Grow Your Voice, Overcome Your Fears

Oct 30 2020 53 mins

Change can be scary and overwhelming. It takes people out of their comfort zone. This podcast features guidance, insights, inspiration and motivation that will help you not only survive but thrive. You'll learn, grow, adapt and change as you grow your voice and overcome your fears.

Embrace Adversity - Build Resilience
Oct 30 2020 32 mins  
As a youth in Canada, Joshua Pelland was a typical rebellious child who didn’t seem to fit in. He found himself through the many adventures he had. His most challenging is one he still works to conquer today – embracing the adversity and building the resilience necessary to not only survive but thrive after a spinal cord injury almost cut his life short. Listen how he shares his experiences, what he learned about himself and how he cultivates the mindset of resilience, teamwork and leadership. His story will definitely leave you feeling motivated and inspired to succeed. Guest: Who is Joshua Pelland? Prior to his injury, Joshua was quite adventurous. He was almost killed at the age of 16 when he made his first bribe while traveling and climbing through East Africa. His eyes were truly opened as he witnessed the complexities of humanity and culture for the first time. Fast forward to find that Joshua has joined Britain’s elite Royal Marines Commandos and Special Operations Units where he encountered a wide variety of military operations and training. Leaving this life, Joshua delved into the private security sector working as an advisor for the Maritime companies at the height of the Somali piracy. Faced with dynamic challenges which he continually improvised, adapted to and overcame, he worked in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Joshua still yearned for new adventures. He found he had a passion for climbing pillars of ice, rock and mountains and that was just what he did until a fateful day in June of 2016. Discussion Points/Time Stamps: Who is Joshua? 1:52 The back-story 3:52 Passion Discovery 5:25 The Fall 7:22 Peeling Back the Layers 7:56 The journey through 10:00 Reality 13:00 The Transformation 15:32 A New Beginning 20:52 Long-term Goals 24:48 Leadership/Mindset/Motivation 25:26 Message for Youngsters 26:07 Self-Discovery 27:52 Encouragement Message 30:32 Resources: [email protected] Questions: Email:

Motivation for Your Mental Health
Oct 09 2020 28 mins  
We live in different times now and are experiencing challenges that are all occurring at the same time – social injustice, racial inequality, economic hardships and a global pandemic. People are dying at an alarming rate; some are overwhelmed with feelings of isolation while others are just numb. Research indicates an uptick of stress, anxiety, feelings of isolation, suicidal tendencies and more. During this segment, get tips, resources and motivation for your mental health. Guest: Dr. Ca Trice Glenn has an extensive background in the mental health field. She is a Psychotherapist (Pastoral Counselor and Licensed Professional Counselor) in private practice and higher education. Her practice includes services to Adolescents, Adults, Couples, Groups and Organizational Training with specialties in Relationship Issues, Work/Life Balance, Adjustment, Anxiety, Depression, Conduct Disorders, Crisis Response, Trauma, Self-Care, Clergy-Care, and Grief. Dr Glenn is also an Approved Clinical Supervisor providing fieldwork and post-graduate clinical supervision for individuals seeking degree completion and state licensure with a focus in theological and psychological integration competency Additionally, Dr. Glenn is a Professor (Contextual Education, Pastoral Care/Counseling and Psychology courses) with undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level students and teaches using traditional and on-line formats for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. Discussion Points/Time Stamps: Who is Dr. Ca Trice Glenn 2:42 Recognizing the signs 6:02 Resources 8:42 Mental Health and Minorities 12:42 Mental Health and Females 13:47 Contact Information 16:47 Tips for taking care of yourself 20:09 Resources (Books): Questions: Email:

Healthy Lifestyle Transitions
Sep 07 2020 49 mins  
Everyone seems to be trying to get healthy these days. It might be because of a medical diagnosis. You might want to get into a favorite outfit, gain control of your life, play with your kids or grandkids. Whatever the reason, it is never too late. But what IS healthy? Do you have to be a vegan? What is the difference between being a vegan and being a vegetarian? What do you do if you are a ‘meatatarian’? Here’s the million dollar question - what exactly is a healthy lifestyle? Guest: Minister Eveleaner Grant is like many of us. She is a wife, mother and also a domestic violence advocate. She shares her journey to a healthy lifestyle that many of us seek. It was not always easy, and Minister Grant doesn’t hold back as she shares challenges and tips. Listen as she can help you or other family members obtain that seemingly unobtainable healthy lifestyle. You can start anytime. This episode is for men and women, the young and the old. Discussion Points/Time Stamps: Who is Eveleaner Grant :53 What’s a Vegan? What’s a Vegetarian? 1:57 Sharing the journey? 3:24 The vegan journey 4:04 The vegetarian journey 5:01 Did you know? 6:18 The impact of a healthy lifestyle 8:13 Tips 9:20 What’s in the water? 27:35 Cooking 28:00 Shopping suggestions 27:44 Reading the labels 30:00 References 37:00 Myths dispelled 41:38 Resources (Books): The China Study (T. Colin Campbell/Thomas M. Campbell) Fork over Knife The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Plant Based Nutrition Questions: Email:

A Revolutionary Dance Company R-Inspiring Veterans Thru Creativity
Aug 07 2020 54 mins  
Overview: Veterans. We all know someone who has served in the military. We likely also know someone who suffers from depression, survivor’s guild, self-blame, impaired thinking caused by substance abuse, or some kind of post-traumatic stress. The number of veterans suffering and committing suicide is staggering. Shortly after the pandemic hit the US in March 2020, the Washington Times reported that per the Veterans Administration as many as 20 American veterans per day commit suicide. Some veterans eventually find and outlet. Some create their own like Román Baca. Guest: Román Baca is a classically trained ballet dancer and choreographer. In 2001, recognizing his desire to defend the defenseless, he took a hiatus from dance and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, serving as a machine-gunner and fire-team leader in Fallujah, Iraq during the Iraq War. After the war, Mr. Baca returned to dance and co-founded Exit 12 Dance Company, which tells veterans’ stories choreographically, to increase cross-cultural understanding and heal divisions. As Román was putting these important stories on stage, veterans were struggling with reintegration and dying by suicide. In response, so he launched a revolutionary program, Movement 2 Contact, to inspire those impacted by war by choreographing their stories. These two elements are at the crux of his expertise, which is supported by a knowledge he has gained along the way in nonprofit administration, strategy, marketing, fundraising, research, dance, and choreography – which I love sharing with students through lectures, guest teaching opportunities, mentorships, and lecturing. Román is also working and volunteering in the following roles: a data analyst for a current research project for the Department of Defense, marketing for Soldiers’ Arts Academy in the UK, and is applying for a PhD in Performance Studies or Health Humanities. While happy in his position, Román does have interests in connecting with other professionals in social impact arts, veterans, peacebuilding, dance and choreography, and academia. He is looking to increase Exit12’s international reach and scale Exit12’s programs that connect veterans and civilians through movement. Discussion Points/Time Stamps Who is Roman Baca 0:43 Marine Life 7:52 Post Iraq 12:05 The Birth of Exit 12 16:16 Contact Info 34:24 On the Horizon3 6:40 Paraplegics in Dance 39:41 The Therapy Journey 44:34 Resources Exit12 Newsletter: Exit12 Dance Company: Email: [email protected] LinkedIn Profile: Questions: Want to be a guest on the podcast? Have suggestions/comments/questions? Want to subscribe to my quarterly newsletter? Email:

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