FantasySharks Weekly

Jun 22 2020 28 mins 4

Fantasy Football, Sports Betting, Daily Fantasy Football & everything in between! Host John Lanfranca, one of the best free football handicappers on the internet (@JohnnyLFootball on Twitter) - a high-stakes fantasy football player who has competed in both seasonal online contests such as the FFPC & the NFFC; and daily fantasy tournaments, with a specialty in mid-sized GPP (Guaranteed Prize Pools). Not to mention a football coach who has an intense passion for the game.

FantasySharks Weekly Ep. 2 : 10 Important stats to know
Jun 22 2020 32 mins  
@JohnnyLFootball John Lanfranca touches on 10 important player stats to know and what they mean for the 2020 season. Each number correlating with a player that he is bullish on for redraft fantasy leagues this summer. You can be confident each of these 10 players will provide good value if you are drafting them at their current Average Draft Position (ADP).

FantasySharks Weekly Ep. 1: Improving your league
Jun 10 2020 25 mins  
Episode 1: How to make your fantasy football league better! Tips to maximize fun in your league while also enhancing and putting a premium on skill. Learn how to put more decisions in the hands of your league's managers all the while creating a format that intensifies excitment throughout the NFL season.

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