Quick Question with Soren and Daniel

Oct 23 2020 53 mins 2.9k

Quick Question with Soren and Daniel is a comedy podcast from the former editors of Cracked.com Soren Bowie and Daniel O'Brien. With new episodes every week, join Soren and Daniel in answering life's deep and also shallow questions.

4.4 • 7 Ratings

Matthieu Oct 19 2020
Two lucky guys who have a lovely hetero-life mate relationship full of honesty and humor just talking about what they've been doing and whether or not it was the right thing to do.

Serenil Aug 14 2020
I liked the podcast but ever since they talked bad about MMA fans I can't get myself to listen to it, it really ruined the mood for me.

Soljwf Jun 30 2020
If you enjoyed any of the cracked podcasts you'll enjoy this. Most of all it's like listening to a conversation between 2 friends who's personalities I really enjoy.

Dopi Man Jun 22 2020
Soren and Dan pretty much just talk about themselves even when they're trying to talk about something else but they're talented so good on them. If you have misophonia, give this a hard pass though.

MilesWell May 20 2020
You knocked it out of the park with that rap.

Ryan.P.Stewart May 15 2020
It's an amazing podcast! Plain and simple. Been watching and listening to these guys since the cracked days. I'm glad they are all still out there making the world laugh.

Roland May 05 2020
A really entertaining improv/vignette podcast from 2 excellent career comedy writers. Easy listening, oddly relatable.