Oct 27 2020 52 mins 2.5k

Kurt Braunohler and Scotty Landes discuss the strange, fascinating, and just plain bananas news from around the world.

4.7 • 15 Ratings

Ltee Aug 20 2020
Why don't you just breath into the fuck ing Mike instead of the fucking live microphone!

[email protected] Aug 03 2020
Love this Podcast! I have listened to every episode and its great! I love the hosts & love the guests on each episode. I resently drove across country. Full admission: I am a morning person & can fall asleep if it is 2pm! I would put this Podcast on and would crack up! I would forget I was tired and laugh so much my boys would asked from the backseat "What's so funny Mommy?" And I would make it another 179 miles!!!

cormacnel Jul 30 2020
All the crazy stuff I need to hear right now.

Sara Jul 19 2020
These are fun and wackadoo stories! The podcast length is perfect for my lunch hour walk. I can't keep the smile off my face.

waitingtodry Jul 18 2020
Best theme song in the biz

haribo158 Jul 17 2020
genuinely funny group that gel really well, they don't overdo it at all, move on just when the time is right, harmless, not trying too hard at all. Also as a non US listener their accents aren't annoying! Keep up the good work guys

Lars Jul 02 2020
Thi is solo funny! Just love it. Has brightened my day many times!

itzjamie02 Jun 25 2020
Hilarious podcast! Constantly bursting out laughing on long road trips, great source of entertainment. Highly recommend!

PL7 Jun 16 2020
You guys crack me up!

Philwas May 23 2020
Loving it! Just what I needed. Thanks guys

AliNoShoes May 12 2020
Awesome lighthearted comedy! Can't wait to hear more!!!

KbX_21 May 02 2020
Not usually the kind of podcast I would listen to, but I was looking for something lighthearted to take my mind off things and this was definitely a fun one with some entertaining stories, reminded me of MFM minisodes.

Nanner92 Apr 29 2020
I love this! Can't wait to hear more. I was cracking up at the Air Bnb stories! Light hearted funny stuff!

TheKeddi Apr 28 2020
I liked the first episode! Some good stories and very unusual ones also. Loved hearing the voice I love so much from Bob's Burgers 😁😁😁😁 keep up the good work everyone!

boo Apr 22 2020
I try to support the Exactly Right podcasts but Bananas just isn't funny or clever. Only my opinion and I am surprised ER picked it up.