Q Clearance: The Hunt for QAnon

Oct 21 2020 18 mins 2.1k

An investigative podcast series that aims to uncover the true identity of QAnon

3.3 • 4 Ratings

bd207 Oct 25 2020
Well researched and produced. Very articulate. The 1 star review is trash and should be removed. This is certainly not a crude discussion. If you rate something 1 star because you hear a course word you should be ashamed of how soft you are.

AussieMuppet Oct 17 2020
Too much swearing. This is an interesting topic and it seems they have researched it well, but there is no need for swearing in a publicly available podcast. Very unprofessional.

Talmerian Oct 24 2020
Whew! This is some dense stuff. This host needs a guest to break up the monotony of listening to all of this, it's great the way he breaks out clips but it would be amazing if there were another voice involved in the explanations and presentation of facts.

SirLoin Oct 20 2020
I don't mean to hate on other reviewers but to say there's too much swearing is ridiculous. I only noticed a single f-bomb all episode - giving the podcast a 1 star review because of that is pathetic. Personally I thought the first episode was pretty good, everything was explained clearly and it's an interesting topic.