WTF with Marc Maron Podcast

Oct 26 2020 81 mins 1.1M

Marc Maron welcomes comedians, actors, directors, writers, authors, musicians and folks from all walks of life to his home for amazingly revealing conversations. Marc's probing, comprehensive interview style allows guests to express themselves in ways listeners have never heard.

4.6 • 16 Ratings

lwood the great Aug 15 2020
Somber. Dark. Intriguing. Well written.

bma449 Jul 29 2020
Seth Rogan is such an interesting person. He comes across as such a humble Everyman, I think purposely, but at this point his body of work is so massive and brilliant that I think it is obvious to everyone that he is built differently. Cool guy that gets along with Mark well.

walbyni Jun 23 2020
Beautiful conversation

mrjboo Jun 14 2020
Consistently great interviews

rayhead00 Jun 01 2020
Marc is great.

TheGreig May 31 2020
I am so sad to hear of the passing of Lynn, I have listened to your podcasts for over a year now over the last few months you could hear a major change in your language, words and outlook because of Lynn. You always talk very candidly about your mindset, past mistakes, current mess that Trump is making of your country and are very much an open book. Remember the good times with Lynn take strength and grow please DO NOT STOP what you are doing and live your life on your terms. Take care RIP Lynn.

RobertWH May 28 2020
Amazing Voice. I love Marc's stories. He is so real. WTF is always grounding and he builds hope in me.

Grant. F May 20 2020
Started listening to Marc's podcast a few weeks ago and really enjoyed them, he had a great rapport with all the people I've heard him talk to. Just listened to the latest about the passing of his partner which is incredibly sad and moving (I'm not easily moved), he has been very brave to come on and talk about it so openly so soon and I am so very sorry she was far to young to have passed. Keep strong Marc.

redminx May 19 2020
My go to favorite podcast, Marc Maron is honest, funny and real. ❤️

DJL1 May 18 2020
Mr. Maron has a big heart and we feel his pain. RIP Ms. Shelton

Graham May 18 2020
Compelling listening

HellsBells86 May 18 2020
I love WTF anyway but I have so much love for Marc right now ❤️

RomaTherapy May 14 2020
Great podcast

Grabasandwich May 13 2020
This episode with Dan Levy was hard to listen to because Dan's mic was too loud and distorted.

Bottle of Red Pi Apr 25 2020
Meh. I only listen to this for the occasionally good guest. Maron is a terrible interviewer, and his stupid political opinions would be best kept inside his neurotic head.

Rcoleman6586 Apr 15 2020
First podcast I ever got into, still one of my favorites. Very easy going, conversational interviewing style, a nice podcast to sink in to. Boomer Lives!