Scientology: Fair Game

Aug 04 2020 49 mins 3.4k

Leah Remini and Mike Rinder's new podcast, Scientology: Fair Game will take you behind the facade and expose the terrible truth about scientology's Fair Game doctrine. It's been used for 5 decades to destroy anyone they label an enemy -- former scientologists, media, government officials -- anyone they think is impeding their objectives. Leah and Mike are covering new ground, digging deeper than ever into the shocking documents, facts and stories that will make you wonder how any of this is going on in America today.

4.7 • 6 Ratings

Lord Gro Aug 07 2020
Very important information.

Lola Mcbean Aug 05 2020

bobbette Jul 31 2020
I'm fascinated by the topic, I like the format, but one host needs some practice with developing a good podcast voice. A lot of uh, um, and extemporaneous speech that is not super pleasant to listen to.

LisaB2604 Jul 22 2020
Love it!

AFruitFli Jul 21 2020
Love this podcast! Keep spreading the word about Scientology and Cult Religious groups. Uncover the pervs, liars, thieves and abusers. They need to be EXPOSED and held accountable for the ABUSE and breaking LAWS. They are not untouchable. MIKE AND LEAH KEEP EXPOSING AND PROVING THEY ARE GREEDY ABUSERS.

Tiffini Jul 21 2020
I absolutely love this podcast already! Scientology needs to be taken down and the work Mike and Leah keep doing is so impressive.