Aunty Donna Podcast

Jan 19 2021 37 mins 3.9k

Comedy the whole family can enjoy.

5 • 6 Ratings

Tolinky Dec 14 2020
These beautiful boys are very sexy

some musician gu Aug 02 2020
These guys have the MOST BORING names. Sam, Tom, Mark, Zach, Max, Broden. Its hard to believe such boringly named people can bring such zest and such joy to my day. This podcast is exactly what you need to unwind when you feel braindead after doing actual work unlike these idiots. Would give 10/5 if I could.

Michael Schneide Jul 22 2020
The best kind of nonsense

awstevans Jul 15 2020
Unbearable nonsense with 3 mad Australian's. Highly recommended

tessa sticks Jun 10 2020
it's aunty donna. it's unstructured. it's a bit nightmarish at times. give it a bloody little listen. frog man is good.

Elijah May 30 2020
Best Improv podcast. Very talented group