Planet Money

Oct 22 2020 21 mins 1.3M

The economy explained. Imagine you could call up a friend and say, "Meet me at the bar and tell me what's going on with the economy." Now imagine that's actually a fun evening.

4.4 • 42 Ratings

RobB Oct 17 2020
Excellent short summary for the layman of carbon offsets with a profile of some of the true GHG road warriors

JLRider Oct 15 2020
Not a big fan of other npr podcasts showing up in my planet money feed...

Peter Oct 15 2020
Far and away my favourite podcast. Perhaps if I'd listened to this at 15 I'd have become an economist instead of a scientist (I'm sure that would have paid more)!

DHarris Oct 09 2020
I would love to give this podcast a higher rating but I just can't. Previously, it was a fun podcast that related economic theory to real world scenarios in a manner that was both interesting and informative. Lately, however, the podcast has spiralled into being more and more political and has lost all appeal for me. They did an episode about defunding the police and interviewed parties exclusively from one side of the issue. For this reason, I cannot recommend this podcast.

bayviewgarden Oct 03 2020
Excellent podcast

Bauble Oct 05 2020
5 stars

DrRayThe2nd Oct 08 2020
I used to love planet money as they talked about economics in an approachable way and tended to stay out of politics. However, in the past year or so, they've become much more childish on the podcast and have become extremely political. At one point there were about five consecutive episode about racism, which is totally unnecessary and beyond the scope of the podcast. As such, I no longer subscribe.

challenger150 Sep 15 2020
A very nice story explaining in a funny way what is a junk bond.

TerryB Sep 15 2020
Planet Money has Recently (2020) taken a turn for the worst - way too goofy for my liking. No real information -just a group of kids attempting to be entertaining ( way to saccharin...)

Mandolynda Sep 13 2020
This is one of my main stays. I never fail to learn something.

Thofel Aug 09 2020

Lassaron May 09 2020
Love it!

bj14klein Jul 25 2020
Very helpful and explanatory

doctordrabine Aug 28 2020
One of the best parts of NPR. Sure, okay, so yeah, everything on NPR is amazing so it's hard to break out, but this is tops for me.

Nan Aug 10 2020
What a show!! I just love how valid what you learn is anywhere in the globe. My favorite episodes so far are the first 2 summer school ones. How this lady puts down all her dates data in an excel sheets and it allows her to find the love of her life...mind blowing! Also loved the pickles summer school episode, bringing prices and the processes of a marketplace to make a huge charity more efficient, brilliant! I really love the tone of this show too, a light show about serious topics!

Zinho1987 Aug 02 2020

bma449 Jul 22 2020
Had no idea about this commission previously. Makes you really think about the inadvertent consequences of best intentions. They make the case that this commission was one of the catalyst for the war on crime.

Dickie Jul 22 2020
Used to really enjoy planet money but it has tip toed further and further into the social and political and there are enough podcasts/news/media/social media for that already. This used to be a respite for my mind its now the same stories from elsewhere told a different way.

jonmast Jul 19 2020
Both informative and entertaining.

Darthrevan1789 Jun 08 2020
4 ad breaks in the latest 14 min episode. Way too high, not enough content time. Of the content that there is, high quality.

es Jun 26 2020
It's real good

m1ndf0k Jun 23 2020
Planet money is becoming one sided and overly empathetic. There's not much substance here.

Andrés Rodríguez Jun 14 2020
Excellent stories, charismatic hosts, and amazing production.

Reviewer 23 Jun 02 2020
Excellent podcast!

igg May 20 2020
I think, that 4 adds in the 16-minute audio is to much. Besides, if you make a re-runs - you should add some kind of filters to exclude them. But topic seems to be interesting.

Feel Good Inc May 13 2020
Absolutely brilliant, even when you think they may not be of interest they always are. Well researched, interesting topics and put together with a sense of humour to entertain as well as inform.

1q3er5 May 12 2020
gud podcast

kimchi May 10 2020

updates suck May 09 2020
Random review

Podcast Addict May 06 2020
One of the best podcast available. No matter what the topic is, they always manage to make it super interesting

blyz May 05 2020
Best podcast ever.

Netanel May 05 2020
The didn't get to almost 1000 episodes without being so good

tikend May 03 2020
Great insides, mostly into economics, but also about other life issues.

bhrg3se Apr 28 2020
My favorite podcast. This podcast made me intrested in economics.

Martlark Apr 18 2020
Entertaining and informative. Constantly revealing that economics is actually what rules our little brains.

gopima Apr 16 2020
Awesome show. Good stories with excellent information to boot!

obama Apr 15 2020
How did we get a point where companies are selling purses for over $5,000? Planet Money is on the case!

SillyInventor Apr 14 2020
Stories from the economy linked to theory, the way economics was meant to be.

Nick Apr 13 2020
I like it that they are entertaining explaining these somewhat complex situations. They do great research and the voices are pleasant to listen.

idoshamir Apr 04 2020
Economics presented amazingly well

asafblum Apr 03 2020
Make you economic lover

jumbojet747 Apr 02 2020
My favourite podcast, with the possible exception of the Indicator 😉 Insightful dives into the weird and wonderful parts of the economy