For Scorpios By Scorpios: astrology for beginners

Oct 28 2020 57 mins 4

For Scorpios By Scorpios is an astrology podcast for beginners, hosted by two Scorpios! Join Leann and Jordan as they explore the zodiac, read their horoscopes, interview guests, and flirt with other pseudosciences.

04. Rise and Sign
Nov 12 2019 59 mins  
Leann protests too much and Jordan wishes he understood the meaning of success. This episode begins to explore the more esoteric side of the zodiac by learning about the final of the three most important signs: the ascendant sign. Contact Twitter: @byscorpios Instagram: @byscorpios Email us at [email protected] Follow Jordan on Twitter: @KeyTenavast Follow Leann on Instagram: @leann_schneider Art by Kelsey Heaton: @kelsey.heaton on Instagram Timestamps 0:43 - Work Conference Scorpio Moments 5:03 - Talking about Ascendant signs, what are they? 11:58 - Learning about each other’s rising sign and what it means 15:00 - What is success and we look at Co--Star 19:20 - Cusps and Jordan’s Sag Cusp 22:48 - Leann’s Sag Rising 33:11 - Going off-script to decide if this is accurate 36:50 - We are SO jealous of Scorpio Rising 40:37 - What we’ve learned: let’s take stock 42:25 - Horoscopes! 50:31 - Jordan and Leann talk about how the Rising signs make them feel 51:08 - WTF are Descendants?????? 56:25 - How are you feeling? What’s your temperature? Bibliography “This Is What Your Rising Sign Means—And Why It Matters” by VICE Staff, July 10, 2019 “Your Rising Sign -- What It Is and Why It Matters” July 7, 2019 Astrology Encyclopedia by James R. Lewis The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need by Joanna Martine Woolfolk

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