Money, Mission and Meaning: Passion at Work, Purpose at Play

Oct 21 2008 10 mins 814

Do you this all there is? Have you struggled to find meaning in your career? Does your work/life balance feel out of whack? Everyone has the sense that there is a deeper level of satisfaction to be had, no matter how happy they are. Everyone wants greater meaning from work, more freedom around money and deeper connections in relationships. Join Mark Michael Lewis, Author and CEO and his guests as they explore the insights and practices that integrate money, mission and meaning to experience a more profound relationship to the mystery and miracle you call your life. Each week, we’ll interview a business leader actively expressing value-based principles in their business or personal lives, exploring such topics as visionary leadership, the power of integrity, purpose driven business, following your bliss, and much more. Imagine waking up each day naturally excited to get to work and just as excited to get home. Through simple but powerful ideas around abundance, inspiration, motivation, manifestation, ecology and intention, you can create synergy between purpose and profitability. Learn to apply the art and heart of business to every aspect of your experience, building an ever-deepening enjoyment of the business of life.

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