The Great Unsolved

Dec 16 2020 25 mins 127

A fascination with the unknown has lead me to research countless unsolved murders and missing persons cases. These victims are often forgotten in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Nevertheless, they need their cases recognized in order to keep investigators working on it. These victims also deserve justice and peace in the afterlife. Here I will share them all with you. Giving you both the facts and the theories every Wednesday! greatunsolvedpod.comThe Great Unsolved is partnered with the ORACL3 Network.

Case Updates
Apr 29 2020 15 mins  
These are all the case updates I could find for cases I have covered since episode 1. Here are the links to our socials and the links to all of the news articles I used for this episode. See you next week for another new case! Website: greatunsolvedpod.comTwitter: @greatunsolvedInstagram: @greatunsolvedpodcastEmma Fillipoff Degree Beach Murders Alchaar and Annette Sagers Paul Gosden County Child Killer Lamplugh Bible & Ashley Freeman Doodler Luna Daybell, Chad Daybell, Tylee Ryan, JJ Vallow

DJ Fickey Case
Apr 22 2020 64 mins  
Today I discussed the wrongfully classified death of DJ Fickey. With all evidence pointing to homicide or at least manslaughter, you would think GBI would get rid of suicide as their official ruling; they have not. DJ's family is reaching out for media attention using the #JusticeforDJ so that GBI will reopen his case and get the one who killed him behind bars. Join me in discussing all of the evidence and interviews. Website w/ Show Notes: Twitter: @greatunsolvedInstagram: @greatunsolvedpodcast DJ's Sister's/Advocate Twitter: @JusticeForDj88Investigation discovery…Kendall Rae YouTube Case online with Nancy grace…WSB Atlanta…WRCB NEWS…Color me dead Podcast with timeline of detailed events prior to shooting “oct 2016” up until now more information released in this to date.…Invisible choir…Criminal perspective…Impact statement podcast…Mary Buck Podcast…Status: Pending Podcast Djs case inspired the start of this podcast | Chapter 1: Episode 1 (Donald Edward Fickey, Jr.)…Status: Pending Podcast | Chapter 1: Episode 2 (Donald Edward Fickey, Jr.)…Status: Pending Podcast | Chapter 1: Episode 3 (Donald Edward Fickey, Jr.)

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