The Creepy Cove Community Church Podcast

Jul 04 2020 25 mins 21

Presented in the style of a church service, this horror-themed immersive podcast shares spiritual insights, comedy and strange church music direct from Creepy Cove, a mysterious, haunted fishing town by the sea...where every horror movie happened for real.

S1 E2 - 'The Power of Vulnerability' (feat Dr. Herbert West from 'Re-Animator' + 'The Evil Dead' Prayer time)
Jul 04 2020 39 mins  
'The Power of Vulnerability' (with Dr. Herbert West from 'Re-Animator')Season One, Episode TwoIn this episode, Rupert shares some sad news, but we also welcome a delightful young doctor in training, Herbert West, who has a very generous offer for...

S1 E1 'Think Church Is Creepy? I Sympathise!' (feat Carrie White from 'Carrie')
Jun 20 2020 35 mins  
"Think Church is Creepy? I Sympathise!" Season One - Episode OneWohoo! We're getting all modern and posting our services to the world wide webster! So now, you can join us at Creepy Cove Community Church. In this, our first ever 'episode', we hear some...

First Time In Creepy Cove? Start Here.
Jun 01 2020 1 mins  
An 60 second introduction to the Creepy Cove Community Church Podcast.

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