Inside the Rails

Dec 12 2020 26 mins

Join horse racing enthusiasts, Simon Double and Phil Boyle and their guests from around the racing world as they discuss the experience of owning a share of your own racehorse. Find out about what it is like to become an owner and the different options available to get involved. It need not cost as much as you might think!This podcast is supported by the Racehorse Syndicates Association (RSA) and you can find out more about the RSA following us on Twitter @RSASyndicates

5 • 1 Ratings

Simmons91 Nov 25 2020
A superbly informative debut podcast into the sport of horse racing. The portrayal of the accessibility to a sport that is often viewed as 'elite' is a key theme and one which I hope continues. As someone who wishes to join the industry, this is well worth a listen!