Oct 23 2020 87 mins 111

ActionBoyz: Unlocked & LoadedJon Gabrus, Ben Rodgers and Ryan Stanger (AKA the Action Boyz) are sharing some classic Actionboyz episodes, previously only available to Patreon subscribers.Share this feed with your friends who need convincing before they commit five dollars a month for hours of laughter and parasocial entertainment. And maybe this feed will also feature new episodes down the line <extreme sly stallone voice> Who Knows?

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DarthThanos Oct 13 2020
These guys f***ing rule! Dude, I play this for all my friends at work and they treat me like a freakin king now, even Rebecca. Someone reported me to Rob but I think they're just pissed I only have the one extra earbud to share (it's fine, I wipe it on my shirt between coworkers 👌). Oh right, ActionBoyz. They got Steven Seagal to bang my wife for my birthday and I didn't even ask ❤️ Good jokes, good action, good times (3 hour runTIMES that is (lol, nailed it, I want a hat for my dad))