The Sarah Silverman Podcast

Jan 14 2021 50 mins 2.1k

Sarah Silverman talks about all things big and small. Warning: language is used.If you want to join the conversation, send her a voice message here:

3.3 • 7 Ratings

Skiddybop Dec 21 2020
Nonsense Jew babble

[email protected] Dec 28 2020

astrangehop Dec 21 2020
Sarah is funny, but there's just way too many ads. one every ten minutes is too many

RitZtoRubble Dec 19 2020
I quickly became a fan of this Podcast. Sarah seems like such a loveable individual with such an intelligent running dialog. The show covers current day topics in a fun but serious way. If true, I didn't realize she dated Sam Seder (Majority Report?). Left is best!

Clarkie Nov 30 2020
I love everything she does, and this podcast is quality.

arromazam Oct 13 2020
You are ok Sarah.

graipeski Oct 09 2020
What a gem of a podcast. Loved every second so far, especially RBG and JoJo related seconds. Keep em coming SS.