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Sep 04 2020 41 mins 1

As I evolve, so does my podcast. I am beginning season 3 with a different focus. Moon Child Radio is a show of stories, information and strategies to help all creatives reach their potential. Step outside the box and into your light as a Moon Child.

Healthcare Advocacy Episode 26 -A BRILLANT paradigm shift for providers and patients
Dec 26 2019 30 mins  
Irene Diamond, RT, calls herself a “Pain Reliever & Mover-Improver for Businesses & Bodies”! In 1995 she founded San Francisco, California’s very first Wellness Center, Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness Center. DWC operates as a Precise Private Practice, enjoying referrals from pain specialists and health care providers across the country. For the last 3 decades practice owners, schools, and organizations have come to Irene as a business strategist and for her clinical education in The Diamond Method, a method where the client is literally an active participant in their therapy. Active Myofascial Therapy has been featured in Advance Magazine for Physical Therapists and is recognized as an effective rehabilitation modality for orthopedic pain and dysfunction, migraine and headache relief, and improving performance and function. Irene’s Dream Practice Mastery Academy is the "secret weapon" behind many of the world’s most successful wellness provider's practice success! Her business-growth strategy and marketing for practice owners fights against the norm, establishing them as an expert specialist who CAN generate terrific financial wealth while helping clients and patients get brilliant clinical results, all while working fewer hours and having more fun. In 2013 she was inducted into the World Massage Hall of Fame. Irene is a frequent guest author for professional publications and associations, an in-demand speaker and presenter who shares business-growth strategy and insight never seen before and clinical and technique education of The Diamond Method. **If you're a HealthCare PROVIDER, Request your FREE marketing digital course at ***If you're a HealthCare CONSUMER, Request a FREE 3-minute Pain Relief Video series for Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain at --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:

Episode 24 - Ready, Set Heal with Lauren Bahr, P.T., H.C.
Nov 14 2019 47 mins  
Lauren Bahr, P.T., H.C. is a friend that I had the pleasure of knowing through an online course we were both enrolled in. She has a story that many of us as moms and professionals can relate to.  Her story involves many dark months of not being able to get up out of bed and then she started to ask herself the question, "How have other people gotten better." She began to get curious about her own health and what she could do to help herself heal.  Now 5 years later and she even wrote a book about it.  If you have ever felt terrified about a diagnosis or information your healthcare provider was giving you, Lauren will share with you what helped her move through the phases from chronic anxiety to health and she reminds us that it is the little changes that will help us the most, because "A small hinge swings a large door." Learn more about Lauren, her story and how she can help you by checking out these links: On FB at Simply Balanced Wellness --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:

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