Dungeons and Daddies

Jul 21 2020 71 mins 9k

A D&D real play podcast about four dads from our world transported into the Forgotten Realms and their quest to rescue their sons. Not a BDSM podcast!

5 • 19 Ratings

Alex R Aug 07 2020
Hilarious podcast with characters from modern day thrown into the epic world of DnD. The players are dads who take their kids to a soccer game but chaos happens instead. The players are amazing and the DM allows them to do whatever which allows for hilarious things to happen. Highly recommend.

biddobop Jul 23 2020
By far the single most entertaining tabletop podcast I've listened to. High octane comedy, great improv character work, and uhhhh surprisingly only a little BDSM

awstevans Jul 15 2020
A d&d podcast (most of the time) where the players dont like d&d, but do like mucking about with their mates

RLHam3 Jul 06 2020
"Not" a bdsm podcast

Javi Jul 01 2020
Easily one of the best Actual Play Podcasts I've ever listened to.

Lavaporeon Jun 25 2020
The Daddies are hilarious, great to listen to even if you don't play DnD, highly recommend!!

domeo Jun 21 2020
Little strange but wonderful

perkyhedgehog Jun 14 2020
Hilarious! Absolutely knee slapping, dad jokingly hilarity

Jon Jun 02 2020
Absolutely hilarious group role play.

a-green May 29 2020
I've listened to 3 episodes and have cried laughing to each and every one. It's perfect, it's glorious, it's worth your time. Check it out.

gvdwatt May 14 2020
If you love DnD, but love laughing your ass off more, then this podcast is for you!

rantobi May 12 2020

Momentary Madnes May 12 2020
Best feline orgasm instructional podcast. My cat loves it.

shamonic May 10 2020
Not a BDSM podcast

Rasmus256 Apr 18 2020

Webelo85 Apr 15 2020
Very funny and love all the dad jokes

EmptyBusSeat Apr 12 2020

Sherbert Mar 30 2020
Hello, welcome to sherbert reviews. Dungeons and daddies is the dnd podcast that is really creative with the audio editing and the whole story as of right now.The four dads each bring their own flavor of crunch to the campain and due to the dm each Npc feels alive.I think anyone can listen to dungeons and daddies so why not giving it a shot.

13th Nightmare Mar 30 2020
I love the concept of the podcast and I love dad jokes so this podcast is a win-win in my book. Just don't listen to the podcast when you are shopping, I made that mistake once and I can only imagine what people thought when they saw me giggling away as I listened to this