Split Zone Duo

Oct 25 2020 54 mins 138

A podcast that cares about every part of college football: the best teams and the worst, the good parts and the bad, the most popular things, and the things that should be popular. Every week, your hosts (and often an expert guest) take you through the nuts and bolts of the CFB landscape.

5 • 8 Ratings

tiger_b8s Oct 01 2020
Fantastic college football podcast that has definitely played somebody.

Specialkman Sep 27 2020
Not a sequel, but a spiritual successor of PAPN and it's amazing as expected. Alex and Richard are brilliant and insightful as always. Remember if you see a WR with no defender with 10 yards, the ball's going to him. PS: now that Richard is at the mothership, would be cool to potentially have Bill as a guest.

scosco23 Sep 26 2020
Great pod! I love that they don't just focus on the same top teams, but they cover the whole sport, top to bottom.

jwelle Sep 26 2020
Finally, a podcast that has played somebody. I learn something every time I listen to RJ, Alex, and their special guest. They sometimes spend too much time talking about smaller conferences like the lesser known SEC and ACC, but everyone has to have their niche.

@JD_Beavs Sep 26 2020
The only college football podcast

Eirishis Sep 25 2020
This podcast has absolutely played somebody. (Also is good for learning college football things that aren't inside jokes about zombie podcasts!)

mattinyq Sep 25 2020
They hate my team but I love them anyway. Great show

sherm Sep 25 2020
Great show. Alex and Richard are 2 of the best and most interesting minds in college football.