Face Jam

Jan 05 2021 59 mins 3.6k

Fast food creations are coming out too fast to keep track of but luckily Michael Jones and Jordan Cwierz are here to eat and judge every new menu item under the sun. One has high standards. The other has no taste. This is Face Jam.

5 • 36 Ratings

King0fchickens Dec 19 2020
Very funny. I order takeaway probably 80% of the time after listening/watching.

Hetotope Dec 08 2020
Michael let me take a sip of his peach moonshine once at RTX and it was delicious. Jordan's ok, and Eric would be cooler with a better van.

J.Bumpus Nov 30 2020
Love this podcast always a laugh please support 😁

iwsavnthtbacon Nov 10 2020
Everything I needed and more.

NemoKeine Sep 30 2020
Wacky and hilarious exploration of fast food menus

pfava Sep 22 2020
It's good

LegendaryByakko Sep 19 2020
Fantastic podcast. Never fails to put a smile on my face.

Wiccy Sep 17 2020
This podcast is amazing. It's about food but it's deeper than that, it's about life, experience, love, and so much more. Are you wondering just how good the newest limited time fast food item is, these guys have you covered. Spitting silly here but they know their limits as foodies, never going beyond what is asked. They rate the food so we don't have to. It's a amazing podcast for any spice rat.

BDubs Sep 17 2020
11/10 this podcast cured my diabetes

Ciris1166 Sep 15 2020
My favorite food podcast!

fishcreek Aug 30 2020

KoTBLeo Aug 27 2020
Absolutely hilarious, I have almost busted out laughing at work way too many times. Also let's you know if the food is good or bad, which is cool too.

doug Aug 18 2020
Dumb but always laugh-out-loud funny! Spice rats for life.

SGL00 Aug 16 2020
Legitimately one of the funniest podcasts I think I've ever listened to, somethings always up in every episode and it's always funny

lhp Aug 10 2020
Spice rats forever

KitKat Aug 07 2020
From this spice mouse that dreams of turning into a spice rat, keep up the great work! Hilarious! 100% listen!

Raqqqers Aug 06 2020
Good fun

chickenarise Aug 05 2020
100% eat

Mitt954 Jul 31 2020
Out of all the Podcasts I have listened to, this is one of them, probably the funniest.

devmcken8 Jul 27 2020
The funniest podcast I've ever heard.

Matko09 Jul 20 2020
Amazing, simply amazing.

HimalCheese Jul 13 2020
Listen to Face Jam

BrightlordAlexan Jul 07 2020
I can not recommend this enough. It's a dumb show about eating food but it makes me laugh so hard every episode. Give it a try. It's worth listening to.

Coalsock Jul 05 2020
I live in Southeast Asia and I listen to a podcast about 3 guys reviewing American fast food special items that I cant eat on loop. 5/5.

Taylor793 Jul 04 2020
Really funny every episode. The crew meshes well and the subject matter is interesting as well, keep up the good work!

Lavaporeon Jun 25 2020
As someone who has worked in fast food my entire life, listening to all of them talk shit about it is wonderful! It's nice to get Michael out of AH/Lets Play, get to see more from Jordan and Eric, and occasionally hear from Nick!

Flywithme Jun 23 2020
Amazing, funny, Michael is hilarious

geneticsguy Jun 08 2020
Listen to face jam

egavett May 21 2020

SorcerousSquid May 14 2020
FaceJam is definitely one of my new favorite podcasts. I look forward to every episode, and always bump it to the top of my priority, even if my weekly backlog is a little full

Ashlathon May 13 2020

Hester Leveret Apr 15 2020
100% listen.

Beamer4444 Apr 13 2020
Unexpectedly great!

Azyef Apr 13 2020
I cry from every episode

nolant Apr 13 2020
They are great

Innox Apr 11 2020
Big Dog gotta listen.