Beauty Is Eternal

Jun 16 2020 64 mins

In-depth interviews with experts that inspire. From Special Forces to Prima Ballerinas, from Ancient Egypt to Quantum Physicists, from classical musicians to bioenergetic experts. Host Caitlin Arnould meets with brilliant minds from around the world to discover their inspiration, struggles, wisdom, passion and more. Beauty is indeed skin-deep, and yet, it is also much much more than that - the real heart of beauty is eternal love.

#30: Emotional Freedom Technique Expert Brad Yates: Tapping to Flourish
Jun 16 2020 61 mins  
Emotional Freedom Technique Expert Brad Yates: Tapping to Flourish     more places         In German, there is a great expression, “das leben ist kein Ponyhof,” which means literally life is not a pony farm, or more clearly, life is not easy. What if there was a technique you could learn to to help you work through negative emotions and make your life easier? My guest today teaches everyone from elite athletes, CEOs, and actors to people struggling with addiction how to master their emotions. Brad Yates uses something called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to help people overcome fear and stress to improve their lives. I know of him because I am one of the people whose lives he helped improve. Topics we cover today include: tapping through breakups and feeling rejected, does EFT work if you do not believe in it?, studies about EFT effectiveness, how Brad uses humor in his work, how often one should tap, mass tapping, and how EFT can shift our perspectives. We do an entire tapping to help you get through a breakup. Brad is the co-author of the top selling book for children, “The Wizard’s Wish” as well the top selling book “Freedom at Your Fingertips” and was featured as an expert in the film, “The Tapping Solution.” He has done teleseminars with “The Secret” stars Bob Doyle and Dr. Joe Vitale and been a featured expert in all four Tapping World Summits. Prior to being an EFT expert, Brad was an internationally performing actor and he graduated from Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey Clown College. Be sure to visit Brad on his website, And on his Facebook and Instagram pages Brad’s YouTube Channel  

#29: Vikings Star Amy Bailey: A Comprehensive Conversation with the Acrobatic Actress
May 27 2020 95 mins  
Vikings Star Amy Bailey: A Comprehensive Conversation with the Acrobatic Actress       more places “I understand more and I hear more if I’m allowing myself not to be offended by things.” Amy Bailey is an American and British actress who played Queen Kwenthrith on the History Channel’s drama Vikings for three seasons. She was a ballerina and acrobatic performer before becoming a stage actress and then working in film and TV. Amy studied at the Houston Ballet and trained with Cirque du Soleil, and performed with the Joffrey Ballet in New York and the London Ballet Theatre in England as a professional ballerina. It was there that she met her husband Anthony Gordon, with whom she has three children. She gave birth to all of them at home naturally. She performed around the world as an acrobat and aerialist for years. She first transitioned from performer into actress in plays, where she has starred in The Producers, and has been nominated for Best Actress in the Off West End Awards twice, for her roles in Guys & dolls and Woody Allen’s Play It Again, Sam. She has also been in Tim Burton’s movie Alice in Wonderland and the film adaptation of the musical Nine. In addition to starring on Vikings, she has played Clementine in SyFy’s Dominion and the Russian character Karina Volsky in Major Crimes, plus she plays Kayla in Blood & Truth, Sony’s biggest VR game to date which has an upcoming sequel. Amy splits her time between LA and London and participates in improv comedy in both cities. She trained at Groundlings Theater and has worked as a writer on various projects including the upcoming fashion drama DNA. In her spare time, she collaborates with fashion labels and starred in an award-winning short film for Italian Vogue as part of Marios Schwab’s “Chiara Skura” collection. Amy is going to talk to us about her evolution from dancer to actress and to mother and everything in between. Be sure to follow her on Instagram: Topics we cover during the interview include how she met her husband, how she gave birth to twins naturally at home, why she left Vikings, what Queen Kwenthrith taught her, why sex scenes are not really that sexy, what she thinks of method acting and why she learned the hard way not to use it. Plus lots of Vikings gossip such as why there was a sex scene between her and Ragnar cut out, for fans like me. Between King Ragnar, King Egbert and King Aethelwulf, which king would she kill, marry and sleep with?

#28: The Haute Interiors Sara Rahal on the Power of Beautiful Interior Design
May 08 2020 53 mins  
The Haute Interiors Sara Rahal on the Power of Beautiful Interior Design   more places     Have you ever wondered why you feel so good in one space and not so good in another? The space around us has a powerful impact on the space within us. Perhaps in some way the space within us even reflects the space around us. Where does the space around us and the space within us end and begin? We have with us an amazing interior designer in this episode to investigate this further. Sara Rahal is the founder and designer of The Haute Interiors (T.H.I.) based in Chicago. I first encountered Sara via her Instagram and fell in love with her designs. Who was this woman that made homes look like a dream come true? I had to find out! Sara has a degree in architecture from the American University of Sharjah and has designed places and spaces around the world. She previously worked in Dubai for companies such as Tanmiyat UAE, DSA Architects International and La-Z-Boy Incorporated before launching her own business. She was recently featured in Harper’s BAZAAR Arabia, and you can check out Sara’s designs on her instagram where her username is thehauteinteriors or check out her website directly at Today she is helping us to investigate why the space around us is so important for the space within us, she will reveal what inspires her and challenges her, and she will explain how she merges the classical with the bold and modern plus share tips with us. Visit Sara on her website: T.H.I. on Behance THI on Instagram Contact T.H.I. : [email protected] // +17084655596  

#27: Future Mars Walker Alyssa Carson: Ready For Her Space Odyssey
Apr 13 2020 58 mins  
Future Mars Walker Alyssa Carson: Ready For Her Space Odyssey   more places     As humans, we tend to think of Earth as the center of all life. What if your actions could impact not just the course of events on Earth, but in the universe? Alyssa Carson, also known by her call sign NASA Blueberry, is preparing to be the first person on Mars. With that, she will not just be a woman that changes the world, she would become a woman that changes the solar system. She is also the author of the book, So You Want to Be an Astronaut Why does a young woman want to leave behind her home planet as well as everyone she has ever loved and known at risk of never seeing them again? What inspires her to push forward into the deep unknown of space? Why does she call Mars home? We are talking to Alyssa to find those answers and much more! Alyssa was born in Louisiana. She has an incredible amount of qualifications for someone who is only 19 years old. By the age of 12, she had participated in the MER 10 panel about an expedition to Mars live on NASA TV and had visited all 14 NASA Visitor Centers in the US, becoming the first person to ever complete the NASA Passport Program. She was also the first person to ever complete all three NASA Space Camps around the world, including in Turkey and Canada. She is the youngest person ever accepted into the International Space University as well as the youngest person accepted into the Advanced PoSSUM (Project Polar Suborbital Science in the Upper Mesosphere) where future astronauts are trained in areas such as space suit training, underwater survival training, microgravity training and decompression training. Alyssa Carson was chosen as one of seven ambassadors of the Mars One expedition to Mars. She has watched three Space Shuttle launches and is an Honorary Member of the Civilian Air Patrol. She attained her rocket license before she got a driver’s permit and she is currently a freshman at Florida Tech studying astrobiology. She has already given 3 TEDx Talks. In her spare time, she founded the Blueberry Foundation to help children have the opportunity to make their dreams come true. Visit Alyssa on her website Alyssa on Instagram Alyssa on Facebook Alyssa on Twitter Alyssa on LinkedIn The Blueberry Foundation    

#26: Vivacious Violinist Alexandra Hauser: Playing with Fire
Mar 30 2020 46 mins  
Vivacious Violinist Alexandra Hauser: Playing with Fire     more places         “I always say that the end sounds like heaven, like God is speaking to you.” Violinist Alexandra Hauser is one of classical music’s young international stars and performs around the globe. Today she is allowing us a peek inside of her world so that we can see how a star was born, and what inspires her in everyday life. How did she select her violin? How did she meet her boyfriend? Why does she eat a banana before she performs? Why does she love Beethoven so much? She is both a chamber-musician and a soloist and plays on a French Paul Kaul violin made in the1920s. She was born in Mödling, Austria and currently resides in Munich where she studies at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater. She is the daughter of the Austrian conductor Alexis Hauser, who moved the family to Canada when he joined the Montreal McGill Symphony Orchestra as Artistic director and conductor. From 2004 to 2008, Alexandra studied at the McGill Conservatory before joining the Préconservatoire de musique de Montréal with Prof. Josée Aidans from 2008 to 2012, after which she attended Conservatoire de musique de Montréal with Prof. Helmut Lipsky. Subsequently, she was admitted to the Mozarteum as a student of Prof. Paul Roczek. Alexandra has won numerous first prizes around the world including at the QMEA festival and the “Festival de musique classique” in Montreal, in addition to winning first prize three times as at the Crescendo International competition which led to her playing in Carnegie Hall multiple years in row. In 2013, she was awarded first prize at the FLAME international competition in Paris. She has studied with various experts including Prof. Regina Brandstätter, Prof. Michael Frischenschlager, Prof. Mauro Iurato, Igor Petrushevski, Mario Hossen, Erich Grünberg, Laurence Kayaleh and Paul Roczek. Together with former classmates, Alexandra formed the Marie de France Trio which performed regularly and competed throughout Canada and the US. Alexandra plays everything from baroque music to 21st century music. Her boyfriend is French Tenor Adrian Autard, with whom she performs. Please note: this interview was recorded before the cancellation of some of Alexandra’s performances due to the COVID-19 virus, which are mentioned in the interview. Alexandra on Instagram: alexandrahausermusic Alexandra on Facebook: alexandrahauserviolin

#25: Grandmaster Felix Leong: Martial Arts Master on happiness, death & living to 100 
Mar 20 2020 52 mins  
Grandmaster Felix Leong: Martial Arts Master on happiness, death, Ip Chun & living to over 100     more places         Grandmaster Felix Leong has studied Wing Chun for over 50 years under Grandmaster Ip Chun, Grandmaster Sum Ng and Grandmaster Pan Nam both in China and Hong Kong. His teacher Ip Chun is the son of Ip Man, who trained Bruce Lee. Also know as Cheok Son, Grandmaster Leong is a Tae Chi, Qigong, Wu Shu and Muay Thai Master after over 50 years practicing martial arts, in addition to being an acupuncturist and Chinese energy master. “If you haven’t got good health, you haven’t got anything.” Born on Buddha Mountain in the Guangdong province of China to a family involved with martial arts, he went on to create his martial arts academy in Adelaide, Australia, in 1974. This burned down in 2015 in an Adelaide fire that caused 100,000$ worth of damage, but has since been rebuilt, and his Rebirth from the Ashes ceremony was attended by State Members of Parliament Jing Lee and David Pisoni in 2019. “If we can all give a hand when people need it, the world is much happier.” At his academy, guests have included Ip Chun, Grandmaster Yuttana who is a national Muay Thai coach in Bangkok, Master Li Jun Feng who coached the Beijing Wu Shu team when Jet Li was training there as well as being a Chen style Tai Chi Grandmaster. His academy is one of the world’s top Wing Chun academies outside of China and Thailand. “People who train in martial arts can outlive the average person 20 years easy.” He discusses the fire that burnt down his academy, how he stays happy, the connection between energy and illness, prescience, what he thinks of death and why he expects to live to past 100. Grandmaster’s book: Advanced Wing Chun Foundation – Sil Lim Tao Grandmaster Leong’s website Grandmaster’s Wing Chung Kung Fu Muay Thai Tai Chi and Wu Shu Academy on Facebook

#24: Starlet Pianist Olga Scheps Opens up on Passion, Motherhood, Honesty & Enemies
Mar 11 2020 62 mins  
Starlet Pianist Olga Scheps Opens up on Passion, Motherhood, Honesty & Enemies     more places         “If I can’t relate to music then I don’t play it, because it’s like the chemistry between two people. You understand each other or you don’t understand each other, and if you don’t, then you can work on that – but… why?” Olga Scheps is the face of modern classical music. Not only is she a prolific pianist who has reached number 1 on the German charts and released 9 CDs, she also has a massive social media following and has helped bring a love of classical music to a young generation. I sat down with Olga in her studio in the heart of Cologne to discuss her passion for the piano, how she recently became a mother, why she values honesty and hence has enemies, the process for recording albums and more. Olga began playing piano at age 5. Born in Moscow, her parents moved to Germany in 1992 where she studied at the Cologne Academy of Music. She won the German musical competition Jugend Musziert (Youth Makes Movement) in 1999 which led to her performing at the Rheingau Music Festival followed by the Ruhr Piano Festival, where she still performs. Olga has been signed to Sony Classical since 2009 and has just recorded her 9th album, made together with the Kuss Quartett. She previously reached number 1 on the German charts with her 2016 album, which featured Eric Satie. She also won the ECHO award, in the category of “Young artist of the Year” for her album “Chopin.” Her 2019 album “Melody” was nominated for two Opus Klassik Awards. Olga has worked with Arie Vardi, Dmitri Bashkirov, Andrei Gavrilov and Alfred Brende and is advised by her former professor, Prof. Pavel Gililov as well as her parents, who are both pianists. She is also a member of the select group of Steinway Artists. Her repertoire is incredibly diverse. She performs not only famous classics such as Bach and Tchaikovsky, but also songs by modern musicians like the Aphex Twins and Ludovico Einaudi and even Scooter songs such as Hyper Hyper. You can read more about Olga on her website Follow Olga on her Instagram here or on her Facebook here  

#23: Bioenergetic Expert Dr. Bradley Nelson D.C.: Wisdom from The Emotion Code
Mar 03 2020 77 mins  
Bioenergetic Expert Dr. Bradley Nelson D.C.: Wisdom from The Emotion Code     more places     Did you know that emotionally-charged events from the past can remain in your body as trapped emotions and cause a multitude of problems in your life and health? “At any moment we have these diverging futures before us and the choices that we make choose which path we take into the future. Emotional baggage puts pressure on us to make choices that we might not otherwise make.” Dr. Bradley Nelson is a world-leading expert in the fields of bioenergetic medicine and energy psychology, as well as a holistic chiropractic physician and the creator of The Emotion Code. He has given lectures on natural healing around the world, while his book and teachings have changed the lives of millions of people. Today we discuss his teachings from The Emotion Code, where he artfully explains the inner workings of the subconscious mind. Topics include: why emotions get trapped and how to release them, inherited emotions, the heart wall, energy and vibrations and ascension. He graduated from Life Chiropractic College West, in San Lorenzo, California in 1988 and was in private chiropractic practice until 2004, where he successfully treated patients who were suffering from things such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and a wide variety of other chronic ailments. Dr. Nelson is married and is the father of seven children with his wife Jean. He lives with his family in Southern Utah. You can access Dr. Bradley’s teachings at, which includes Emotion Code Seminar instructional videos, webinars, television and radio interviews, books, certification materials and more. You can also find a practitioner to help you release trapped emotions. Dr. Bradley on Facebook Discover Healing on Facebook Emotion Code on Amazon Free Emotion Code Gift Certified Healing Courses  

#19: Quantum Physicist & Ballerina Dr. Merritt Moore: Beauty & Brains, Plus AI & Outerspace
Jan 03 2020 52 mins  
Quantum Physicist & Ballerina Dr. Merritt Moore: Beauty & Brains, Plus AI & Outer-space more places What do you get when you mix ballet shoes with physics lab coats? Quantum Ballerina Dr. Merrit splits her time between scientific research and professional dancing and wants to be the first person to perform ballet in space. “Everyone can put in hard work for an hour but can you put in hard work for days, months and years for hours, not knowing if it’s going to work out?” Merritt graduated from Harvard with cum laude honors in physics and obtained a PhD in Quantum Optics from Oxford. As a professional ballet dancer, she has danced with the Zurich Ballet, Boston Ballet, English National Ballet and Norwegian National Ballet and more performing things such as The Nutcracker and Swan Lake. Recently, she was awarded a spot on Forbes 30 under 30 and was one of the final 12 candidates chosen to compete to become an astronaut in the BBC Two series, “Astronauts: Do you have what it takes?” She was invited to be the featured speaker at Forbes Women’s Summit in New York, has also appeared a panelist for the U.S. Embassy at the ‘Women in STEM’ panel in London. Merritt works with a team of artists and researchers to synthesize science and art into breathtaking stage performances. She is famous for a romantic duet she performs with an industrial robot, a topic which she began to research at Harvard’s ArtLab. One of her interests is researching AI machine learning together with dance. Why did Merritt became a physicist and a ballerina and ignore the people who told her she could not be both a scientist and a dancer? How she handle rejection, why does she invite critiques, and what are her plans for becoming an astronaut and dancing in space? You can learn more about Merritt and contact her on her website Merritt’s Instagram Merritt’s Twitter Merritt’s YouTube channel

#17: Ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti with Dr. Joyce Tyldesley: Beauty, Fame, Power & a Death Shrouded in Mystery
Dec 18 2019 49 mins  
Ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti with Dr. Joyce Tyldesley: Beauty, Fame, Power & a Death Shrouded in Mystery more places The last dynasty of Ancient Egypt may have died out over two thousand years ago, but the legacy and mystery of the circa three-thousand year period lives on in the hearts and imaginations of those enchanted by it, as well as in the fascinating pyramids, beguiling sphinx and immortalized bust of Queen Nefertiti. No one knows where she came from or when or how she died, but everyone knows her bust. The basic anatomy and physiology of human beings has changed little since Queen Nefertiti’s life. They say that history repeats itself, so if modern humans are physically similar to those in Ancient Egypt, it makes sense to investigate what we can learn from them. Queen Nefertiti lived from an estimated 1370-1335 BC. She was the wife of the Pharaoh Amenhotep IV during one of the wealthiest periods of Ancient Egypt in which they moved the capital from Thebes to Amarna. Although enemies of her husband tried to erase him from history, ironically, she instead became one of the most famous women to emerge from Ancient Egypt. Nefertiti’s bust is currently in the Neues Museum of Berlin. Talk about Eternal Beauty! Joyce Tyldesley is a British archeologist and Egyptologist, academic and the author of over 20 books about Ancient Egypt including the female Pharaohs Hapchepsut, Cleopatra and Nefertiti. Joyce teaches at the University of Manchester, specializing in Egyptian historiography and the role of women in Ancient Egypt. She teaches online degrees in Egyptology – so if you are listening, you can actually study under her! She is the author of the books, “Nefertiti: Egypt’s Sun Queen” and the more recent book “Nefertiti’s Face” which focusses on the Berlin bust of Nefertiti. We are talking to Joyce today, one of the world’s leading experts on Nefertiti, to un-earth and unbury information about Egypt’s elusive queen from the mouth of one of the world’s leading experts on her. Joyce studied archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean at Liverpool University, before getting her doctorate in prehistoric archaeology at Oxford University focussing on handaxes used by Neanderthals. She holds an honorary doctorate from the University of Bolton and is a Research Associate of the Manchester Museum. Prior to joining the University of Manchester she taught prehistory and Egyptology at Liverpool University. You can read more about Joyce and contact her on her website Study Egyptology with Joyce Nefertiti: Egypt’s Sun Queen Nefertiti’s Face: The Creation of an Icon

#16: Dr. Kara Cooney on Ancient Egyptian Female Pharaoh Hatshepsut: Lessons From the Woman Who Was King in a Man's World
Dec 11 2019 57 mins  
Dr. Kara Cooney on Ancient Egyptian Female Pharaoh Hatshepsut: Lessons From the Woman Who Was King in a Man’s World more places Last year I visited Hatshepsut’s Mortuary Temple, known as Deir el-Bahri, in Egypt, and was profoundly awed by the scale, beauty and symmetry of the structure. It made me wonder – who is the woman who had the power to create this monument around 3,500 years ago when kings were almost always men? I turned to the world’s leading expert on Hatshepsut to find out more about this extraordinary female Pharaoh. Dr. Kara Cooney is one of the most famous modern faces of Ancient Egypt. She is an Egyptologist, archeologist, author and professor of Egyptian Art and Architecture at UCLA. She has hosted TV shows on the Discovery Channel including Out of Egypt and Egypt’s Lost Queen and written top-selling books including the 2018 book When Women Ruled The World and the 2015 book, “The Woman Who Would Be King: Hatshepsut’s Rise to Power in Ancient Egypt,” which focuses on the subject of our podcast today – Queen Hatshepsut. Hapshetsut created the tallest obelisk in the world at the Temple of Karnak, which still stands in Rome! Hatshepsut lived from roughly 1507 – 1458 BC and ruled Egypt from an estimated 1478BC until her death. How and why did she come to power when typically only men ruled? How did she keep her power? What sacrifices does a woman who wants to rule have to make? What can we as women learn from her about our modern world? Kara has Irish-Italian heritage and grew up in Houston. She obtained a Bachelor in German from the University of Texas and then a PHD at John Hopkins University in Egyptology. She co-curated the exhibition Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in 2005. Her specialties include economies, craft production and coffin studies in ancient cultures. She has spent years at excavations sites in Egypt studying things in person. Kara currently lives in LA with her husband Remy. Some of the courses she teaches at UCLA include Women and Power in Ancient World and Art and Architecture of Ancient Egypt, Predynastic Period to New Kingdom – so if you happen to be a current or future UCLA student – you are in luck! She also has an upcoming 2020 National Geographic live tour of the US to discuss When Women Ruled The World. Learn more about Kara and contact her directly on her website: Kara’s UCLA profile Kara’s 2020 National Geographic Live Events Schedule Kara’s Twitter profile Kara’s Facebook profile Kara’s Instagram profile When Women Ruled the World The Woman Who Would Be King

#15: The Honest Guys Siân Lloyd-Pennell: Creator Of Guided Meditations For Healing & LOTR Fans, Watched 300 Million Times + Appearances By Kev & Rick
Nov 19 2019 60 mins  
The Honest Guys Siân Lloyd-Pennell: Creator Of Magical Guided Meditations For Healing, Peace & LOTR Fans Watched 300 Million Times + Special Appearances By Kev & Rick more places We all have the power and nature within us to be strong, beautiful and loving beings, but sometimes pain, trauma and chaos overwhelm us and prevent us from being our best selves. One of the magical things about our modern era, is the power for positive messages to be shared remotely around the world in the blink of an eye, and for those who would help us to truly step into our light and embrace our best qualities to find a way to do so. Today I have a guest who is very dear to my heart though I never once met her in person, because the messages that she has helped to create have deeply touched me, helped me through many painful and desolate moments, and inspired me daily to tap into my strength and core qualities while choosing to face and release negativity. In other words, the woman I will interview has magically impacted my life for the better and I want to share her message today so that she may perhaps touch the hearts of others in the same way. “Suffering can have a lot of different causes but the suffering is still the same.” The Honest Guys originally began as a youtube channel 10 years ago to review different self-improvement products and methods, and then slowly became what it is today – a channel with a huge variety of guided meditations and music to help listeners improve their lives with meditations that have been played around 300 million times. They have meditations meant to help you fall asleep fast, to calm anxiety, to face and reduce negativity, to start your morning with positive thoughts and energy, to reduce stress and relax, meditations involving white light, chakra meditations, and even fantasy guided meditations including themes with elves, wolves, unicorns and fairies. The Honest Guys is comprised of three people – Kevin, Rick and Siân, who is the sole woman in the trio and with whom I am speaking today, although Kev & Rick were in the room during the interview and do make cameos! “People must think that they’ve got me chained up in the attic, feeding me bread and water.” Siân writes the scripts for the meditations, and has been writing since she was 10 years old. She comes from a long-line of teachers interested in holistic medicine. She loves reading and especially Lord of the Rings, as perhaps evidenced by the THG’s meditations that delve into Lord of the Rings places including meditations that occur in the Hobbit Shire, Green Elven Wood, Rivendell and more. Today Siân is going to talk to us about what it means to her to create guided meditations, from where she draws inspiration, how her own physical and mental pain has made her want to help others, how much time and energy THG put into speaking to their listeners & why the law of attraction works. Learn more about Siân and contact her directly on The Honest Guys website Siân’s recommendations: Book: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne Handling Stress: Writing Place to Visit: Wales The Honest Guys on YouTube Morning Uplift Guided Meditation on Youtube Epic Guided Meditation: Universal Light Energy Healing Running With Wolves

#14: Natasha Tomè - Queen of Dragons On Raising Your 12 Chakra Vibration With Angels
Nov 05 2019 66 mins  
Intuitive Healer Natasha Tomè: Queen of Dragons On Raising Your 12 Chakra Vibration With Angels more places With enough strength and grace, one person alone has the power to create changes that ripple across the world. Meditation can transmute energy from negative to positive, healing can change a painful bleeding wound into a scar with a story, and forgiveness can soften a rock into a river. Natasha Tome is an intuitive healer, reiki master and psychic medium based in Canada. I first discovered her a few years ago through one of the guided meditations on youtube called Raising your vibration with the Angels, which has more than 2.2 million views and countering. She is going to talk to us about how everything is energy, our human experience as souls,the pain women store in their solar plexus and sacral chakras, guardian angels roles in our lives, why we actually have 12 chakras instead of 7, connecting to dragons in their realm and how meditation and healing can transmute energy just like magic before our eyes. Natasha has drastically improved my life experience as well as the experience of millions of others, and she did it virtually and without asking anything in return for it – she did it by putting something made from love into the universe. I am hoping to make others aware of who she is so that she can also have such a positive impact on them. She “came out of the spiritual closet” in the last couple years ago. Natasha was a naturally spiritual child who shut down her connection to spirit at a young age, only to slowly re-open herself to it after a physiotherapist recommend she see an energy healer for a physical ailment in 2004. She slowly began to embrace a new path, eventually leaving behind a corporate career to help and guide others along their spiritual paths. You can book a one-on-one session with her in one of the many different types of healing sessions she offers at Learn more about Natasha and contact her directly on her website Natasha’s recommendations: Book: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz Handling Stress: Walking alone in nature & Meditation Place to Visit: Mount Shasta & Sedona, Arizona Natasha’s Healing Services Guided Meditation: Raising your vibration with the Angels Natasha on Facebook

#13: Divine Healer & Hay House Bestseller Calista Ascension: Connecting to the Female Archangels aka Archaea 
Oct 21 2019 57 mins  
Divine Healer & Hay House Bestseller Calista Ascension: Connecting to the Female Archangels aka Archaea more places “The best way to connect to the angels is to be an angel, to be more virtuous in your life.” Calista is the Hay House author of Unicorn Rising: Live Your Truth and Unleash Your Magic, a kundalini yogi teacher, international speaker and mother to three. Today she is going to talk to us about unearthing issues and dis-ease for our highest healing with the female archangels to reach our true nature, which is that of love. We are going to answer questions such as who are the female archangels? How do we connect to them? What is the link between them and 11-11-2011? Calista comes from a long-line of spiritualists. She grew up in the UK playing in the fields and believing in faeries and elementals. As she grew up, she went on to study Medical Biotechnology and worked as a Cancer Research scientist. Feeling in her heart that something was missing, she began taking a reiki course and became certified as a teacher. From there she went on to open her own spiritual centre called Ethereal Light, which she eventually took from being an in-person school to an online school, where you can now find all of her manifold teachings. On her website – you will find various courses, soul sessions and meditations including the spiritual courses courses: Angel Healing®, Atlantean Crystal Healing™ and Unicorn Healing® that support soul ascension and empowerment. Host Caitlin Arnould has been a fan of Calista ever since discovering her guided meditation, “12 Chakra Meditation For Oneness Unity and Truth.” Learn more about Calista and connect to her directly on Calista’s recommendations: Book: Life and Teachings of the Master of the Far East by Baird T. Spalding Handling Stress: Singing, going into forest Place to Visit: Scottland Calista’s 12 Chakra Meditation for Oneness Unity and Truth on Youtube Calista’s Instagram and Facebook Angel Healing with Calista Soul Sessions with Calista

#12: Special Forces Commander Mykel Hawke: Hero, Green Beret & Badass on His Life, Childhood, His Motivations and Why Survival Skills Matter
Oct 14 2019 74 mins  
Special Forces Commander Mykel Hawke: Hero, Green Beret & Badass on His Childhood, Using Love & Hate as Motivation, and Why Survival Skills Matter more places “The secret to life is to figure out what your weaknesses are and work around them and what your strengths are and work with them.” Mykel Hawke became a survivalist while still a child – in order to survive. Born in 1965 in Fort Knox, Kentucky, Mykel spent 20 years in the US Army and attained the rank of Captain in the US Army Special Forces, known as the Green Berets. He held three Special Forces Military Operation Skills (MOS) including Special Forces Medic, Special Forces Communicator and Special Forces Intelligence Operations. In case it is not clear, Mykel was taught to be a killing machine and has been trained to survive any scenario. He has trained UN Peacekeepers in Africa while fighting rebels and been active in search and rescue missions in Colombia during the drug war. He studied biology for his undergraduate degree and family counseling for his graduate degree. Mykel has starred in over 50 TV shows as well as the programs he created including Man, Woman, Wild and One Man Army for Discovery Channel as well as Lost Survivors for Travel Channel and Elite Tactical Unit for Outdoor Channel. He has black belts in aikido and judo. He has written books including but not limited to The Quick and Dirty Guide to Learning Language Fast, Hawke’s Green Beret Survival Manual, Hawke’s Special Forces Survival Handbook: The Guide to Getting Out Alive and Family Survival Guide: The Best Ways For Families to Prepare, Train, Pack and Survive Everything, which you can check out on his website Every year, he works as a judge at the International Warrior Competition in Amman, Jordan in addition to being a Professor of Survival at the American Survival Guide University in Florida. Caitlin Arnould is talking to Mykel today to learn more about how he survived a rough childhood and what inspired him to become one of the most accomplished and famous survivalists on the globe. Was he driven on by ambition to do his best or to be his best? After achieving so much, what drives him further on? What does life mean for him? Learn more about Mykel and contact him directly on his website Hawke’s Green Beret Survival Manual Hawke’s Special Forces Survival Handbook Foraging for Survival: Edible Wild Plants of North America Family Survival Guide The Quick and Dirty Guide to Learning Languages Fast Buy Hawke Brand products Healing the Wounds charity Gold Star Teen Adventures

#11: Attachment Disorder Expert Paula Sacks: Insecure vs. Secure Attachment Styles, Tinder Shark-Pool Dating Rules & How To Build Self-Esteem
Oct 09 2019 63 mins  
Attachment Disorder Expert Paula Sacks: Insecure vs. Secure Attachment Styles, Tinder Shark-Pool Dating Rules & How To Build Self-Esteem more places “A man is a blow torch, a woman is like an oven.” Most people want to lead a happy life and share it with a partner they love. That sounds simple enough, but for many people, it does not work out so simply. They may have attachment disturbances they are unaware of and repeat patterns unconsciously, asking themselves why they are still single but never getting to the root cause. In the digital era that we live in, dating has been transformed into something resembling a numbers game, or what my guest today Paula calls a shark pool. Many people, especially women, struggle to find and keep the right man at the right time, especially if they are hoping to have both a career and children. Paula Sacks is an expert in adult attachment disorders and is a licensed and clinically trained social worker, with advanced training thru Harvard Medical School. She offers psychotherapy and hypnotherapy for grief, anxiety & adjustment disorders, peak performance and phobias. She is one of the authors of the 2016 book “Attachment Disturbances in Adults: Treatment for Comprehensive Repair” along with Dr. Daniel P. Brown, Dr. David S. Elliot and a team of therapists. You can read more about her on her website Today Paula is going to tell us about attachment styles and why they matter, explain the rules of online dating to keep women and men safe from predators and people who say one thing and do another, discuss anxious and avoidant dating style combinations as well as teach us how to build self-esteem and how to become secure. Learn more about Paula and contact her directly on her website Paula’s recommendations: Book: Emotional Vampires by Albert J. Bernstein Handling Stress: Be present in the now Place to Visit: Anywhere & Everywhere Paula’s Book: Attachment Disturbances in Adults This podcast was sponsored by: The Attachment Project

#10: Legend of Shane McManus: From Irish Defence Forces Marksman to Sommelier, to Soho House Berlin Bar Manager to Irish Folk Musician & Romantic Boyfriend
Oct 06 2019 144 mins  
Legend of Shane McManus: From Irish Defence Forces Marksman to Sommelier, to Soho House Berlin Bar Manager to Irish Folk Musician & Romantic Boyfriend more places “The only thing better than an Irish wedding is an Irish funeral.” Without struggles in life, there would be no stories worth telling. Just as everyone has a unique fingerprint created within certain parameters, everyone has a unique life story created within certain parameters. Today we are going to look at the lifestory of Shane McManus, covering the happiness and struggles, the tragedy, the triumph, his great love and life lessons. Shane would never brag about his accomplishments, which is part of why we wanted to interview him. When you think of army veterans, you think of an older and potentially disabled man or you picture someone who looks like they would kill you if you say the wrong thing. By all appearances, Shane looks and talks like a normal healthy man when you meet him. But, Shane is no ordinary man. He was born in Strabane, Ireland. He has been the Senior bartender at Soho House for 4 years now, and prior to that was the general manager at two different companies while becoming a sommelier. He spent six years working in the Irish Defence Forces, being deployed to a variety of countries in Africa including Chad where he worked as a marksman on deployments. He plays a variety of musical instruments including guitar, drums and trumpet and he sings. Shane is going to talk to us about his boyhood in Ireland, his experiences as a sommelier and bar manager, his favourite drink, the meaning of music in his life, his time in the Irish Defence Forces where he will tell us the the stories he is legally allowed to share, alongside defence tips for women, and finally tell us about working at Soho House and the story about how he met the love of his life. Not to mention, is going to play to songs for us as host Caitlin Arnould interviews him in-depth. Get in touch with Shane via his Facebook page here Shane’s recommendations: Books: 1984 by George Orwell and the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri Handling Stress: Stop and enjoy life Place to Visit: Galway or Reykjavik Titan Strength Academy in Preston Our sponsor: Manöverschluck rum on Instagram

#9: Health Author Dr. Josef Arnould: Build an Army of Good Gut Bacteria, Greens Instead of Grains & Exercise to Prevent Entropy
Sep 05 2019 77 mins  
Health Author Dr. Josef Arnould: Build an Army of Good Gut Bacteria, Greens Instead of Grains & Exercise to Prevent Entropy more places “If you don’t have good gut health, then you don’t have good health.” Dr. Arnould is a chiropractor and the author of American Diet Revolution and has helped thousands of people improve their health and today he is sharing his advice with us. The link between a healthy body and a healthy mind is something that has been studied and proven for years now. What many people do not fully comprehend is just how much exercise affects the health of both your mind and spirit and the way entropy sets in without physical activity. “What’s going on in your mind is inextricably bound up with what’s going on in your body. We should be eating greens instead of grains.” The state of your stomach bacteria can prevent or cause disease and affect even your brain. Bacteria in your stomach can send signals to the brain through the tenth cranial nerve. Unhealthy bacteria can wreak havoc and cause, for instance leaky gut syndrome and ulcers. Some people call the gut the second brain. These connections correlate to your feelings and the choices you make, and ultimately affect your quality of life on many levels. “Good health is a form of independence.” Dr. Arnould has been working on this exercise-mind-spirit relationship as well as researching gut and brain health for over 40 years now. He comes from Iowa and studied English at Princeton University and then at Framingham State University, before returning to Iowa to get his doctorate at Palmer College of Chiropractic. He then moved to Massachusetts and opened his first clinic there in 1983, where he still lives and runs his chiropractic practice and strength training/rehabilitation centre. Other topics covered include: What the lungs of a 30-year smoker taught him about the possibilities for life extension, how he can feel physical weakness and ageing develop over the years in patients, the link between lower back pain and depression, his diet and workout routine, why the humble sauerkraut is so important and the dangers of letting bad bacteria take over. Dr. Arnould is also the father of host Caitlin Arnould, who performs the interview. Read more about Josef and contact him on Strength For Life here Josef’s recommendations: Book: The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teichholz Handling Stress: Morning Workout + Walks Place to Visit: A local park Dr. Arnould’s book American Diet Revolution

#8: Health Coach Natürlich Nadine Hüttenrauch: Mindfulness & Non-Judgement to Improve Quality of Life & Individual Nutrition
Sep 05 2019 61 mins  
Food Coach Natürlich Nadine Hüttenrauch: Integrating Mindfulness & Non-Judgement to Improve Quality of Life & Individual Nutrition more places “Eating is a necessity, but enjoying food is an art.” How much time does the average person spend each day unconsciously going through the motions and eating without really experiencing what they eat? Natürlich Nadine sat down with us today to explain how mindful eating changes not just our culinary experiences but our entire state of being. Human beings have more things in common with one another than differences, which it can be easy to forget. One of the things that all humans have in common is that we need to eat. And yet, we do not have the same nutritional and dietary needs. In order to understand what our body actually needs, we need to listen to it and we can listen to it by becoming mindful and conscious and investigating what, how and why we eat. Nadine is a business, food & health coach specialising in mindful eating, she is also an editor of the German magazine Bild der Frau. Please take a look at her photo. Never trust a nutritionist who does not look healthy, and she looks amazing. She is based in Berlin and her coaching encompasses a three-step model: Nutrition, relaxation & fulfilment. She worked in business consultancy and project management for 7 years before relaunching her career as a certified Health, Nutrition and Life Counselor as well as Business Trainer with continued studies in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. She offers individual coaching as well as workshops, seminars and lectures. She goes by Natuerlich Nadine and natuerlich, by the way, means naturally or of course in English. Today with the help of Nadine, we will investigate how conscious and mindful eating can impact our lives. Nadine is going to talk about effectively integrating mindfulness and individual nutrition into everyday living for optimal health and simple steps to make it happen for anyone. Topics include: advice for period cravings, what Nadine eats, and why she still enjoys her grandmother’s cake. Read more about Nadine and contact her on Natürlich Nadine here Nadine’s recommendations: Book: The Why Cafe by John P. Strelecky Handling Stress: Mindfulness Place to Visit: Italy Nadine’s Online 6 Week Mindfulness & Nutrition Course

#7: Russian Casanova & Frat-Boy Oleg Maslov Spills His Heart on Love, Conquests, Venture Capital Funding For Women & His Book on Simulation Theory 
Aug 31 2019 76 mins  
Russian Casanova & Frat-Boy Oleg Maslov Spills His Heart on Love, Conquests, Venture Capital Funding For Women & His Book on Simulation Theory more places “I am not young enough to know everything.” – Oscar Wilde. Growing up the son of a pastor, Russian-American Oleg went on to become a Casanova before maturing. He is the author of an upcoming book about simulation theory, involved in venture capital, and a member of both an American and of a German fraternity. Oleg was born in Russia and raised in Seattle. It’s safe to call him a American-Russian hybrid. He has lived in the US, Germany and in Russia. He has two Masters Degrees – one from St. Petersburg State University and one from Frei Universität Berlin. He currently works in venture capital and travels the world for work and pleasure, and I caught up with him during one of his stopovers in Berlin. Oleg is not the only man who is looking for the one and yet sleeping with many – so we want to dig a little deeper and learn more about it, for the sake of all women who have had their hearts broken by such a man, and for the sake of other men who are also experiencing the similar pull in two directions. Some of the questions and topics he answers for us today: Why does he give women fake numbers? How many women has he slept with? What is love? How do fraternities view rape culture? How does he approach a woman he is serious about versus not serious about? What advice does he have for female founders looking for venture capital funding? Why does he suspect our world is a simulated reality? Read more about Oleg and contact him on LinkedIn here Oleg’s recommendations: Book: The Pinnacle of Life by Derek Denton Handling Stress: Hiking in nature Place to Visit: Ortisei, Italy Oleg’s TedxSPbU talk – Are We Living in a Simulation?

#6: Germany’s Top Chinese Journalist Qian Sun: Collectivism vs individualism, FIFA and the wisdom of the goat & Eckhart Tolle
Aug 24 2019 60 mins  
Germany’s Top Chinese Journalist Qian Sun: Collectivism vs individualism, FIFA and the wisdom of the goat & Eckhart Tolle more places China is a country with a storied history fascinating to the rest of the world. With a population of more than 1.3 billion people, over 18% of people in the world are Chinese at this moment in time, with Mandarin being the most spoken language in the world. There are thousands of characters used in writing Chinese and the history of the people spans thousands of years and dozens of dynasties. While we could spend a year discussing the history of the country, today we are going to focus on modern China and media and specifically on a woman who has become China’s most important journalist in Germany. Qian Sun was born in Taiyun in 1988 and has spent the last 9 years living in Germany where she now lives. She studied sports journalism in Beijing and did a Masters in global studies in Leipzig and has been working in media for the last six years, reporting all over the globe. She can film, edit, present – she can do it all. She currently works as the German correspondent for Phoenix TV and most recently worked for FIFA Women’s World Cup covering the Chinese national team. We have a few topics we want to cover with her today. What was it like to get chosen to work for FIFA? How did it feel to transition from a collectivistic to an individualistic society and which does she like better? How is dating in Germany vs China? What have both a goat and Eckhart Tolle taught her about life? Host Caitlin Arnould is going to take you on a journey to find out now. Read more about Qian and contact her on Twitter here Qian’s recommendations: Book: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle Handling Stress: Swimming, Yoga, Basketball Place to Visit: Cusco, Peru – Sacred Valley

#5: Lessons in Grief & Letting Go With Jeanne Sartor
Aug 07 2019 35 mins  
Lessons in Grief & Letting Go With Jeanne Sartor more places They say that people who die see a light at the end of the tunnel. But what about those who are left behind? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel of grief for them? Grief has more than one definition, the one that we are doing to focus on is the what the Cambridge Dictionary defines as, ‘very great sadness, especially at the death of someone.’ Those of us who do not die tragically young must experience loss at some point in our lives. If you never love anyone, you never have to lose anyone, but humans cannot flourish without love. The more people you love in your lifetime, the more people you may lose as your life runs its course. Think about it for a moment: every person you love, you will either have to live on after they die or they will have to live on after you die. Grief can get trapped in the body if not properly released and it can cause a host of health problems. Our guest today is someone who has experienced first-hand the workings of grief on her mind and body and will share what she has learned and experienced the hard way, to the benefit of others who may today or one day in the future need such knowledge and advice. Jeanne Sartor is a woman who has done many things in her life. She is a world traveler, born in California and she has lived in Boston, New York, Berlin and various cities in Italy. She has founded her own media company, been head of business development for two global media empires, raised two boys into teenagers, and she has had to grieve the deaths of many people she has loved. Most recently, her two sons lost their father to cancer. She has had to face the deaths of her husband, her sister and both her parents. Jeanne has used a number of different methods that she has learned to process grief and today she will share them with us and host Caitlin Arnould. Read more about Jeanne here on her LinkedIn profile Jeanne’s recommendations: Book: When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times by Pema Chödrön Handling Stress: Walking in nature, breathing exercises, meditation, talking to precious loved ones Place to Visit: Tuscany

#4: Transcontinental Search For Meaning in Life With Karishma Daswani
Aug 04 2019 80 mins  
The transcontinental search for meaning: how food, mental health and self-expression shape Karishma’s journey more places They say that, that which you search for may never be found. Yet on the other hand, if you do not figure out what you want and go after it, you will probably never get it. Karishma Daswani has performed a search for meaning on four different continents to date in her 33 years of life. Being of Indian heritage, she has lived in Nigeria, the UAE, Canada, the UK, Spain and Germany. She has a Master’s in Business and a Master’s in Public Health and founded a natural foods company. While living in Berlin, she became involved in various aspects of mental health including talk and somatic therapy, cold therapy, positive versus negative thinking, sound healing and meditation. She also realized her true passion was art and how powerful self-expression is to the development and health of the self. She even healed a serious bladder condition through healing her emotional health. Because Karishma has such a unique background and has been involved with so many aspects of health, I am interviewing her in order to understand: what has this transcontinental journey taught her about the meaning of life? What do food, mental health and self-expression have to do with it and how do they relate to one another? How did healing her emotional health heal her bladder when nothing else would? In her search for meaning, what she found? Learn more about Karishma Daswani here Karishma’s recommendations: Book: 1. Letting Go: The Path of Surrender by David R. Hawkins; 2. The Courage To Be Disliked: The Japanese Phenomenon That Shows You How to Change Your Life and Achieve Real Happiness by Ichiro Kishimi; 3. The Self-Aware Universe: How Consciousness Creates the Material World by Amit Goswami Handling Stress: Writing down what you want to say in detail Place to Visit: Indian Himalayas

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