RELAX! with Colleen Ballinger & Erik Stocklin

Jan 13 2021 38 mins 139

Colleen Ballinger has been sharing her life publicly to millions of people online for over a decade, while her husband Erik Stocklin lives a much more private life and barely knows how to use social media. This unlikely couple spends an hour each week discussing anything, everything and sometimes nothing at all about their unique world. Every episode is an open and honest discussion that often leads to discoveries and revelations as they (along with the rest of us) navigate these unprecedented times.

5 • 3 Ratings

bmiller2017 Jan 14 2021
Such a lovely podcast to listen to while I work. It feels like I'm hanging out with friends!

mikeymad Jan 13 2021
fun times, thanks

Chemama Jan 13 2021
Huge fan of Colleen and Erik here no matter what Miranda says. This podcast did not disappoint! Well done, fam!