Obsessed with: Disappeared

Oct 26 2020 49 mins 1.4k

From the creator of the smash-hit podcast True Crime Obsessed comes a brand-new true crime / comedy podcast Obsessed With: Disappeared. In the True Crime Obsessed style, this podcast, hosted by Patrick Hinds and Broadway's Ellyn Marie Marsh, will recap episodes of everybody's favorite true crime TV series, the ID Channel's Disappeared. The podcast will go episode-by-episode through the series, starting from the beginning, and like True Crime Obsessed, will recap the stories with humor, sass, and heart, while using clips from the show to help tell the story

5: The Disappearance of Lee Cutler (S1 E5)
Jun 17 2020 54 mins  
This one truly haunts Patrick's nightmares. Honestly. WHERE. THE HELL. IS HE? 18 Year old Lee Cutler was last seen on October 20, 2007. He spent the night before at a friend's house and was dropped off at his home at 10 am that morning. He was scheduled to work at a clothing store at the local mall at noon. But he never showed up. A day later, his car was found about 200 miles away. A makeshift campsite was found in the woods close by. His family identified a few items found at the campsite as his, so they knew Lee had been there. Searchers also found a note to Lee's mother and his clothes and wallet on a rock near a close by river. His mother insists Lee wasn't suicidal, and local authorities concur that if Lee had gone into the woods to harm himself, they would have found him. SO WHERE IS LEE CUTLER? Is he out there somewhere living under the radar? Did he flee to a foreign country? Or is something more nefarious at play? YOU GUYS, WE'RE GOING LIVE ON OUR INSTAGRAM PAGE (@TheDisappearedPod) THIS AND EVERY FRIDAY AT 7PM! Come join us for #FridayNightLive where we'll chat about the case, take your questions, and just hang for a bit! JOIN US!! Have something to say about the case? Want to hang out with other people who are just as obsessed with you? JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP! Click here! We'll be thrilled to have you! (https://www.facebook.com/groups/291550215310067/) Or search Facebook for Obsessed With: Disappeared Podcast Discussion Group.

4.6 • 11 Ratings

Rach Intro Sep 20 2020
You guys have a knack for making scary/dramatic stories funny! In a world where people tend to be awful to each other, you gotta find ways to laugh! Patrick and Ellyn aren't making fun of victims, they're just wild story tellers! They make plenty of disclaimers that it's no disrespect and most of the time they tease the makers of the ID show bc of the narrative. You guys do a great job, can't wait for more things on the obsessed network!

leahplattapuss Sep 17 2020
Love these two. Didn't think I'd enjoy it as much as True Crime Obsessed but I was very wrong. And their burns to eachother are epic!!

sbcappy Sep 16 2020
Dear God I love this podcast. Ellyn and Patrick are the most wonderful partnership and their rapport makes me cry with laughter. Every week I look forward to #wherearetheywednesday!

thoroughgirl Sep 10 2020
Love it!! Never fails to make me laugh.

Ashley613 Sep 04 2020
This podcast is amazing!!! Patrick and Ellen you guys rock!!

Slateralligator Aug 30 2020
Not dou$%@ canoes. I look forward to this Podcast every week. Ellyn and Patrick are getting me through this crazy world we live in.

Crystal_McVay Aug 29 2020
Welcome to the best new part of your podcasting experience! Don't come for them unless they send for you! Otherwise you deal with the podcast discussion group fam from Facebook. And GOD HELP YOU if we find you 😁❤ #patrickhinds #ellynmariemarsh #obsessedwithdisappeared

JLCS Jun 18 2020
Disappointed with this addition to the "obsessed" brand. Maybe Gillian is the compassionate influence, who usually reigns it in but unfortunately I found this podcast really quite disrespectful. I only got about half way through the second episode, regarding Paige Birgfeld and couldn't unsubscribe fast enough. It's a shame because the original podcast manages to involve humour, loud shrieking and laughter without ever actually ridiculing or disrespecting the victims.

Lee Thompson May 31 2020
My new obsession!

Dr. Whomst May 30 2020
I love Patrick and Ellyn! This podcast is just as wonderful as True Crime Obsessed, which is quite a feat.

keg May 27 2020
Amazing! Funny! Light hearted! Great combo! Thank you for saving me from having to watch this show, it makes me way too anxious!