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Oct 18 2020 67 mins 22.5k

A weekly podcast for knowledge about anything and everything. From North Korea to Nicolas Cage, Tim and Tom leave no stone unturned in their humble quest to make the world a more informed place. Put away the encyclopedia four-eyes because this may just be the last resource you'll ever need. Wikipedia, consider yourselves on warning.

Conspiracy Theories (Retilians, JFK and Dinosaurs) - Live in Manchester on March 18, 2013
Jun 09 2013 94 mins  
This week we're putting out a live episode from our somewhat recent Europe tour. This is the first night in Manchester at The King's Arms. Included are some stories about us visiting an optical illusion museum in Edinburgh and almost missing our flight from Dublin because we're extremely out of shape. This episode also marks the first time Tim tries out some of his new topical political humor on a Manchester audience before we get into the real topic of the show: Conspiracy Theories. We manage to cover reptilian humanoids living amongst us, the connection between the JFK assassination and Billy Joel, as well as whether or not dinosaurs still live. We also introduce a completely new audience participation segment called "Real Conspiracy Theory or Something Tom Made Up" and trot out an old favorite "The Mundane Bucket List". Before closing out this super-sized episode we also solve some audience problems concerning invisible bears and roommates who lie about attending university. Videos referenced in this episode: Shapeshifting Reptilian caught on camera during Antique Roadshow? Dog Drives Power Wheel Car by Himself REAL LIVE DINOSAUR footage CAUGHT ON TAPE! PTEROSAUR filmed in flight, Yantai City, Shandong Province, China.

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Alaine1013 Sep 01 2020
Their talent deserves 10 stars! My only complaint is there are not more episodes. Fun to listen to as well as educational!

John Kehl Aug 02 2020
This is one of the first podcasts I listened to and it's still one of my favorites. The title is misleading, because it's not an infotainment show like Stuff You Should Know. It's two regular people hanging out and talking, and eventually getting to the topic. If you like listening to Tim and Tom chew the fat then this is for you.