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Dec 01 2012 64 mins 350

The Third Ear Recordings Podcast features the hottest unreleased material and exclusives. What is the Third Ear sound? We say; music made primarily but not exclusively using computers, synthesisers and turntables as the musical instruments... Visit Third Ear online at

TE.010 - 2012.07.01
Jul 01 2012 59 mins  
Third Ear podcast July 2012 - June flashed by without a podcast but here is the follow up to the May 2012 podcast. Seven new tracks either about to be released or to be released later this year in this podcast. Beginning with the opening track from the forthcoming Benjamin Brunn album on Third Ear called A Sun Life. This is the title track. Early reactions are very positive. It will certainly be one of the highlights of our 2012. Next is a Third Ear classic, Black Art Musics Keeping The Groove from Detroit Beatdown Vol 2 ep 1 the black ep. Nuff said. Blunted, the opening track from Wbeezas album Void then gently leads into Sarrass A New Day from his album Dirty Gear which will drop at the beginning of 2013. This is the Spacefunk remix by Sarrass. Weve said before just how ecstatic this track makes us feel. It will be released in August. The original full length mix, which will not be on the album, is the flip side to the A New Day single and is also featured here. Demetrio Giannices super jacking Rock Me from his Talk ep follows the Sarrass Spacefunk remix. As hard and jacking a groove as youre likely to hear. Such a good groove on this too. Dropping straight onto this is Kelli Hands Out Yo Mind from her Funky Tonight ep due in September. This track is also jacking House music to the max on an ep with so many flavours, showing that Kelli Hand is still a top producer. The podcast nears the end with two tracks from Juliann Neumanns The Realist ep which is released this month, which is already getting played by djs from Stacey Pullen to John Heckle to Dario Zenker to Deetron. Finally, the closing track from Benjamin Brunns album A Sun Life closes this podcast, taking it into the ether. // 1) Benjamin Brunn – A Sun Life (3ELP-2012_10) to be released Oct 2012 // 2) Black Art Music – Keeping The Groove – Detroit Beatdown Vol 2:1 (3EEP-076) // 3) Wbeeza – Blunted – (3ELP-2010_06) // 4) Sarrass – A New Day [Spacefunk remix] – 3EEP-2012_08 to be released Aug 2012 // 5) Demetrio Giannice – Rock Me (3EEP-105) // 6) Kelli Hand – Out Yo Mind (3EEP-2012_09) to be released Sept 2012 // 7) Sarrass – A New Day original mix (3EEP-2012_08) to be released Aug 2012 // 8) Julian Neumann – Being F (3EEP-2012_07) to be released July 2012 // 9) Julian Neumann – Will Be (3EEP-2012_07) to be released July 2012 // 10) Benjamin Brunn – Sun (3ELP-2012_10) to be released Oct 2012

TE.009 - 2012.05.01
May 01 2012 74 mins  
The Panther Scott Grooves remix of Norm Talleys The Journey is our opening cut for our May podcast, followed by Wbeezas One Solution from his Bagwag ep last year. Next is the third track weve dropped in a recent podcast from the Kelli Hand Funky Tonight ep which is coming this Summer. Already we are deep in the groove. So we take a little left turn with Why Sheep?s Clouds 747 from his Earthborn ep. The track is also on his album The Myth and I, a piece of work we are very proud to have released. Watch out for an amazing new Why Sheep? album and ep at the end of this year. Next is Kyle Halls beautiful Ghosten and B.Riddims (In) Theory from earlier this year. We are deeeeep right now. Julian Neumann shakes us up with Will Be from his iminent release coming end of June. Sarrass follows with the original mix of A New Day. We dropped the Spacefunk remix of A New Day in the April 2012 podcast and got ecstatic comments about it. Here is the original mix. Next, El Prevost comes correct with He Didnt Know Where He Was Going from his Putting Out Fires ep, our first release of 2012. Brendon Moellers twisted, super funky N Train takes over the vibe before we stretch out with Benjamin Brunns Stay Hungry Stay Foolish on his Hello Ammmerika ep from Spring 2011. Releaseed at the end of May, Pirahnaheads Cervix Puncher dub version of In Me (So Deep) featuring Mona Bode wraps the mix in lascivious style. As a coda, we give you U Know I Love U, a track from a Scott Ferguson ep we are releasing late this year. This track is an awesome vibe. //1) Norm Talley - The Journey (Panther Scott Grooves remix) 3EEP-2011_02// 2) Wbeeza - One Solution 3EEP-2011_06// 3) Kelli Hand - Outta Area 3EEP-2012_09 [2b released August 2012]// 4) Why Sheep? - Clouds 747 3EEP-012// 5) Kyle Hall - Ghosten 3EEP-2010_01// 6) B. Riddim - In Theory 3EEP-2012_02// 7) Julian Neumann - Will Be 3EEP-2012_07 [2b released June 2012]// 8) Sarrass - A New Day original mix 3EEP-2012_08 [2b released July 2012]// 9) El Prevost - He Didnt Know Where He Was Going 3EEP-2012_01// 10) Brendon Moeller - N Train 3EEP-088// 11) Benjamin Brunn - Stay Hungry Stay Foolish 3EEP-2011_04// 12) Pirahnahead - In Me (So Deep) Ps Cervix Puncher dub 3EEP-2012_06// 13) Scott Ferguson - U Know I Love U (Claudia Francesca) 3EEP-2012_tbc [2breleased late 2012]

TE.008 - 2012.04.01
Apr 01 2012 65 mins  
Third Ear Recordings April 2012 podcast. Gently slipping into the mix with Reggie Dokes' sublime The Skin I'm In, from the ep that opened Detroit Beatdown Volume Two (3EEP-076). Next up is Wbeeza's Hurricane with a gorgeous lyric and vocal by Tina Penni Anne, underpinned by a Wbeeza's kicking beats and pads, followed by Bhoddi Satva's cool remix of DJ Pippi, Tuccillo and Kiko Navarro's Back 2 Back (3EEP-2012_07) from the end of last year, and El Prevost's huge, twisted, wonky Massive, from the first release of this year (3EEP-2012_01). Then comes Recast's Consensual (3EEP-2011_05), getting an airing for the 3rd time in a TE podcast because we think far too many people slept on this one. Then we get to the first new unreleased track, coming very soon from Pirahnahead on the SXUL NRG ep (3EEP-2012_06), just mastered and the follow up to his NGTV NRG ep. Last month we had Dancing Feels Like, this is In Me ( So Deep). Next is another new one, coming after the Pirahnahead, Julian Neumann's 'Involved' from The Realist ep (3EEP-2012_07); a very cool Techno/2 Step release.. dark, hard, deep.. just how we like it. Then comes Wbeeza's Peckham Fly, released later this month and already causing mayhem on dancefloors worldwide by those who have sought out an early promo (Deetron, Mosca, Brawther, Willi Graff, Secretsundaze, Red Rackem and others). This will be one of the tracks of Summer 2012 we think. After this comes another track we think may well be a big track this summer. Sarrass returns with a two-tracker to preview his forthcoming album on Third Ear. This is the Spacefunk mix of A New Day, a track that gives us goosebumps and makes our eyes moist.. we can't be the only ones that will be so affected by this tune. BIG! Rounding off the Third Ear April podcast is another track from the Dopius ep we previewed last month with the track Warpin'. This month we give you The Getaway (909 Dub Mix). This is released later in the year. Not sure of the exact timing yet, but we just can't keep this ep quiet. // 1) Reggie Dokes - The Skin I’M In - [3EEP-076] Detroit Beatdown Vol2 EP1 // 2) Wbeeza Feat. Tina Penni Ann - Hurricane - [3EEP-100] New Skank EP 3) Dj Pippi and Tuccillo and Kiko Navarro - Back2back (Bhoddi Satva’S Ancestral Soul Mix) - [3EEP-2011-07] Back 2 Back // 4) El Prevost - Massive - [3EEP-2012_01] Putting Out Fires // 5) Recast - Consensual - [3EEP-2011-05] Consensual // 6) Pirahnahead - In Me (So Deep) // 7) Julian Neumann - Involved // 8) Wbeeza - Peckham Fly - [3EEP-2012_05] Peckham Fly // 9) Sarrass - A New Day (Spacefunk Mix) // 10) Dopius - The Getaway (909 Dub Mix)

TE.007 - 2012.03.01
Mar 01 2012 63 mins  
The March podcast brings new music from Ski Oakenfulls Ayota project, with a club version of the track Butterfly from the album Helicopter Cuts, also to be released in April. Previously released in Japan only it gets a worldwide release. Pirahnahead drops another devastating ep, the SXULNRG ep, the follow up to the NGTVNRG ep from 2010. Wbeeza drops two more bombs which he has been keeping in his live show until now. First comes Peckham Fly and then Billy Green Is Ded worked around a Gil Scott Heron sample closes out the mix. Dopius amazing Warpin which will drop later in the year gets a play early in the year because we couldn't wait. The other already released tracks on this ep are just as ear-dazzling. El Prevosts Sap, just released and killing it on dance floors worldwide, Recasts wonderful Consensual from last summer, Brendon Moellers brilliant Space from the Jazz Space ep (5/5 in Resident Advisor) and also Stewart Walkers beautiful remix of Dennis DeSantis Five Minutes, Today, Forever.// 1) Ayota - Butterfly (club version) 3EEP-2012_06 [april 2012 release] // 2) El Prevost - Sap - 3EEP-2012_01 // 3) Pirahnahead - Dancing Feels Like (clean version) - 3EEP-2012_08 [may 2012 release] // 4) Recast - Consensual - 3EEP-2011_05 // 5) Wbeeza - Peckham Fly - 3EEP-2012_05 [release April 2012] // 6) Brendon Moeller - Space - 3EEP-068 // 7) Kelli Hand - Down In Chicago - 3EEP-2012_10 [release June 2012] // 8) Dennis DeSantis - Five Minutes Today Forever (Stewart Walker remix) - 3EEP-033 // 9) Dopius - Warpin - 3EEP-2012_tbc [release late 2012] // 10 Wbeeza - Bill Green Is Ded - 3EEP-2012_05 [release April 2012]

TE.005 - 2011.09.01
Sep 01 2011 83 mins  
Third Ear have been supporting Veljko Radivojevic for nearly ten years. We think he is one of the best djs working today. He has what all the great djs have; that sense of when and how to mix two tracks together in a mix to give the transition a propulsive energy and excitement. He maybe has the most complete collection of Third Ear vinyl outside the Third Ear office, including quite a few test pressings. If we owned a club he'd be a resident for sure. We asked him to do a mix. He chose to do a mix of all Third Ear records, mixed on two 1210s and a busted mixer. So this is the Third Ear podcast September 2011.// DJ Velya / Third Ear/Belgrade Serbia/ All Third Ear vinyl mix// 01 Nuno Felipe - Julia - The Irresistible Force Global Chillage mix - unreleased test pressing// 02 EBZ - F6-G5 - TE REZ-002// 03 Brendon Moeller - Stinkin' Thinkin' - 3EEP-088// 04 Dubble D - Rope Trick - 3EEP-098// 05 Why Sheep? - Earthborn (Recloose Remix) 3EEP-012// 06 Wbeeza - Bitchez - 3EEP-096// 07 Benjamin Brunn - Stay Hungry Stay Foolish - 3EEP-2011_04// 08 Kelli Hand - Holding On - 3EEP-022// 09 Recast - Consensual - 3EEP-2011_05// 10 Norm Talley - The Journey (Panther Remix) - 3EEP-2011_02// 11 Norm Talley - Exodus - 3ELP-001// 12 Demetrio Giannice - Slow - 3EEP-2011_01// 13 Delano Smith - Metropolis - 3ELP-001// 14 Crowdpleaser and St Plomb Feat. Emilie Nana - Not Yet Not Yet - 3EEP-2011_03// 15 El Prevost - My Soul Responding - 3EEP-2010_04// 16 Wbeeza - Boom! - 3EEP-2010_05// 17 Delano Smith - Cosmos Revisited - 3EEP-100// 18 Theo Parrish - Falling Up (Carl Craig Remix) - 3EEP-038// 19 Soul Designer feat. HKB Finn - Intro: Species (Acapella) - 3EEP-093-1// 20 Soul Designer feat. HKB Finn - The Power Of A City (Acapella) - 3EEP-093-1

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