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Jan 18 2021 43 mins 20

Dallas Hoops Fancast was created for Dallas Mavericks fans looking for an entertaining and honest podcast, fueled by fan emotion and all the passion MFFLs can deliver. Hear our thoughts on Mavs games and news. Get in-depth analysis of the team and players - Luka Doncic, Kristaps Porzingis, Tim Hardaway Jr., and all the rest. Dallas Hoops Fancast is the podcast for Dallas Mavericks fans who want quality team coverage and analysis. Listen weekly in your favorite podcast app, on DallasHoopsCast.com, or on the Dallas Hoops Cast YouTube channel

Lesser-Known Free Agent Targets that Could Have a Huge Impact for the Mavericks
May 29 2019 44 mins  
These are free agents that you might not have thought about who could have a HUGE impact on the Mavericks. The odds of getting a guy like Klay Thompson or Kevin Durant are slim to none. Even if they wiff on guys like Kemba Walker, there are still some lesser-known free agents that could really help the Mavs. Guys like Malcolm Brogdan, Bojan Bogdanovic, and Patrick Beverley would be a perfect fit here. We discuss that and more in the first episode of season 2 of the Dallas Hoops Fancast. ------------------------------------------- Share your opinion! https://anchor.fm/dallashoopsfancast Instagram: @DallasHoopsFancast or https://www.instagram.com/dallashoopsfancast/ Facebook: @DallasHoopsFancast or https://www.facebook.com/DallasHoopsFancast/ Twitter: @DallasHoopsCast or https://www.twitter.com/DallasHoopsCast/ YouTube: http://bit.ly/DHFyoutube ------------------------------------------- Why another Dallas Mavericks podcast? Excellent question, intelligent NBA fan! The fact is, there are some great NBA podcasts out there, even a few great Dallas Mavericks podcasts. But it just wasn’t enough for us. Most of them are produced by large media outlets with agendas and business strategies. Others are hosted by people who work for the team! (Really, how honest can your analysis be when you work for the team?) We don’t work for the team and we aren’t funded by a big corporation. We’re fans, like you! We sympathize we you. We hate Wesley Matthews with you. We call out players who need to be traded or coaches who need to step up. And when the Mavs win, we cheer, just like you. Come for the Mavs talk, stay for the realism.

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aarond84 Jan 11 2021
I listen to these episodes all the way through, regardless of what the voice of the Mavs says. You guys have great chemistry, which is helpful for both marriage and podcasting. Fun, newsy, and smart. Thank you for your show!