Privacy Please

Nov 18 2020 39 mins 39

Join Cameron Ivey, Gabe Gumbs and interview guests from around the cybersecurity world as they keep you informed around the topics of cybersecurity, data privacy, compliance, breaches, interesting infosec stories, and much more! Learn why it’s more important than ever that we protect what matters most.

Ep. 11 - Christopher Leach, Senior CISO Advisor @ CISCO
Apr 01 2020 36 mins  
Gabe and I have an awesome conversation with Chris in this episode. We already declared him a recurring guest and I hope you enjoy our chat. Here are some of the questions asked during the episode:Do you see that disconnect between CISO's and CIO if so, what are some of the causes of it? As well as what can you do to bring harmony to it? “Cybersecurity and privacy are defining issues of our time,” said Dr. Hugh Thompson, Program Committee Chair at RSA Conference.Alright, it’s August 21st, 1996 and Bill Clinton just signed the law for HIPAA to be in full effect! What were you doing at this time and Were you even in cybersecurity?With all of your years of being a CISO and working in security, do you think most companies incorporate “privacy by design” which helps with global data privacy regulations into their IT systems today?I know this is a long term approach but I think it’s something most organizations have just used as a checkbox exercise. Do you think organizations are able to measure and demonstrate compliance With global data privacy regulations? If so, How important is it to utilize a comprehensive governance framework?I see a lot of organizations that don’t have a Data Protection or Privacy officer, they throw those data privacy and data access duties onto the CISO when does a company become to assign or hire a DPO And why do we see this shift happening across the states? Is it mainly because of GDPR?What are you most looking forward to for 2020 in data privacy?

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