The Lincoln Project

Feb 23 2021 29 mins 561

Trump may be gone but American politics is still in crisis. The Lincoln Project has sparked a nationwide movement to restore our democracy. This podcast is hosted by co-founder Reed Galen and he is regularly joined by our political experts and guests that helped defeat Trump and continue the mission to stamp out Trumpism and the seditionists who backed him. The podcast discusses today’s political challenges, our vision for the future and how all Americans can be part of our pro-democracy movement.

4.8 • 28 Ratings

Stable Genius Feb 12 2021
Been listening since the beginning. Always interesting.

Astern Feb 03 2021
Clear-eyed, pragmatic assessment of the politics of Trumpism and the future of the Republican Party

Eric Cantona Oct 20 2020
UK listener here. Informative and important. Keep up the good work.

Colin Oct 15 2020
A poignant look into the problem that president Trump and the weak-willed politicians that fail to stand up to him represent(s). *** In particular the episodes titled "The Hidden Battle Against COVID-19--Parts 1 2" are something that every American who loves their countrymen should listen to going into the election cycle. The doctors' accounts of the "big picture" of the cost of the pandemic that the media has for the most part failed to cover is eye opening. Thank you to Ron Steslow et al.

omegastu Jun 16 2020
Losers and haters who are just mad that an outsider won and accomplished what they could not. They want love from the left, which they only get for complaining about the president. Sad!!

Jon T Oct 01 2020
Awesome show. Hosts and guests know what they talking about and realistic. Awesome

vickyartist Sep 30 2020
Excellent interviews and presenters!

Nomadcutie Sep 26 2020
Great info!

GIZZI316 Sep 23 2020

PLHndz Sep 19 2020
I have never voted for one party or another but always in individual character and morals that align with mine; Lincoln project seems to be representing the good in the Republican party

TexasMomma Sep 14 2020
Intelligent discussion essential for all Americans who are voting in November! Also, great civics lessons for my high school students. Don't miss an episode!

thePats Sep 13 2020
Z5 a goord 31

rigs Sep 03 2020
Reasoned conservative voices

traveler 1961 Aug 31 2020
Please listen to what is being said here and take heed. Our future as a country depends on it. Great job by all involved.

Stable Genius Aug 30 2020
Important interesting podcast about the future of our country

doctordrabine Aug 28 2020
It's okay to be a Republican. It's okay to be a conservative. It's not okay to vote for Trump, and these outstanding humans will explain why.

Dave McLellan Aug 07 2020
I love listening to this podcast and look forward to it every week. Ron I wish you could do it more frequently, but every episode is so full of great stuff, and I so respect all the contributors for their deep hatred of that man. Thank you so much for this great show!

Dandy Aug 07 2020
This podcast is so important right now. Should be required listening for all Trump supporters. Doubtful they can be reached though!

whitee56 Aug 06 2020
Thank the gods for this group and its members! As a "center right independent" I felt that the sanity had long vanished from political views and commentators. As a former Republican profesional political operative I have seen the slow decay into insanity of the GOB over the last 10 years. The election of Trump seemed to be the antithesis of the decay and I watched people who I once thought as sane, sincere, rational people succumb to cult of Trump. The L.P is a bright light in dark times!

Robin Noudali Aug 06 2020
This podcast helps me feel less stressed because it's reassuring to hear people talking about why and how Trump should be defeated.

Andyfromvermont Aug 04 2020
This podcast speaks directly to me. It is refreshing to hear Republicans who can put country over party to stand-up for their beliefs and values. They bring the inside knowledge and historical insight to support their views. This one goes to the front of the playlist.

mjcarrjr Jul 21 2020
Great insights.

dnorthgate Jul 20 2020
Gives me hope that the center still exists.

jthell Jul 18 2020
Ron Steslow hosts a thoughtful and colorful range of former GOP operatives bent on defeating Trump and Trumpism. Their insight, wit and candor about our 45th president and his enablers can be alarming at times, But it is also reassuring to know people of all political stripes can unite in common cause - saving our Republic.

Bordway Jul 10 2020
The views from within Republican mindsets held by those who haven't sold out or withered in fear from a tweet by a c list celebrity remind me of the Republican statesmen who have disappeared from what was once a Grand Old Party. The depth of their concern over what has been lost in such a short time is hammered home by their endorsement of a Democrat! In my life I would never expect this, but it's the best option they feel that the nation is left with. Well worth your time!

darrowwolfe Jun 11 2020
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I thought the soul of the #GOP was dead. You give me hope that America may be able to have civil discourse again!

Shiry Saar Jun 09 2020
Looking forward to future episodes.. Keep us the good work!

tommy Jun 09 2020
Thank you so much and great job assembling this much needed group. Also being a former Republican since 2016, I was quite happy/relieved to know I was not alone in recognizing what a dangerous fool trump really is. I will not be member to any party which will choose such an ignorant, childish narcissist as this man. Good luck to us all!