Less Is Morgue

Jan 15 2021 22 mins 1.7k

Set in an alternate Tallahassee, FL where monsters, ghouls, and ghosts are the norm, our hosts Riley and Evelyn attempt to record and produce a podcast, often interrupted by everything from Blackbeard's ghost to an irritating tech bro with a God complex.

5 • 4 Ratings

Remyxzer0 Jul 05 2020
Hilarious and extremely aware of itself, Less is Morgue is tremendous fun from the first time I pressed play. I cannot recommend this show enough, stop what you're doing and LISTEN TO THIS!

ashira41 Jun 17 2020
Easily the most hilarious podcast out there. An ace ghoul and the lesbian Nickleback-loving ghost whose body she ate sounds like a weird premise, and it makes for a delightfully weird show. Added points for telling Alexa to fuck off. 🤪 Super inclusive, super funny, and super awesome.

asaraphale Jun 17 2020
i love this podcast! the funniest and most heartwarming show about a ghoul that i want to befriend even though they might eat me, and a ghost that i would hug if she was corporeal

pod addict May 14 2020
Very funny