The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

Jun 30 2020 40 mins 42.1k

Dan Le Batard, Stugotz and company share their unique perspectives from Miami Beach's Clevelander Hotel.

4.8 • 8 Ratings

Dubdc3 Jan 06 2021
Best show on here or anywhere else. Bigger than Oprah.... Hey How Bout That!!!

bdrigg Nov 16 2020
The only sports show worth listening to. New format is even better for podcast listening. Phenomenal radio. Please leave BSPN.

BP206 Nov 09 2020

nothanks Jun 10 2020
Been listening for 8 years with breaks when Dan gets moody. This show works because of what they put around Dan. The entire time I have never heard Dan ever change his mind about anything and even when Stu tries to agree, Dan will still go out of his way to make him look stupid. During times like this it is not worth skimming through the podcast to find spots without Dan being on his soap box. Everyone that doesnt agree with him is a moron. Check back when there it's not hate filled content.

IYAOYAS48 Apr 22 2020

rdb4133 Apr 14 2020
Longtime listener enjoy it everyday!

rasik700 Apr 12 2020
The best sports but not sports podcast! It's sensational!

tvbarragan Apr 12 2020
Always great excelling through a pandemic with no Sports A