'The Wire': Way Down in the Hole

Oct 21 2020 72 mins 2.2k

Jemele Hill and Van Lathan recap, breakdown, and analyze every episode of the iconic HBO hit series, The Wire, starting from the beginning with season one.

3.4 • 5 Ratings

Klosstradamus Oct 14 2020
Love the wire, I'm a fan of this podcast, but considering how often they bring up racism... I'm not a fan of the anti-white comments and jokes that are regularly made. Sorry, but I find it problematic.

Martin Zeibig May 26 2020
Terrible hosts

Garrett May 16 2020
Great insight

Sterling May 06 2020
Enjoying the podcast and the discussion on each episode. They both have a tendency to get wound up and their voices turn super high pitched and shrill which is chalkboard and nails. Really like the Trivia segment.

Wood_PMNM Apr 23 2020
I hit the wrong button on my 1st review! Hill could possibly start to wear on my nerves with looking at '02 TV fare through the lens of '20 personal politics of some in the "family." IDK if the pod is great, but if in 18 yrs your circle hasn't provided you with satisfying discourse on a series that means so much to you... It's not a terrible option. Lastly, "deep dive" is subjective! The Wire is drugs/crime/police/city hall in W Baltimore not generations of made up kingdoms in Westeros.