Bereavement Miracles

Jun 18 2019 62 mins 1

​​Hello everyone, I’m Mike Frey, your host, I want to welcome you to my Bereavement Miracles program of recovery. The Bereavement Miracles program is a 12-step systematic approach to unity and hope when dealing with the loss of a loved-one. My intent of this 12-step program is to help our listeners begin their journey towards healing by way of developing fellowship and a relationship with Christ.​​The word Miracles can be understood by the little changes in one’s life. What I mean by this is, as the program unfolds, you’ll notice signs that your life is becoming productive and that you can love again while still honoring the memory of your loved one. So when you do see a picture or remember a birth date, you’ll be able to smile or even chuckle because you believe, that you’ll be with your loved one again in heaven and that you do treasure the time you had together here on earth.

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