Improbable Walks

Jun 21 2020 9 mins

Welcome to Improbable Walks, the travel podcast that brings you to the streets of Paris, wherever you are. Every episode, we discover a new street in the City of Light, strolling into the hidden history and stories of Paris, block by block. Your host is Canadian writer and long-time parisienne, Lisa Pasold.

Saint-George in the Palais Royal
Jun 21 2020 12 mins  
In this episode of Improbable Walks, we stroll through the Palais Royal in central Paris, just steps from the Louvre. In this aristocratic garden, we'll talk about the astonishing life of the Chevalier de Saint-George, the Black French composer and...

Walking with Dante in the RUE DE BIEVRE
Jun 16 2020 6 mins  
We take a walk down one of my favourite medieval streets in Paris, rue de BIEVRE on the Left Bank.

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