Secret Societies

Oct 22 2020 42 mins 6.9k

They’ve been around for thousands of years…orchestrating some of history’s most controversial events. And if not for their radical actions, you may never have even known they existed. Every Thursday, take a journey through hidden passageways and become a member of Parcast’s diabolical series, SECRET SOCIETIES. Each society is explored in 2 episodes—exposing the people and context responsible for its founding, and analyzing the psychology behind their beliefs.

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Drolefille Sep 26 2020
The Skull and Bones episodes stated they were portraying the "facts" while saying that Skull and Bones "infiltrated" all levels of the government. They uncritically use bad sources and just read everything in a mix of bored tones and biased language. Also, it wasn't just S&B members that believed in Nazi eugenics. Eugenics was incredibly popular in America at the time. Not going to bother listening the rest of the episodes I'd downloaded.

Lily Saint-Cyr Sep 10 2020
Rather dry and the "coming up next" make it sound like a bad tv show. Way too many cars commercials.

Flack May 02 2020
Its raining out