Hacks on Tap with David Axelrod and Mike Murphy

Oct 26 2020 50 mins 3.3k

Throughout the 2020 presidential campaign, battle-tested operatives will be sitting on bar stools along the trail, sharing war stories and unique, sometimes uproarious cuts on the latest developments. Hacks on Tap is your invitation to join two of the best. Campaign veterans Axelrod and Murphy will take listeners deep inside the top level of American politics. These seasoned pros have seen it all: the peaks and valleys, the pressure-cooker moments, the huge breaks and the horrible calamities no one saw coming. Who better to narrate this momentous race? So pull up a stool and join us!

Duking it Out in Des Moines and the Non-Handshake from Hell
Jan 15 2020 61 mins  
The mad dash to the Iowa caucuses are upon us! The Hacks break down the Des Moines Register/CNN Democratic Debate—and pinch-hitting for David this week is the great Robert Gibbs, former White House Press Secretary under President Obama. The Hacks tackle Iowa: it’s a race to the finish as four leading candidates vie for the top spot. Gibbs and Murphy draw from their experiences as former campaign pros to dish behind-the-scenes info on the Iowa caucuses. Can caucus procedure shape the outcome? And a chunk of Hawkeye voters still remain undecided: will this shake up the race? Democrats duke it out in Des Moines: Bernie and Warren plunge into a cold war, culminating in the “non-handshake from hell” – will it impact Bernie’s strong standing in the polls? Biden stood his ground, but will it be enough? Buttigieg and Klobuchar try to claim the centrist torch: is it strong enough to knock Biden from his perch? The articles of impeachment have been transmitted from the House to the Senate: will new evidence and potential new witnesses shape the outcome? And will the presidential contenders on Senate “jury duty” suffer from absences in Iowa? Lastly, the Hacks dive into the mailbag and take listeners’ questions on the possibility and outcome of a brokered convention, whether or not Iowa has the potential to fall to Democrats in the general election, and the extent to which Trump has hijacked the Republican Party. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

4.6 • 5 Ratings

aslamtu21 Oct 23 2020
Consistently excellent political analysis with Murphy's humor as a bonus

Peter Aug 29 2020
Calling single payer health care and Green New Deal "kooky" is ridiculous. Most developed countries (e.g., Canada, Germany, UK) have public health care for all, and they are putting a price on carbon.

Addison May 13 2020
the best of both political ideologies coming together to outline a non-partisan fact-based political reality

cwesleyjones May 06 2020
Their exchanges are like butter on my breakfast toast!

Greg V Apr 16 2020
Essential listening for all political junkies. Axe and Murphy are two of the great political pundits and have put the work in over the years. I really enjoy this one.