Bret Weinstein | DarkHorse Podcast

Oct 24 2020 82 mins 7.2k

On The DarkHorse Podcast, we will explore questions that matter, with tools that work. Many episodes will be long form discussions. Some guests will be well known, others obscure, but all of them chosen because they have demonstrated unusual insight. Other episodes of the Dark Horse Podcast will be solo-missions in which Bret dives into issues alone, using an evolutionary lens to reveal patterns in nature--including human-nature. The state and future of civilization will be recurring theme, so buckle up!

4.6 • 12 Ratings

farmerjoel Oct 18 2020
Really interesting content underpinned by rationality and an evidence-based approach. Absolutely crucial stuff in developing a rounded perspective on what's happening in today's world.

k.patterson Sep 27 2020
Do you think it's too much to ask to put a synopsis in in your descriptions instead of only updating the number? I'm sure I'm not the only one who give priority to podcast with a description over those that do not and rarely make it back through the list unless there is a serious drought in episode.

Spanish Dan Sep 07 2020
One of the most important and informative podcasts I think. A voice of reason in this world of madness

Gubbins Sep 01 2020
Should be required listening

Cordyone Aug 26 2020
Excellent source of important information

king-doofus Jul 09 2020
True experts, true analysis, truly inspiring. To the reviewer that gave 1 star claimed this show was full of "false information" and called it "bull poop" at least have the courage to use a fucking swear.

pixelpuncher Jul 08 2020
Fantastic approach to the problems of modern culture. Empathy, data and an amazing ability to break down the conversation and focus.

jack Jul 01 2020
It's almost tottaly false information. This stuff keeps getting spread around and it's worrying. Bret is a loyal contributer to this white grevence bull poo swap that trump's America is creating with Russia's help

zoechi Jun 28 2020
Brilliant analysis of some aspects of the current political landscape, especially what is going wrong in the political left

ModernViking Jun 14 2020
These conversations feed my brain all the nutrients missing in the Trump era!

gizmogremlin Jun 07 2020
One of the best, most open minded, non partisan and intelligent Podcasts. Also, please add the YouTube Q&A to the podcast audio

bohdanmaks May 23 2020
Loved Sam on this. Please have him back. He makes great points, and it's very frustrating that Bret can't follow along.