Small Town Murder

Oct 15 2020 132 mins 29k

Two comedians look at a small town, what makes it tick, and a murder that took place there. In depth research, horrible tragedy, and the hosts' comedic spin on the whole thing. New episodes every Thursday!!

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SomeRandomTrash Oct 18 2020
One of the podcasts around

[email protected] Oct 16 2020
So so funny!

Rarthur Oct 16 2020
You get me thru my day. Thank you!

Mar Oct 15 2020
Great show lol!!

devildave Oct 12 2020
I'm just following orders. Honestly love this podcast and will always be in the car to rob that liquor store πŸ™Œ

LordPodcast Oct 11 2020
I like putting mayo on my egg sandwiches. Wouldn't change a thing 3 out of 5 stars.

crash_dt Oct 10 2020
I am locked in a trunk! They said if I give this great show 5 stars they'll let me out!

Stuart Strong Oct 08 2020
Superb podcast, shut up and give me murder!

cobynykerk Oct 01 2020

SinisterSleet Sep 29 2020
Great podcast. Awesome guys and stories.

scmouth12 Sep 29 2020
Funny but to the point in describing a small town murder.

krissy76 Sep 24 2020
Love these 2.

Cassie Sep 23 2020

Courtney1990 Sep 22 2020
Love it

melWilliams Sep 19 2020
Love it.

woo Sep 18 2020
Pocket robin

TheonlyChd Sep 14 2020
BEST TRUE CRIME PODCAST. They set the tone for each story in such a hilarious yet captivating way.... Just Thank You

jtrenda Sep 13 2020
It's just a great podcast for any mood.

danybelux84 Sep 11 2020
Best crime podcast..

Luke Sep 10 2020

NatetheWeight Sep 10 2020
Heading to the gas station along with the boys.

Dani Sep 10 2020
My favorite ice-cream is Baskin Robbins' Daiquiri Ice

MaliciousCarp Sep 10 2020
Shut up and give me murder! The most hilarious podcast about terrible people doing terrible things that you will hear all day!

capt41n Sep 05 2020

Brent16615 Sep 03 2020
James an Jimmie are just simply the best

Paddy Cast Sep 01 2020
If you haven't given this podcast a try you are only hurting yourself. When I hear "YAYYY!!!" Yay indeed Jimmie. Yay indeed. I can't help but smile. Trust me comedy and murder go great together

Tybo1972 Aug 30 2020
Y'all crack me up. I really like your comedic aspect and the story delivery is fantastic. Thank you

bethanyui Aug 27 2020
Love it! Today I had a roast beef sandwich for lunch and it was delicious

mtoolan89 Aug 27 2020
My favorite podcast of all time!

Gray Jedi Aug 26 2020
Give me murder

Geemeezy Aug 25 2020
Amazing Podcast!! These episodes are Wild, and the host are dies excellent job making horrible events, endurable!! Keep up the Great work Fellas!!!

Lisa C Aug 23 2020
This podcast is amazing! James does such a great job at research and makes you feel like you know exactly who/what/where/when. And there is nothing like Jimmie's laugh! Freaking amazing!

jayzachary3 Aug 19 2020
Love Small Town Murder! I'm a true crime fan and wouldn't usually consider it comedy material, but I love their other show (Crime in Sports) so figured I'd give it a try. These guys do such a great job of weaving in jokes where they belong (if you can't make fun of small towns and the carny hill people who live there you're either one of them or have no sense of humor), without making fun of the victims; because "we're assholes, but not scumbags". Great job guys!

AKTHORNE30 Aug 19 2020
I live in Nebraska; Omaha, to be exact. It isn't horrible; but, fuck Lincoln. I'm originally from North Carolina (we aren't all redneck hicks) but have also lived in Nashville and North Dakota. USAF SF veteran here, so I don't offend easily. You guys are awesome and I love listening to you! I'm averaging 3 shows a day atm...out of work, but getting paid; and making masks during this covid shit. Thanks for keeping me entertained; wish I would have known about you when yall did Nashville. ❀

Talkstosocks Aug 17 2020
High quality Pod

DrumMum Aug 17 2020
These guys are JagOff's (It's a Pittsburgh, PA thing) but I love them! I'm an Over-The-Road Trucker, and these guys literally get me from state to state. I love Jimmie's laugh, especially when it is uncontrollable! I wonder if people think I'm stroking out while driving sometimes, because I am cracking up hysterically laughing at these guys!

podcastfan Aug 15 2020
Genuinely funny blokes

Gwendy2883 Aug 14 2020
I like this podcast better than Timesuck now- don't tell Dan!!

Stephen D. Marti Aug 11 2020
Jimmy and James Are The Funniest Two Podcasters Going Going Period..

arthurcafc Aug 11 2020
Absolutely love this podcast: James and Jimmy are extremely entertaining, and they have an amazing chemistry on air. Episodes are always about one murder story, detailing all the panhandle-behavior that goes around the actual crime, never making fun of the crime itself.

HellsBells86 Aug 10 2020
James & Jimmy told me to do this πŸ˜‚ CHEER UP BITCH! lots of love from the Emerald Isle

lwood the great Aug 09 2020
You guys are Awesome. I love the podcast.

ChaosDude Aug 06 2020
Listen to the disclaimer and don't say you haven't been warned. These guys are great for those of us with a dark sense of humor

kaveman17 Aug 04 2020
My favorite podcast!

richied123 Aug 03 2020
It's dark in here, they made me

aV0rder Aug 03 2020
STM and Crime in Sports make me happeeee!

ratm33 Jul 26 2020
Great podcast

Shut up and give Jul 24 2020
Love your show keep up the good work

Char Bratcher Jul 24 2020
You guys are the best!!

Hondasvx Jul 22 2020
Shut up and give me murder

hagger23 Jul 21 2020
Awesome show

jjgordon Jul 20 2020
These guys are the best! Can't wait to see you live!

PriceyPony Jul 18 2020
Pocket Robin....tweet tweet....tweetly tweet.....

Heather Jul 17 2020
This is a very funny podcast. I like the hosts personalities and descriptions of small towns. They cover murder stories that feature the dumbest and strangest people. I also went to the STM live show in Louisville in February.

1977smm Jul 16 2020
Murder has never been this funny. Shut up and give me murder!!!

warren Jul 14 2020
My second favorite podcast. Hail Nimrod.

The Phil Jul 12 2020
I'm hoping writing a review well help me move up in vampire Amway.

missing4 Jul 09 2020
I like warm summer breezes

chloe7473 Jul 08 2020
I don't know what I'm doing!

Lnghaultrkr76 Jul 06 2020
Awesome Show. True crime with a comedy twist.

Lee Jul 02 2020
Very engaging. Love the podcast

ScottyP615 Jul 01 2020
There's small towns. There's murders. They delivery exactly what they advertise.

adrian Jun 27 2020
Humourously disturbed!

tris1099 Jun 25 2020
Do you like to laugh? Have you had a bad day? Have you ever wanted to murder someone? Well do it in a small town and you could be the next victim of these two hilarious comedians if you do it in a wacky enough way... can't wait to see you on the show

jrgeorge67 Jun 24 2020
Excellent podcasts every time!

Noreha Jun 19 2020
Help, they've locked me in the basement

L4bR4t Jun 17 2020
Funniest podcast ever!

MajaM Jun 11 2020
Very addictive πŸ–€πŸ€πŸ–€

tablilley Jun 11 2020
Amazing show!

MadHatter Jun 10 2020
Now will you let me out of my cage in your basement? BEST TRUE CRIME PODCAST IN MY LIST! 😁

ben Jun 07 2020
Love it

Gerth Jun 07 2020
The SIDS joke is probably the funniest joke I can't tell anyone about! I'm still waiting for an Italian one, I wonder if the town of Pietragalla in Potenza has one...! Loved the more recent episodes with politicians, wrongful convictions and of course prisoner dating game - keeping things fresh all the time!

joelsz Jun 06 2020
Listen for some panhandlery

bartleycrocker Jun 06 2020
This is my favorite podcast!

yabekim Jun 04 2020
I've been too lazy to review these guys for too long, but Marty @exoner8ed for president 2032! I know it's a long time to wait, but young guys just don't get elected. *Edit* my ex punched me in the face while I was driving once, it's no damn fun. Thanks for keeping a pizza delivery driver happy twice a week!

apkennedy86 Jun 04 2020
I love these guys, the podcast is hilarious but is a bit harrowing at times!

Kay Hal Jun 01 2020
Great episode

Callen Jun 01 2020
One of the best podcasts available..

erindoughty May 31 2020
Oy vey y'all!

amber May 30 2020

Flower79 May 30 2020
Another fantastically insane story x

Catwright1715 May 27 2020
This is one of the best podcasts you'll listen to! Comedy and Murder! Perfect combo! Love you Jimmy & James!

shayluvspiano May 25 2020
Small Town Murder is great! They are hilarious while still being respectful of the victims and their families.

JoeyG May 25 2020
A truly amazing podcast!!!

405Hermit May 25 2020
It's dark in here and they won't let me out unless I give them a 5 star review.

GoKat May 23 2020
I love these guys!!! They are making my quarantine bearable. Seeing them live with incredible I can't wait to see them again!

smallbrowneyedgi May 22 2020
My favorite podcast! So funny...i wouldn't hear these stories anywhere else.

Lindsey A May 22 2020
I trust you.

Tellahgrahf827 May 22 2020
I'm just following directions

LJeans May 20 2020
Following directions.

Retta1994 May 20 2020
I love this show and these hosts. You guys are amazing. Just joined Patreon, can't wait to hear the bonus episodes. Thanks for all you do guys.

[email protected] May 20 2020
Good stuff

HolyTaco May 19 2020
Thursday is now the Sabbath

s.lanier May 18 2020
I fucking LOVE these guys. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to everything they do. Also, if you can, throw them a few bucks on Patreon.

Gephray May 17 2020
It's rad

SuperMommy08 May 17 2020
Guys?? I left a review... it's 5 stars... can I go home now...

Natalie Likes Ch May 16 2020
Great podcast. Love it! My dog's paws smell like doritos.

Black Label Girl May 16 2020

KBunt1108 May 15 2020
Hands down the best podcast out there!

CakeNinja May 14 2020
A study in panhandle behavior. My town sucks. Your town sucks. Everywhere sucks. So shut up and give me murder.

Mr Conspiracy May 14 2020
The Absofuckingloutly Best black comedy / true crime show I allowed to say black?

superMFpands May 13 2020
The best podcast there is. Love these guys

JoDee76 May 13 2020
I absolutely loved this bonus episode. This is by far my favorite podcast. Keep up the great work guys!

StubbyMcTrainstu May 12 2020
Love these guys and they're even better live. Not for the squeamish or easily offended!

MissMickey May 12 2020
They told me to

MrLemontree May 12 2020
Great podcast!

Solly_Wolly May 11 2020
They have me trapped in a small box and I can't get out! 2yrs later and I just learned how to leave a review πŸ˜‚βœŒπŸΎ

jdmarcoux May 11 2020
Great episode of a great podcast!

Kealotix May 11 2020
Grear podcast as always!!

BonerYogurt May 10 2020
Please let me out!

CourtRolandEE May 10 2020
Greatest podcast ever.

Anna May 10 2020
One of the funniest and most well researched podcasts. James and Jimmie are a great comedy duo. James researches the small town, the crime and the aftermath of the crime. I look forward to every Tuesday (for Crime in Sports) and Thursday to listen to their shows, and get away from every stresses.

jpprice14 May 10 2020

KMPaul88 May 10 2020
Just following instructions

lxceos May 09 2020
Great pod!

JohBlck May 08 2020
They told me too πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ

MileHighMoon May 07 2020
Panhandlery at it's finest

Flack May 07 2020
I love cheeseburgers

Dr. Underpants May 07 2020
Give them money on Patreon you cheap fucks.

CAckerman May 07 2020
Shut Up and Give Me Murder!

Pinch May 07 2020
Are you listening to Crime in Sports aswell

lmhills7 May 06 2020
Most amazing podcast!

aidemph May 05 2020
Help its dark in here

ahardtruth May 04 2020
So funny I feel bad not giving them money.

Jamie May 04 2020
Love these guys!

Jesselaw1990 May 04 2020
Best true crime podcast. If you don't like comedy and murder together then you sir may fuck off!! Lol great shows keep it up.

rileyw13 May 03 2020
Clouds are fluffy

Hankthecat May 03 2020
If you e joy dark humor you'll like this! Ponies have fuzzy tails!

rene.fontanez May 01 2020
Just following instructions..... I love this show, the host have incredible insights and points of view. You can tell how much work is out into these by the amazing presentation. BTW this will be the same for Crime in Sports and P.S. I Hate This Movie.

slimn Apr 29 2020
Following instructions

Þóra Apr 28 2020
Penguins have a gland between their eyes that helps turn sea water into fresh water.

Simian Industrie Apr 24 2020
They made me write this. But yeah he'it's great

cweems4 Apr 23 2020
A lot of fun, they always have me shaking my head at stupidity while laughing out loud.

Leiune Apr 22 2020
Following orders, & they're worth every single star

Hrusheekaes Apr 21 2020
I'm glad i found these guys. A

TheHippo Apr 18 2020
Just following instructions. These guys made me do it.

Schmoop McDoople Apr 17 2020
I'm just following orders.

Paul Mampilly Apr 16 2020
I am just following orders. These guys are hilarious like a funny pocket Robin. Now shut up and give me murder.

SG Apr 16 2020
It's dark in here. They won't let me out until I finish my review!

Cheese Muffins Apr 16 2020
Great show!

Liz Moy Apr 16 2020
Perfect mix of true crime stories and humor

gwinnear Apr 16 2020
Following directions. Like a well-trained seal.

HumphreyMcGee3 Apr 15 2020
Following instructions

[email protected] Apr 15 2020
Following directions

Kazzy Apr 14 2020
Following institutions. Clouds are fluffy.

preciousgrl0808 Apr 14 2020
Love the stats included with each city. They help to really paint a clear picture.

Kysorio Apr 14 2020
My weekly dose of like minded dark humor. Worth the listen...

megerae Apr 13 2020
Finally get to leave a review!! Hope this helps you guys, y'all are awesome :)

jwg Apr 13 2020
Better researched than any other podcast. Hilarious too.

Mark Twister Apr 13 2020
Funny response to some deeply unfunny stories. Gallows humour at it's very best.

Sonny Apr 13 2020
Love these guys! They're hilarious and respectful because they ass holes NOT scumbags

nolant Apr 13 2020
Great podcast

SaltyJim Apr 13 2020
Eat more Cheese and Ice Cream!

Gavin Johnson Apr 13 2020
It's dark in here. YYAAAYYYY

Aaron Dickerson Apr 13 2020
Wonderful podcast with two great, funny guys. They had a clean product and a good voice from the beginning. Also, check out Crime in Sports.

Appokalopps Mar 31 2020
Best pod around. All categories.

LN7715 Apr 12 2020
Following Orders 😀

Michael Floyd Apr 12 2020
That's grim, Karen

PandoraWraith Apr 11 2020
Fantastic podcast! This has quickly become my new favorite podcast with the best hosts I've heard yet.