness Athlete. Are you a part of the Women of WA community? Every week we hook you up with actionable content, training tips, nutrition hacks, and so much more. Head over and see what’s going on for yourself. Check it out! Want more from Her Inspired Journey? Zoom on over to the website and get more content. You can find health, hunting and lifestyle blogs, more podcast episodes, and the latest happenings.

EP 030 - Hunting Season Prep
Aug 12 2019 48 mins  
Someday's it seemed like hunting season would never arrive, and now all of a sudden HERE IT IS. With season opener sneaking closer I thought I would take the time to jam out a solo episode and talk about how I build endurance for the mountain, and some of my tried and true ways of getting my body in top shape for the hunt. In this episode, I lay out the foundation, and guidelines for building endurance, overcoming the desire to overdo cardio, and what to focus on if you want to spend more time FEELING YOUR best this season. As promised I also wanted to include some preseason packing lists, and gear ideas to make sure your next outing is successful! Check out what some of the previous Her Inspired Journey guests have outlined for you. Find Krista Magnussen's every day hike list here. Need a hunting list for big game? Check out Gina Shively's sheep hunt gear guide here. I also want to remind you that I am here to answer your questions and make sure that you are well on your way to a happy, healthy, fit future. Send me your questions, or comments at [email protected] Have an idea or topic for the show? Send them to the e-mail above - YOU are the foundation of my mission at Her Inspired. For those who are ready to have a Coach and Personal Trainer to keep you accountable and take your fitness to the next level, head over to Her Inspired Fitness and let's get this going. No matter where you live, or what your schedule is, we will build a plan to suit your lifestyle and your goals. Right now for a (super) limited time, I am opening up my coaching at a MAJOR discount. $37 a month will get you IN and get you a custom online plan to keep you heading toward success. **USE THE CODE "GOTIME" here to lock in the deal while seats are still open. Remember, putting in the work now will lead you to success. Chose your path, and MAKE IT HAPPEN. This episode is proudly supported by: Maven Built Optics -- head over and see what they have going on now, including the new S.2 Spotting Scope. Wilderness Athlete -- want to join the Women of WA community? Click here to get involved, and get weekly training tips right to your inbox. Find something on the Wilderness Athlete sight you can't live without? Use the code, "WOMENOFWA" to save at checkout.

Ep 029 - Balancing Hunting and Momming
Aug 06 2019 56 mins  
Another Monday means another Her Inspired Journey Podcast and this time we are coming to you from my backyard, after wrapping up another EPIC Ladies Weekend event in Fall Creek, Oregon. I am joined on this episode by my badass friend and hunting sister, Gina Shively of Wild and Well Fed. This woman is a master in the kitchen and I was super excited when she called to tell me she would be joining us for the weekend. As always she shared her knowledge and passion for food, and DIY Dehydrated Backcountry Meals -- we even got to do some hands-on meal prep, yum! As we sit down in the backyard we chat about how we balance out mom life, while still pursuing our need for the wild things, and the great outdoors. It can be hard to find the time to get out on a hunt, and it can be even more difficult to decide who gets to go out while the other parent stays home to take care of the family. Not to mention, getting through the occasional resentment and jealousy it can spark isn't always easy to do. We cover all of it and talk about ways to get kids involved, and excited about new outdoor experiences. Jump in and listen for yourself -- chances are you can relate. Are you linked up with the WOMEN OF WA yet? If not, be sure to head over to Wilderness Athlete and join the community! This women's group is 100% about supporting you, giving you the tips and tools to level up, and so much more! Find some Wilderness Athlete products or gear you can't live without? Jump over to wildnernessathlete.com and use the code WOMENOFWA to save $$ at checkout. Stay connected with us on Instagram or on Facebook. We are always looking for new topic ideas or guests. Click here to suggest a podcast topic or to connect with us about Her Inspired Fitness, or Nutrition.

EP 025 - How to Choose and Fit the Right Pack with Dayna Monroe
Jul 01 2019 50 mins  
We have a RETURNING guest, and I am always happy to catch up, chat, and connect with Dayna Monroe. I had the pleasure of heading to KIFARU HQ in Colorado last month, and of course, it was great to see what they have going on and chat with everyone at the shop. Before we outline today's show, I want to let you know about my exciting news. I have collaborated with Wilderness Athlete to build a community of Women, and to help support, educate, and motivate. This will allow women to learn to read their body better, understand what they need to be their best, hit their goals, and stay on course. We will be helping you learn about your caloric needs, metabolism, give you advice on how to maximize your results, and the best training tools for your body type. There will be so many benefits and support in this group, and I HIGHLY encourage you to get signed up and join this group of women. Click here to get involved. This episode of The Her Inspired Journey Podcast is all about understanding your needs, and fit when it comes to your pack. Having the right fit, adjusted correctly, and having the right size bag for your needs is important, and Dayna outlines all those needs on the show. You can see more from Dayna on Instagram, and Facebook, and of course you can see all the gear, bags, packs and shelters on www.kifaru.net and follow along on Instagram. Want to see videos on how to fit your KIFARU pack correctly and tips for carrying out heavy loads? Find them here.

EP 023 - Stuck In Denver with Born and Raised Outdoors
Jun 20 2019 40 mins  
You know how sometimes things don't go as planned and then somewhere out of thin air it feels like it was meant to be? Funny how that works in our favor! Rewind to a couple weeks ago when a random snow storm moved into Colorado and delayed my 6am flight out of the Denver International Airport. With so many travelers stuck at the airport, getting home 'soon' didn't look too promising. Turns out Wes and Trent (fellow Oregon natives) from the Born and Raised Outdoors crew were also stuck in DIA on their way to hunt Wisconsin turkeys. So, great minds find some open space among the crowed and podcast. Settled somewhere amongst displaced passengers, a few random birds in the terminal, and smudge prints on the glass overlooking the runway, we caught up on life, hunting, upcoming projects, and making the most out of ALL we are given. Tune in and enjoy this episode. You can find more from the BRO crew on their kickass YouTube channel, Born and Raised Outdoors. You can also follow their never ending adventures and hunts on Instagram. Before you go I also invite you to jump into the GIVEAWAY going on now over at @herinspiredjourney. This ends SOON so hurry up and get in the mix to win bad ass swag from @wilderness_athlete, @onxhunt, and @herinspiredjourney. And for those women looking to join us for LADIES WEEKEND in Fall Creek, OR July 6th & 7th, you can find all the details here. THANK YOU to Wilderness Athlete for your continued support of the show, and for your commitment to producing top quality supplements. You can go to their website, www.wildernessathlete.com and check out their new line MASTERMIND. Be sure to enter the code 'WAWOMEN' to save $$ at checkout, and start living your best life NOW.

EP 022 - Catchin Up with Kayla Nevius
Jun 17 2019 55 mins  
Another week, another episode. On today’s show I have the pleasure of catchin up with Kayla Nevius - badass, motivator, and outdoorsman. This California girl is hungry for adventure and is always out taking on something awesome. In fact, the first time I came across Kayla on IG she had just shared a clip from a deer hunt in CA and captured her reaction, and excitement after the shot - I immediately got hooked. Listen in as we discuss life, mindset, hunting, fishing and our shared love of fitness and health. I have some deep rooted connection with this woman, and admire her positive outlook on life, goals, and specifically facing "set back". When I reached out at the beginning of the year to set up an interview with her I was blown away by her response to some of the guest questions I sent her, and I knew immediately she had the mindset of a warrior. Kayla is someone who focuses on LIVING life, and fulfilling her soul by following her dreams, and always knowing NO MATTER WHAT there is good to seek, and enjoy. Follow more from Kayla here on Instagram, or on Facebook - she is definitely someone that can keep you motivated and inspired. Huge thank you to Maven Built for standing behind Her Inspired Journey and sponsoring the show. Do yourself a favor and scope out their line of binoculars, rifle scopes, and spotting scope. Their direct to consumer company means that you get top quality products WITHOUT the 40-50% retail markup. Go to mavenbuilt.com to see their glass, and join the Maven family.

EP 018 - Overcoming Obstacles
May 13 2019 39 mins  
Over this last weekend I was able to get out in the mountains and explore some new land. Anytime I head out on a hunt, of course my main goal is to fill the tag and harvest an animal. This weekend though, didn't lead me to a filled tag, but instead to seeing success and failure through different eyes - a perspective that has really provoked some thought. We often see “success, obstacles, or failure” as black and white, but I realized this weekend that doing so negates the opportunity to find, and hold, onto other successes. When we open ourselves up to letting hard situations or circumstances be used for all possible growth, we win. It’s easy to get “overwhelmed” and fall into the pity portion of the obstacle which then spirals the hurdle you're facing into being “another personal attack”, or another bump in the road. But, I think you would be better served to learn how to navigate through them without the overwhelming sense of failure, or defeat. More often than not when we come across hurdles we subconsciously lump them into other negative, or unmanaged feelings we have stored creating a multitude of emotions. Even without meaningfully doing so, the "small" issue turns into total chaos, and conditions us for feeling more like giving up than the situations really deserves. Staying objective and not subjective on each independent battle you face, or bunching them all up together, is a huge part of moving through these times of trial. I believe we can all benefit from switching the mindset and looking at these trials through a problem solvers eyes, instead of falling flat and giving up! Dive into my top tips for overcoming the obstacles. #1 take emotion out of it - easier said than done, especially when things feel so close and so personal (this is especially true if you have faced many hurdles before this one). But give yourself a few minutes to process the problem, and then switch gears into looking at it from the outside in. How would you talk a friend through the problem? When you are less “emotionally tied” to something you increase your ability to think and act practically and rationally. #2 ask for help in finding a solution - asking for help isn’t a hot topic, and I think even more so when what we face is something we tie to a "struggle" or "inadequacy". Often times a third party, the advice of a friend, or talking to someone who may have faced the same issues can help us make a plan for dealing with the challenge we are facing, or even better understanding how we feel about the situation. Do you ever get worked up about something, and start venting to someone just to realize the "massive issues" really wasn't that big of a deal, or the solution comes out in the process of explaining it? Try talking it out, and see if you can gain some insight on how to approach it. #3 dissect the problem - look at it from all angles, what is the real problem? Figure out what's really going on, what the issues are, and what you are up against. Then after you're are more clear on what areas it is effecting you can figure out how to work backward to untangle the mess. Often, if we are only looking at the issues we fail to see the process of fixing it, or what areas we actually need to pay attention to and modify. #4 stay in tune with your feelings - walking through these steps can invite the emotional overwhelm to come back in and fog up our plan to navigate through the challenge. If you start being led by frustration, anger, overwhelm, or sadness, give yourself a time out until you can follow through with staying objective and keeping a level headed perspective. Journaling and self reflection time can be helpful in staying in tune with your emotional state, as can investing daily in things that "fill your cup." #5 commit yourself to finding a solution - facing challenges in life is all a part of growing and living. Although the easiest way to move around challenge is to give up, or change course, you ultimately miss opportunities to grow, learn, gain strength and build character. Become persistent in always giving your best, even if your "best" doesn’t feel like enough, all momentum becomes progress. Facing life's opposition is an inevitable part of the journey, and let’s be really honest, it will come crashing into you whether you are in a good place in life, running on all cylinders, or if you're on a continuous roller coaster. In fact, sometimes it seems like you may not even get out of one battle before you toe the line with another. I’ve adopted the philosophy that facing these hurdles are the ultimate test of character and will to succeed. #6 become the most patient person you know - so what if it seems like you are constantly facing a storm, or that your plans are yet again deviated by things not going right. Life is giving you the best possible chance at growth by learning how to maneuver through them. The next time something comes to stand in your way, step back and follow the steps above. The more you come face to face with these challenges the more you condition your mind to working through them, keeping an objective mindset and not letting them defeat you - that's your mission. No matter what you are facing now, from the "daily struggle" to more extreme battles, become willing to work through the storm and know that every action you take to move through it builds you into a warrior capable of anything.

EP 016 - Her Inspired Fitness
Apr 29 2019 58 mins  
This episode comes from deep within, and you get to tap into Courtney's passion for Her Inspired Fitness and the mission and vision behind it. Enter for a FREE 3 months of training with her. How do you enter? All you have to do is leave a review on The Her Inspired Journey Podcast in iTunes, OR PodBean, and subscribe to the show. All who leave a review and subscribe will be entered into the random GIVEAWAY announced on May 13th ON THE SHOW! Huge shoutout to those who attended the Ladies Archery Fitness Seminar's this weekend at G4 archery and at the Tacoma Sportsman's Club. Way to come and dive in! Want to join us for the Ladies Archery Fitness Events? Here is what we have coming up: Thursday, May 16th at Hit or Miss Archery in Albuquerque, New Mexico Time: 6:30- 8:30 pm Friday, May 17th at Goods for the Woods in Cortez, CO Time: TBD (announced on our website 4.29.19 @ 7pm pst) Sat - Sun May 18/19 Alpha Bowhunting Challenge Eagle, CO Monday, May 21st at No Limits Archery in Denver, CO Time: 7pm One more shout out to Wilderness Athlete . You hear us talk about them all the time, but really cant say enough fantastic things about this company and the products they have. See Courtney's top picks, Green Infusion, Lean Life, and the Paleo(ish) Beef Protein by clicking the links. And don't forget to use the code "HERINSPIRED" to save on your first purchase at checkout! In this episode we cover why Her Inspired Fitness was created, the passion, and vision that built it over the last 10 years, and how it continues to grow. Find more here, nutritionrealigned.com/herinspiredfitness We also talk about what we do at the Ladies Archery Fitness Seminars, and how it translates to everyday life, and saying more "Yesses" when it comes to life and adventure! We cover the online training app that allows Her Inspired Fitness to train women across the nation whether it is at home, in the gym, or on the road -- no gym membership required. How does the app work, and what does it do for the Her Inspired Fitness clients? Yeah, we cover that too. Have you every worked out with your bow? Many haven't, and some may have, but we cover the ins and outs to why training with an elevated HR is so important, and how it helps in real life scenarios, and why shooting better groups is achievable with redline shooting Want to see what these seminars look like? Take a closer look here, these videos outline to events: Wilde Arrow Archery in Centerville, Utah G4 Archery in Hillsboro, Oregon This episode covers all things Her Inspired Fitness, and a big part of what it means to be in this community. Dive in and take the plunge -- you'll be glad that you did! What are my top 3 movements in those times that you can't do anything else? Dive into the episode and find out! And be sure to listen in to take on the personal challenge Courtney has for you that will help boost your confidence, and productivity today! Linked episodes are: Ep 003 - The Ultimate Guide to Setting Goals Ep 008 - The Ultimate Test of Will with Kirstie Ennis Ep 014 - Stop Making Excuses

EP 015 - Staying Passionate with Jessica Bond
Apr 22 2019 68 mins  
You know what's awesome? Ladies who unapologetically follow their passions, and live their lives following the dreams in their souls. My guest on todays episode is a true inspiration, and I appreciate her love for life, the way she takes her dreams head on, and her fierce attitude when it comes to chasing down the things that she wants. Jessica Bond and I set aside time to chat about hunting, and the undeniable passion for the outdoors, family, raising kids, starting business, and finding ourselves through the process. There are times in life when we wade through the trenches, and often endure hardships that we can never fully understand, but it is in those times that soul searching, and figuring out what you're made of is so important for your future. From the first time that I ran across this woman's Instagram profile I knew there was a spark in her that would continually inspire me, and I was right. Whether she is out on a hunt, or raising her daughter to be strong, and courageous, Jessica seems to carry around an undimmed light that encourages, and empowers others. Tune into this episode and hear her story - I promise it will encourage you where you are at. Want more from Jessica? Connect with her on Instagram @mrsjessbond or on Facebook, Jessica Bond. You can also follow her on The Outsiders TV. This Episode is proudly backed by Maven Optics - head over to mavenbuilt.com and check out their full line of optics from binos, to spotting scopes, and even their new riflescope line. You can also see the specs and details on the new RS.1 scope I spent the weekend sighting in - this thing is hot, be sure to take a look!

EP 013 - Getting To Know Cara Harper
Apr 08 2019 56 mins  
Every time I sit down to listen, edit, and reflect on an episode I am always reminded of how many truly inspirational, bad ass women I am surrounded by. Todays episode is another fun, off the cuff conversation with little miss BA herself Cara Harper. I originally started following her several years ago because it seemed like every time I turned around she was doing something wildly exciting. From waterfowl, to big game in the mountains, traveling, and adventuring with her husband, this powerhouse is always getting livin the good life. I'm thankful to have shared this conversation with Cara, and to hear her stories of growing up. We share many similarities, and at times I felt like I was listening to stories of my own upbringing. Our dads, I swear, were the same person. Cara opens up about her future plans in the health and fitness community, and her passion for being in the outdoors sharing that passion with others. It's evident that her heart and soul is in the adventure and pursuit of the hunt, and I thoroughly enjoyed this chat. As promised, and in our combined mission to introduce more women into the sport of archery, hunting, and outdoors, here are some links to resources to helping your navigate your next journey in the field. Oregon Hunting Resources Ladies Hunting Camp Raise Em Outdoors Arkansas Game & Fish - Become An Outdoors Woman This is a small list in the pursuit of finding your way as you begin your hunting journey, but I always recommend getting involved, calling your local Fish and Game, and ASKING QUESTIONS. There are always others willing to support your education, and lifestyle. Remember, knowledge is power when it comes to diving into new areas, and tackling these new experiences. Jump in, soak it up, and Enjoy the Journey! Find more from Cara Harper on Facebook, or Instagram, or see what she has going on on her website: caraharperoutdoors.com You can also keep tabs on Her Inspired Journey on Instagram or follow my personal journey here, Courtney LeVesque See full show notes with additional resources here. This episode is proudly supported by Nutrition Realigned - if you want to make changes, and take your health and fitness to the next level, jump over to Nutrition Realigned and use code "HERINSPIRED" to save 20% at checkout. (offer good on all nutrition and fitness training packages). Full episodes of The Her Inspired Journey Podcast available on iTunes, PodBean, Stitcher, Google Play, and Spotify.

EP 011 - Pursue the Wild with Kristy Titus
Mar 25 2019 66 mins  
Do you ever look at a woman and think, “how the heck do you do it all?” That’s exactly what I wonder when I chat with my friend Kristy. This is truly a woman who is doing it all, and living a big life! On this episode we decide to roll with the punches and chase a few rabbit holes, which is always easy to do when we’re together. Kristy opens up about her life growing up, and the content in this podcast is so rich we’re going to have to plan another episode to follow up. As women it can be hard to navigate the kitchen, keep a healthy perspective on food, and maintain balance with our bodies, and we all have struggles in this area. Sometimes hearing from other women, and listening to what they’ve gone through, and overcome can help us create and accomplish successes of our own. Kristy opens up about her struggle with weight growing up, and how the experiences she had in her younger years has helped her develop a way of life that keeps her striving for her best life. We also dig into our favorite nutritional supplements, give tips for finding health even in later years, and outline the Wilderness Athlete 28 Day Challenge. We talk about her first love for the outdoors, building a bonding relationship and gaining confidence with her mules, and growing up in a family that took conservation seriously. Kristy is a woman who pushes herself to always achieve more and holds herself to a high standard when it comes to following her dreams and living intentionally. She is one hell of an elk caller, a bad ass hunter, a passionate mentor, and a strong leader. Dive into this episode and find bits of encouragement from nutrition to the backcountry. Want to follow what Kristy is up to? Check out her Digital Series Pursue the Wild, or follow her on Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to check out the full line of Wilderness Athlete products over at wildernessathlete.com *use code 'HERINSPIRED' to save on your first order at checkout.

EP 010 - Living The Hunt with Sarah Laughter
Mar 20 2019 53 mins  
Have you ever walked into an archery shop in need of new gear and been intimidated by what to choose? I know I have and for every one piece of gear you need there are so many options- it can easily make your head spin. In today’s episode I sit down with Sarah Laughter at the Western Hunt Expo in Salt Lake City to talk about choosing arrows, finding what works for you, growing up hunting, the Total Archery Challenge, and our favorite SITKA women’s pieces. Sarah is a long time hunter and still spends Fall in the mountains hunting along side her family. From hunting big game in Utah, to exotics in Texas, this girl get's it done. Sarah is immersed in the hunting world, works for Easton Archery HQ in Utah, and understands how choosing arrows can be intimidating, especially for a new archers. Growing up with only hand-me-downs, Sarah and I can definitely relate - always fighting too big, too baggy, bunched up, and never comfortable. SITKA listened to the needs and feedback of women in the field, and stepped up to tackle a solid, functional, and kick ass women’s camo line. From waterfowl to big game SITKA has us covered. We touch on several topics in this episode and I hope you find nuggets of helpful information, and confidence to make the beat decisions for your next hunt. Find more from Sarah on Instagram or Facebook. Want more Her Inspired Journey? Head over to our site and check out other episodes, and our Ladies Bowhunter Fitness Training Program. *Use code 'TIMETOBUILD' to save $110 at checkout!

EP 009 - Momming Like A Badass
Mar 11 2019 58 mins  
Let me just start by saying, this chick is a stud. Mom of two, competitive athlete, Oregon bighorn sheep record holder, motivator, and all around kick ass lady. I was honored to sit down with Shelby Lynn Halladay and get to know her and her story even deeper. I walked away from this interview inspired to keep setting and smashing goals, and think you will be too. Shelby is a woman I have watched from the sidelines for quite some time and I am always impressed with her drive to better herself, love on her family, and tackle giant goals. Not only is she raising two beautiful daughters, but she is teaching them from a young age how to navigate life, love yourself, and take challenges head on, by staying true to yourself. In this episode we talk about pregnancy, getting your body back after having a baby, and how taking time for yourself is a must when it comes to maintaining balance, and happiness as a mom. Whether she is competing in CrossFit competition or out climbing mountains, Shelby is always driven by the challenge, and finding ways to take things to the next level. This woman is a serious force in life. Shelby also walks us through her once in a life bighorn sheep hunt in Oregon, and even years later still holds the record Oregon ram. Even with a once in a lifetime tag Shelby made a decision to go all in, make this hunt an unforgettable experience, and do it all DIY. See her ram story here, and see how it all unfolded. I think you’ll enjoy this episode and take away some extra motivation. See more from Shelby on Instagram or on Facebook. This episode is sponsored by Nutrition Realigned. If you are ready to change your health and fitness, get ready for an upcoming hunt, regain energy or confidence, and make 2019 awesome, head to nutritionrealigned.com and use code 'HERINSPIRED' at checkout for 20% off Nutrition or Training packages.

EP 007 - Perfection Is Not Reality
Mar 04 2019 43 mins  
On this episode I jump right in. Expect bold, honest, and thought provoking perspective. We live in a modern day reality show, and I don’t mean the kind just for "entertainment" purposes. Our lives have become so wrapped up in social media, and capturing everything we do so that we can share it with the outside world. We live for the acceptance of others, for likes, popularity and acceptance. We frequent social media as our outside source of inspiration, and can’t seem to understand just why in the hell we are living on a (daily) emotional roller coaster. Today I feel great, “I’ve got this”, “I’m smashing goals, and feel like a bad ass...” Then the next day we are trying to get the energy to get out of bed, not to mention trying to complete everything else on the list, and when we throw in the towel and binge at lunch, or bypass the gym to go home to a bottle of wine we sink down in a self loathing nightmare.... shame, regret, self hate, and feeling defeated. Let me tell you this snowball of mental garbage, comparison, not being "good enough", being a failure, and sucking at life, WILL NOT GET BETTER unless you make it your job and get real with where the heck you are leading yourself. Are we not all, at least to some degree, battling with the NEVER ENDING roller coaster of validation, acceptance, and envy? If you're ready to untangle the mess tune in, and learn how to retrain your mindset, and understand Perfection Is NOT Reality. For full show notes head to our website: Her Inspired Journey and be sure to follow along with the Her Inspired Journey on Instagram or Facebook. This episode is sponsored by Elevation Fitness Training - as hunters we all know there are many obstacles, and battles to face, but we don't want your physical abilities to be one of them. Why not train for the hunt and set yourself up for success in the field? Elevation Fitness Training is a hunt specific training program custom built for your goals to get you to the hunt and keep you in the game longer. Head over the elevationfitnesstraining.com and use code 'HERINSPIRED' at checkout for 20% off.

EP 004 - Finding Your Way with Dayna Monroe
Feb 11 2019 58 mins  
On Episode 4 of the Her Inspired Journey Podcast I sit down and chat with Dayna Monroe about just that - finding her way, becoming a hunter, and learning to love herself through it all. "One of the most important things I've learned as a woman is to embrace what you are, and love who you are. The world will tell you that you need to change something to be loved or accepted, but that's not the case. Women are phenomenal, strong human beings that can conquer anything! Don't apologize for what you enjoy in life either. We are all queens and we need to lift each other up instead of tearing down one another. Love!" Dayna grew up in a family that hunted but outside of her love for being outside she never really got the "hunting bug", until much later in life. As young men and women growing up we all have the opportunity to be exposed to different aspects of life - some of those things we learn to love, and others, well, just fall off the radar. Years later, after watching her family and friends hunt and not sharing the same passion for it Dayna has circled back around and now lives and breathes for archery hunting. On this episode we share success and failures along the way, and get to hear more of her journey for providing organic wild game to live a healthier and happier life. Having recently made the biggest move of her life, from her home town of Monroe, Utah to Colorado she is beginning a new journey and finding her way. Dayna works at KIFARU International as an intricate part of the team, and is always doing her best to help men and women prepare for their next adventure. You can also find Dayna in the heat of competition enjoying Alpha Bowhunting competitions, or pushing herself up "fire road" for a good sweat before she begins her day. I loved Daynas response when I asked her, "what do you wish you could go back and tell your younger self?" She said, "If I could give my younger self some advice it would be to do more hard things. I loved challenging myself physically, but I always struggled with getting out of my shell. I was so shy! Looking back it really limited me on the experiences I could have had." No matter what part of the journey you are on right now it is time to take your next challenge head on and fall in love with your life. You can find Dayna on Instagram: @dayna_monroe or @kifar_intl & Facebook: Dayna Monroe you can see more of KIFARU International here. Time to let those "big ideas" come to life! If you have questions, or want information on custom coaching contact me here. I would be happy to make your 2019 Goals my 2019 Goals! This episode is sponsored by Nutrition Realigned, a holistic health approach that takes you to the top. If you're feeling over stressed, constantly fatigued, and not like your best self, it's time to reevaluate your nutrition, and learn how to fuel to optimize your health. Head over to Nutrition Realigned and make a plan to reach your health and fitness goals. Click the contact us form for more information or use code "HERINSPIRED" for 20% off at checkout.

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