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Sep 14 2020 26 mins 1

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Alumni ask... an expert in tourism recovery
Apr 19 2020 25 mins  
Welcome to Alumni Ask! Here’s a breakdown of the alumni questions answered in this podcast: 4.12: Are there any examples of how long it look domestic travel to begin again following other pandemics? 5.50: In the short term, what will happen to a tourism centric city, such as Cairns, who's economy and jobs rely heavily on international tourism? 8.00: During this pandemic, we have heard how the Great Barrier Reef has had it's most widespread bleaching ever recorded. How will the tourism industry factor environmental issues like this into recovery efforts? 9.08: What is the short-term plan to reactivate tourism in Australia? 10.15: How do we convince tourists to visit Australia again? 13.08: How will destinations 'stand out' among other destinations as they re-start without capital and in only a domestic market? 15.20: Will there be a spike in visitation post-virus? Or, will this staggered approach to lifting travel restrictions (intrastate, interstate, international) mean that supply will outstrip demand and result in a price war involving unsustainable business models such as under cutting and discounting? How do we nationally ensure we don’t devalue our industry? 16.45: What major changes will we see after the pandemic? Will things like measuring guest’s temperature become a reality? 17.45: How do you think the cruise ship industry might go about restoring its reputation and providing healthy safe travel to its guests? 19.20: I have a small tourism business in the Northern Territory that is a dry season only operation. With this season pretty much done, followed by our wet season low/no operation period - What do you see looking forward to dry season 2021 (April -October)? 22.20: What is the best way Australians not involved in the tourism industry can support its recovery? For more from UQ experts and alumni, check out our range of resources on the UQ Alumni and Communication Lifelong Learning website - alumni.uq.edu.au/life-long-learning. Stay connected on socials: Instagram: www.instagram.com/uqalumni/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/uqalumni LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/school/university-of-queensland/ This episode was produced by Lucy Blair for the UQ Alumni Relations and Engagement team.

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