Scary Time

Oct 26 2020 40 mins

It's Scary Time. Lock your doors, check under the bed, and turn on a night light because it's time for the scariest stories, history, and conversations ever heard. Every week an independent creator tells us about the paranormal, ghosts, monsters, hauntings, creepy places, enchanted objects, aliens, and more. Best of all if you like the creator you can follow them for more great content... if you dare. RSS Services Provided Free by ...

Tour of the Living Dead part 1 by Nopeville
Oct 26 2020 46 mins  
Let's talk about zombies! This is one of your tour guides' favorite topics to discuss. Join us as we take you to venture the portion of Nopeville where the dead just can't seem to stay dead. Throughout this 2 part, VIP tour experience, we explore everything about zombies including the history and folklore, what scientifically would cause a zombie, how to survive a zombie apocalypse, and we dive into some of our favorite ways zombies have appeared through various pop culture media like movies, video games, and TV shows. Are you ready to survive the zombie apocalypse?Subscribe to Nopeville - 1 focuses on the History/Folklore of zombies and part 2 focuses on zombies in pop culture. Find us on your favorite podcast app to continue the tour with part 2!Listen to Part 2 Now - Drop-InThank you to Nopeville for the great episode. You can find Indie Drop-In at https://indiedropin.comSubscribe to our Patreon and Help us support Indie Creators advertising found in this episode is inserted by Indie Drop-In and not endorsed by the Creator.If you would like to have your show featured go to

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