Science Fiction Remnant

Feb 20 2021 59 mins 7

A podcast for sci-fi lovers that span across books, movies, Tv-Shows, or games. We may discuss wild theories about some science fiction topics. SPOILERS may be included, so be sure to watch, listen, or read before listening. To record a voice message on this episode or future episodes, please go to and click on the message button. A Member of the "Let's Chat" Network Discord: Support this podcast:

Short Film: Brolga (2019)
Feb 13 2021 85 mins  
In a ravaged future-Australia, an isolated hermit is forced to offer sanctuary to a young girl as she tries to escape a gang of murderous scavengers that roam the lawless country. Special Guess: Director Adrian Powers (YouTube, Twitter, LinkTree) Ad: Anchor Read Brolga Story Watch the film Brolga Film Awards: 2019 Sydney Indie Film Festival - Best Director (Short Film) 2019 Sci-Fi Film Festival - George Pal Award for Best Director (Short Film)  2020 ASTRA Science Fiction & Fantasy Film Festival - Best Film, Best Director 2019 Sherman Oaks Film Festival - Programmer’s Award for Outstanding Short Film 2019 Canberra Short Film Festival - Best Cinematography (National), Best First Nations Film 2019 Best Shorts Competition - Award of Excellence (Native American / Aboriginal Peoples) 2019 Canada Shorts Film Festival - Award of Distinction  2019 Changing Face International Film Festival - Best Sci-Fi Actor (James Saunders), Best Sci-Fi 2020 Oz International Film Festival - Best Australian Sci-Fi Film 2020 Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival - Russell Bates Indigenous Peoples Award 2020 Toronto Fantasy/Sci-Fi Film & Screenplay Festival - Best Performers Award 2020 Melbourne Indie Film Festival - Best Australian Film (Short --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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