Slow Down, Man

Feb 21 2021 52 mins

OUTTA THE HEAD, INTO THE HEART.A conscious lifestyle podcast tailored for dudes. For waking up, slowing down and bringing awareness to the unconscious patterns in our lives.Hosted by Mitch Lagadin.Thanks for slowing down with us. New episodes dropping every Sunday. WEBSITE: www.slowdownman.comINSTAGRAM -

Becoming a Master Communicator Through Mindfulness - with Jonathan Miller
Jun 28 2020 56 mins  
Communication and Mindfulness are SO intertwined. Our guest this Sunday, Jonathan Miller, digs deep into how (through mindfulness) we can deal with conflicts with ease, navigate difficult conversations and become better communicators. We get into all of the following (and more):- Why being friendly & agreeable does not necessarily mean that you are a good communicator- Why we need to have conversations around how we communicate (especially with our significant others)- How most of our communication behavior is inherited and passed down from generation to generation - How YOU can utilize Vipassana meditation to make you a better communicator - How we can use conflict to grow as people and enrich our relationships (as opposed to letting it paralyze us)- Practical tips on how  to deal with conflict (Hint: the first one is to "SLOW DOWN")- Why listening is MORE important than speaking when it comes to communication Jonathan also gives us a gift! Use the promo code "SLOWDOWN50" to get 50% off his "Tough Talks Made Easy" training series (link to Tough Talks Made Easy and how to connect with Jonathan below):Website: https://www.mindfulcommunication.meTough Talks Made Easy: Communication Podcast: back, take a few DEEP breaths and slow down, man... Enjoy!!

From 405 lbs to a Happy, Healthy Man Through Mindful Eating - with John Kovaleski
Jun 22 2020 55 mins  
On this episode we sit down with Certified Nutrition Specialist, Coach and Founder of T2 Nutrition & Wellness, John Kovaleski. And just in time for us to lose the "dad bod" for summer. What we eat, our bodies and our minds are SO intertwined and we get into all of the following (and MUCH more):- John's journey of going from 405 pounds and being in a diabetic coma to becoming the happy, healthy man that he is today- How he lost 100 pounds in ONE YEAR (and how much weight it is healthy for us to lose per week on a weight loss program)- How in order to affect REAL change, we must first accept where we are and adopt the mindset that we MUST change- How MINDSET is the most important thing in building a healthier version of ourselves. In getting to the root causes and limiting beliefs behind our current relationship with food- Why he hates the word "diet" and how we should instead use the term "nutrition protocol"- How eating too little can actually HURT the fat loss process- How (despite popular belief) not all carbohydrates are evil- How your nutrition plan should be totally customized to YOU as an individual- How to kill self doubt while building a healthier version of ourselves- How when it comes to health, it is 90% nutrition and 10% fitness- Why it is important (mentally) for us to still enjoy "cheat" foods- The three foods we should all eliminate from what we eatYou can connect with John, visit any (or all) of the following:Website: Dad Bod Transformation Group: down, take a few DEEP breaths and Slow Down, Man... ENJOY!

The "No BS" Journey of Connecting with our Core - with Men's Coach Raymond Dörfel
Jun 14 2020 86 mins  
On this episode, we have the pleasure of slowing down with men's coach and public speaker, Raymond Dörfel. Raymond offers no bull-shit "authentic life" transformation for men and on this one we go IN DEPTH on the process of connecting with our core and becoming our most authentic self.  We talk all of the following:- Raymond takes us through the journey of growing up struggling with his own masculinity and being a "people pleaser"- The process of going from hating his father to now having a healthy relationship- His experience with Ayahuasca after struggling with depression for four years- How men are SO much more capable once they are able accept themselves and connect with their core- How we have to focus not only on our lighter side, but also dig into and accept our shadow side, in order to be fully balanced, fulfilled human beings- How we can become our own parent and "heal the inner child"- How there is a dire need for more men's role models in today's society- How difficult situations that we experience can show us how we are still in "unlove" with ourselves- How men in today's society are struggling by not having a "rite of passage" taking them from boyhood to manhood- How we can carry trauma in the body, and how to release this in a healthy wayBy the way, the first 20 listeners to reach out to Raymond will receive a FREE coaching session.You can connect with Raymond by visiting his website at SO, sit back, relax, take a few DEEP breaths and slow down, man... ENJOY!!

Going DEEP with Former NFL'er Grant Mattos
May 29 2020 74 mins  
On this one, we go DEEP with former NFL Wide Receiver and Survivor Contestant, turned husband, father and yoga instructor, Grant Mattos. Grant takes us through his journey from living in a house with NFL legends Carson Palmer and Troy Polamalu, to lining up next to his childhood idol, Jerry Rice. All as a part of making his (and his father's) dream of making it to the NFL a reality. He also recaps what it was like to "lose it all", being forced to completely reinvent himself and his identity once his tenure in football came to an end.... We go deep on the importance of those friends who are there for you at your darkest hour.... On the "laser like" focus and faith it takes to play a sport at the highest level.... On how once you have done the deep (and difficult) inner work to get to a point where you feel "whole" and "without void", the things you previously were anxiously clasping for suddenly are naturally attracted into your life (in Grant's case, his dream relationship)....  On what Grant says to anyone who says "yoga, meditation and mindfulness just aren't for me"... On the power of honoring our emotions (even the negative ones)... And finally on how a hug can be worth 1,000 words...Sit back, relax, take a few DEEP breaths and ENJOY! Side note - the best way to connect with Grant is via instagram at @grantmattos (he is regularly hosting guided meditations (and more) on instagram live with MUCH more to come!) 

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