The Jason Ellis Show

Jan 13 2021 107 mins 323

Beginning as a cult phenomenon in 2005 - quickly gaining the nickname "Radio Fight Club" - The Jason Ellis Show ultimately grew into one of the biggest and most successful phenomena in the history of satellite radio before venturing into the podcast realm. Along the way, the show has spawned the Billboard-charting comedy metal band Taintstick (later known as Death! Death! Die!) and the New York Times bestselling autobiography, "I'm Awesome: One Man's Triumphant Quest to Become the Sweetest Dude Ever." Host Jason Ellis is a retired pro X Games skateboarder who in more recent years has earned a 2-0 record as a professional MMA fighter. He is joined on the show by co-hosts Mike Tully - his Taintstick bandmate and "I'm Awesome" co-author - and Kevin Kraft, who has a tattoo of sperm on the back of his leg. 

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alucard Jan 08 2021
Best show on the air. Or on the internet. However you want to say it, they are the best. Wish it was still on every day, but at least there is a patreon route to more shows for now.

Mengel79 Jan 07 2021
Love being able to listen to Ellis again.

Jmull Jan 06 2021
Love Ellis

iambeeleader Jan 06 2021
So glad the Ellis show is back! Make sure you sign up for the patreon to get the full experience!!!!!

kocknose Jan 04 2021
Happy to have the show return!

Nightmare864 Dec 31 2020
Ellis and the guys do an amazing show. It's awesome to see them back up and running as a podcast.

Gorillajaw Dec 30 2020
Freaking hilarious

sccsurf Dec 29 2020
So happy theses guys are back!

El_Pea Dec 24 2020
Excited to see what the move to this platform means for the Ellis show. High quality content as always gents

wolfkniferichard Dec 23 2020
Love you guys! 5 days a week! 5 days a week!

Rojigga Dec 23 2020
Awesome you're back, can you please go back to a daily show schedule? One day a week isn't close to being enough.

Awesomeunclejon Dec 23 2020
So happy Jason's back

Lloydfromcanada Dec 23 2020
Leaving Sirius was the best accident to ever happen. Love these guys

meatwagon Dec 23 2020
Great to have them back.

madal9966 Dec 23 2020
Glad to have you back. I would listen to this 5 days a week!

sarmeneau Dec 22 2020
Fuck yeah. Missed you guys. Awsome.

Kels0 Dec 22 2020
Fucking awesome!

eatonfuller Dec 22 2020
Great to have the boys back!

Dillon Lawrie Dec 22 2020
So happy to have this show back after them being taken off of the medium that shall not be named. Been listening for 14 years and hoping to listen for another 14 and beyond. These guys are raw, honest and unbelievably funny. Now they just need to get back to their old schedule of 5 shows a week 3 hours a day.

Gorman_M_J Dec 22 2020
The new show picks up right where they left off. I can't wait to see more and more and how the show on will continue to grow in the new format.

Kerry C137 Dec 22 2020
Jason and the boys you know how to do an entertaining show. I loved it on SiriusXM and I love it even more as a podcast. Can't wait for more episodes. We need more than one a week!

DeathAndCake Dec 22 2020
great to have them back

DJDARKLORD Dec 22 2020
Classic Ellis unencumbered by the terrestrial and extraterrestrial chains. Everyone should listen.

EBLUM Dec 22 2020
I love Jason Ellis I just wish they were 5 days a week keep cranking them out Ellis

me Dec 22 2020
This is the best podcast I've ever heard. They claim it's only one day a week TOO BAD IT'S NOT 🖐(5) DAYS A WEEK!!!!