Amie Kaufman On Writing

Sep 21 2020 8 mins 51

Welcome to Amie Kaufman on Writing, a short podcast that answers one question each week about how writers do what they do. If you’re a writer, or you’re a reader interested in how your favourite authors craft their stories, then you’re in the right place.

5 • 2 Ratings

TheWrittenWorks Aug 29 2020
Really thought provoking and we'll produced! I've never thought about world building so methodically and meticulously. I'm really excited to dive into wold building with this outlook!

Belinda Grant Aug 20 2020
When I heard Amie was doing a Podcast I was so excited, and it didn't disappoint. Amie is that perfect mix of wise writing know-how and a helpful way of communicating that makes you think: 'how did I not figure that out myself, it's so obvious'. Highly recommend you take a listen.