Museum Secrets

Jan 15 2021 8 mins 135

The curators at the University of Oxford's Ashmolean Museum have been recording bite-sized tales of the wonderful, and sometimes unexpected, life of a museum. We can’t wait to share them with you! Join us every weekday for 3 weeks, from 28 December onwards, for a daily dose of cheer. Museum Secrets is produced and presented by Lucie Dawkins.

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MandaS Jan 07 2021
Great podcast! As they say, the episodes are bite size, but they've all been packed with information, and are easy to listen to. Perhaps the only thing we can be grateful to Covid for is the fact that museums and galleries across the world are presenting their treasures to us in many entertaining and accessible ways. I visited the Ashmolean over 20 years ago and loved it, but may never get back again, so this is "almost" as good.